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A non-exhaustive list of contributors to Netdot:
* Stephen Fromm
* Kai Waldron
* Nathan Collins
* Aaron Parecki
* Tony Kay
* Peter Boothe
* Dongting Yu
* Tao Qin
* Clayton (Parker) Coleman
* Joe Pletcher
* Brian Candler
* Andy Linton
* Anton Berezin
* William Bulley
* Wim Vandersmissen
* Matt Zagrabelny
* Vincent Magnin
* Rolando Perez Martinez
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Documentation is in the doc directory.
# Network Documentation Tool
Netdot is an open source tool designed to help network administrators collect, organize and maintain network documentation.
Netdot was initially developed at the University of Oregon and continues to be maintained and expanded with support from volunteers.
Features include:
* Device discovery via SNMP
* Layer2 topology discovery using:
* Spanning Tree Protocol
* Switch forwarding tables
* Router point-to-point subnets
* IPv4 and IPv6 address space management (IPAM)
* Address space visualization
* DNS zone file generation (BIND)
* ISC DHCPD config generation
* IP and MAC address tracking
* BGP peer and Autonomous Systems tracking
* Cable plant (sites, fiber, copper, closets, circuits...)
* Contacts (departments, providers, vendors, etc.)
* Export scripts for various monitoring tools (Nagios, Sysmon, RANCID, Cacti, SmokePing)
* Multi-level user access: Admin, Operator, User
## Documentation
Read the [Netdot Manual](
## Contributing
When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via issue, email, or any other method with the owners of this repository before making a change.
The most effective way to submit changes is to issue a Github pull request.
## Authors
[Carlos Vicente](
Also see [Contributors](
## License
This project is licensed under the [GPL](
## Acknowledgments
* The University of Oregon and the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC)
* All the individuals who contributed patches, ideas, suggestions and feedback.
Like us on [Facebook](

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