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Fedora notes

Disk usage

$ du -shxc /*

-s = summarize

-h = human readable

-x = one file system

-c = grant total

Koji scratch build

$ koji build --scratch f27 package.srpm

Curl download of file

$ curl -o name_of_the_file https://url_of _the_file

Build a srpm with mock

$ mock -v -r fedora-27-x86_64 SPRM/my.sprm

RPM get version of an rpm

$ rpm -q --qf "%{version}\n" python3

journalctl follow a service logs

$ journalctl -lfu name_of_the_service


Using cscope with for Python. First need to install the pycscope project Then generate the cscope output file

$ cd source_code_dir
$ pycscope -R

This generate a cscope.out file. Inside vim run the following command to add the cscope file to the db

:cs add cscope.out

Then use the cs command to search the symbols

find = Query cscope.  All cscope query options are available
except option #5 ("Change this grep pattern").

USAGE = cs find {querytype} {name}

{querytype} corresponds to the actual cscope line

interface numbers as well as default nvi commands:

0 or s: Find this C symbol
1 or g: Find this definition
2 or d: Find functions called by this function
3 or c: Find functions calling this function
4 or t: Find this text string
6 or e: Find this egrep pattern
7 or f: Find this file
8 or i: Find files #including this file
9 or a: Find places where this symbol is assigned a value