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About this plug-in

This plug-in queries information from your specified MISP api and displays it in the CVE information. It looks for threat-actors and tags added by users, and is searchable with the search function. It queries this data on every database update

Installation and setup

The installation of this plug-in is like the installation of any plug-in, but the setup requires some extra steps. It also requires an external library.

Installing the external library

The installation of this library is very easy and should be familiar: sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

The plugins.ini file

The plug-in has two settings in the plugins.ini file. An example could be:

url: https://misp.istance.world
key: api-key 
  • url is the url of the MISP API. Required
  • key is the API key for your MISP instance. Required