A simple php real numbers classifier.
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Cluster Analyser

Using cluster_analyser is very easy. The training data should be labelled and it should be in csv format.


Include the "cluster_analyser.php" in your script and call the "algo" function.

require "cluster_analyser.php";
$val = algo("Trainingdata",$testdata,8,20,0);
echo $val; //Returns the class where the entered point has highest probability of belonging


  • filename- (String) Name of the file which has the labelled training data in csv format. Do not enter the extension.
  • point- (Array) The point whose class has to be evaluated. The number of elements in point must be equal to the number of parameters in the training dataset.
  • label index- (Int) The position of label in the csv file. It is the column number starting from 0.
  • neighbours- (Int) The number of points in the dataset to whom the distance from the point of interest should be calculated. Adjusting neighbours can alter the accuracy of the prediction.
  • output- (Int) Can be either 1 or any integer. Setting it to 1 shows the percentages of the point belonging to each class.