Monitoring tool for PasteBin-alike sites written in Python. Inspired by pastemon
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Monitoring tool for PasteBin-alike sites written in Python

Copyleft AGPLv3 - Christophe Vandeplas -
Feel free to use the code, but please share the changes you've made


  • search for regular expressions in pasties
  • flexible design, minimal effort to add another paste* site
  • use custom download functions for complex pastie sites
  • uses multiple threads per unique site to download the pastes
  • waits a random time (within a range) before downloading the latest pastes, time customizable per site
  • (optional) only trigger on X hits in the same pastie
  • (optional) exclude matching pasties if exclusion regex matches
  • (optional) allow additional email recipients per search pattern
  • (optional) uses random User-Agents
  • (optional) uses random proxies
  • removes a proxy if it is unreliable (fails 5 times)
  • (optional) compress saved files with Gzip. (no zip to limit external dependencies)
  • can run as daemon

Python Dependencies

  • PyYAML
  • BeautifulSoup
  • PyMongo (For Optional Mongodb support)


  • Only HTTP proxies are allowed
  • Only HTTP urls will use proxies


Usage: [options]
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit  
      -c FILE, --config=FILE  
                            load configuration from file  
      -d, --daemon          runs in background as a daemon  
      -k, --kill            kill pystemon daemon
      -s, --stats           display statistics about the running threads (NOT IMPLEMENTED)    
      -v                    outputs more information  

Default configuration file: /etc/pystemon.yaml or pystemon.yaml in current directory