Sample configurations for using with Teamcity Terraform Provider
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How to run these samples:

  1. Clone this repo yo your machine.
  2. Run TeamCity in a docker container and wait for it to initialize. One simple way to do is by using docker-compose from this repo:
> docker-compose up -d
  1. Navigate to http://localhost:8112 and setup an initial admin user.
  2. Set teamcity credentials, matching the user created in the environment:
> export TEAMCITY_USER=admin
> export TEAMCITY_PASSWORD=admin
  1. Install the terraform-provider-teamcity as per instructions.
  2. cd into the sample folder and run terraform init
  3. terraform plan to preview changes
  4. terraform apply to apply the configuration.

If variables are needed for samples, you can also export them for your convenience in the environment directly by the following pattern:

> export TF_VAR_variable_name=foo

Before running plan/apply cycles.

Any problems?

Please file in an issue on the repo :)