CVE-Search Management Tools - Tools that might be useful for management purposes
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CVE-Search - Management Tools (CVE-Search-MT)

This is a list of management tools for CVE-Search that might or might not be useful for you. This list is in development, and will grow in time. These scripts are developed to perform tasks I personally need, so they might not fit your requirements. However, I will try to maintain a reasonable standard, and I encourage you to hack onto existing scripts and add new ones, to help this repository grow.


  • - dump a list of CVEs you might have missed during a specific month.
  • - dump the CVEs of one day (default today) and allow grouping. Very useful for patch releases.


  • - Read configurations from the configurations.ini file


  • Android-apps.txt - Android Aplications
  • Wordpress.txt - Wordpress and plugins
  • Drupal.txt - Drupal and plugins