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Creates nice little A4 pages with story cards from Rally
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Rally Export Tool

This is a simple tool that reads the XML exports from Rally and spits out a series of story cards ready for print.


You don’t need to set up a database.


Install Ruby, RubyGems and Merb.

Install Hpricot and Morph:

gem install hpricot

gem install morph

Edit the first line of rally-export.rb, look for the line:


And point at the place where the Stories.xml file from Rally was downloaded (you can export it from the drop-down menu in the User Stories list). On Windows, use forward slashes (so C:\foo\bar\stories.xml becomes C:/foo/bar/stories.xml).

Start the server:

cd $PATH_TO/rally-export


Go to http://localhost:3000. You should be see a long list of cards. Print it, and you should have 3 3×5 cards per page, ready to be cut and put on your story wall.

Carlos Villela

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