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OpenSLIM stands for “Open Simple & Lightweight Infrastructure Manager“. It is a CMDB software with some Infrastructure Delivery and Program Management capabilities. It's main purpose is to be relatively thin and easy to use and federate with other Information Systems.

OpenSLIM works with NMTools to extend it's capabilities in areas like Automation, Distributed Configuration management, and CMDB Federation. This way, OpenSLIM does the Information Management processes while NMTools takes care about Distributed Network Discovery, Automation, Data Collection and Configuration Management.

This solution is based on Microsoft Access, SQL Server and PowerShell. Certain NMTools modules may require third party tools like: PsTools, Net-SNMP, NMap, Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer or many others. Those dependencies are managed on a per-module basis.

OpenSLIM is a ThinkInBig project and can be reached at:

Last release version: Latest version: v3.73b0-20100509-0 (2010/05/10)


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