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Change Log

4.8.0 - 28-Feb-2019

  • Laravel 5.8 support (#460, big thanks @tabuna)

4.7.0 - 24-Feb-2019

  • Fix slug getting set to null if model is updated with no source column loaded (#450, thanks @mylgeorge)

4.6.0 - 04-Sep-2018

  • Laravel 5.7 support

4.5.1 - 21-May-2018

  • Bump versions of package dependencies

4.5.0 - 10-Feb-2018

  • Laravel 5.6 support

4.4.1 - 04-Jan-2018

  • Better exception message when calling SlugService::createSlug with an invalid attribute (#402, thanks @lptn)
  • Prettier unit test output

4.4.0 - 12-Dec-2017

  • Make sure truncated slugs (due to maxLength) don't end in a separator (#398)
  • Add maxLengthKeepWords configuration option (#398)

4.3.0 - 31-Aug-2017

  • Laravel 5.5 support, including auto-registration
  • Bumped cocur/slugify to ^3.0

4.2.5 - 31-Aug-2017

  • Fixing composer requirements to support Laravel 5.4 only

4.2.4 - 04-Jul-2017

  • Documentation change (#374, thanks @fico7489)

4.2.3 - 18-Apr-2017

  • Switch to allow extending the class (#356, thanks @haddowg)
  • Fix when adding suffixes to reserved slugs (#356, thanks @haddowg)

4.2.2 - 23-Mar-2017

  • Better handling of numeric and boolean slug sources (#351, thanks @arturock)

4.2.1 - 01-Feb-2017

  • Support Laravel 5.4 (#339, thanks @maddhatter)

4.1.2 - 09-Nov-2016

  • Fix in getExistingSlugs when using global scopes (#327)
  • Update Cocur\Slugify to ^2.3.

4.1.1 - 12-Oct-2016

  • Fix for slugs updating when they don't need to, when using onUpdate with unique (#317)

4.1.0 - 14-Sep-2016

  • The goal of the 4.1.x releases will be to focus on support in Laravel 5.3, only providing support for 5.1/5.2 where it is easy and doesn't affect performance significantly.
  • Drop support for PHP <5.6 and HHVM (no longer supported by Laravel 5.3); fixes test build process

4.0.4 - 13-Sep-2016

  • Fix SluggableScopeHelpers to work when using the short configuration syntax (#314).

4.0.3 - 15-Jul-2016

  • Added $config argument to SlugService::createSlug method for optionally overriding the configuration for a statically generated slug (#286).

4.0.2 - 17-Jun-2016

  • Added SluggableScopeHelpers trait which restores some of the scoping and query functionality of the 3.x version of the package (#280, thanks @unstoppablecarl and @Keoghan).
  • Added the onUpdate configuration option back to the package.
  • Updated the documentation to show usage of the SluggableScopeHelpers trait, and how to use route model binding with slugs.

4.0.1 - 13-Jun-2016

  • Fixed several bugs related to Laravel 5.1 and collections (#263, #274).

4.0.0 - 10-Jun-2016

  • Fix for Laravel 5.1 (#263 thanks @roshangautam and @andregaldino).
  • Update Cocur\Slugify to ^2.1 (#269 thanks @shadoWalker89).

4.0.0-beta - 01-Jun-2016

  • Major revision
    • Model configuration is now handled in a sluggable() method. on the model instead of a property, and configuration options are now camelCase
    • Ability to generate more than one slug per model.
    • Removed all findBy...() scope/methods (can't really be used when a model has multiple slugs ... plus the code is easy enough to implement in the model).
    • Removed onUpdate configuration option. If you want to re-generate a slug on update, then set the model's slug to null before saving. Otherwise, existing slugs will never be overwritten.
    • createSlug() is no longer a static method on the model, but is a public method on the SlugService class, with a different method signature (see docs).
    • Removed artisan command to add slug column to tables. You will need to do this (pretty simple) task yourself now.
    • Several bug fixes.
  • See for details.

3.1.4 - 03-Jan-2016

  • Compatible with Laravel 5.2 (by removing calls to composer from migrate command)

3.1.3 - 07-Dec-2015

  • Fix for PostgreSQL and findBySlugOrId() (#205 thanks @Jaspur)

3.1.2 - 07-Nov-2015

  • Fix some namespacing issues in docblocks (#195)
  • Streamline artisan migrate call (#191 thanks @ntzm)
  • Fix bug when using magic getters (#188 thanks @ChrisReid)
  • Add a static slug generator (#185 thanks @phroggyy)
  • Lots of PSR-2 fixes

3.1.1 - 26-Oct-2015

  • Fix missing class reference (#192)
  • Clean up migration code (#191 thanks @natzim)
  • Fix when using magic getters (#188 thanks @ChrisReid)

3.1.0 - 14-Oct-2015

  • Convert code-base to PSR-2
  • If the source is empty, then set the slug to null (#162 thanks @PallMallShow)
  • Ability to use a model's relations in the build_from configuration (#171 thanks @blaxxi)
  • Added getSlugEngine() method so that the Cocur\Slugify class can be configured
  • Updated the migration stub for Laravel 5.1's PSR-2 changes (#174 thanks @39digits)
  • Added slugging and slugged Eloquent model events
  • Fix for findBySlugOrId() methods when the slug is numeric (#161 thanks @canvural)
  • Add static method Model::createSlug('some string') (#185 thanks @phroggyy)

3.0.0 - 06-Jul-2015

  • Don't increment unique suffix if slug is unchanged (#108 thanks @kkiernan)

3.0.0-beta - 12-Jun-2015

  • Laravel 5.1 support (#141/#148 thanks @Keoghan, @Bouhnosaure)
  • Removed use_cache option and support
  • Use (Cocur\Slugify)[] as default slugging method
  • Fix for include_trashed option not working for models that inherit the SoftDeletes trait (#136 thanks @ramirezd42)
  • Added generateSuffix() method so you could use different strategies other than integers for making incremental slugs (#129 thanks @EspadaV8)
  • Various scope and lookup fixes (thanks @xire28)

3.0.0-alpha - 11-Feb-2015

  • Laravel 5.0 support
  • Remove Ardent support and tests
  • Fix so that max_length option only applies to string slugs (#64 thanks @enzomaserati)

2.0.5 - 13-Nov-2014

  • Fixed findBySlug() to return a model and getBySlug() to return a collection (#72 thanks @jaewun and @Jono20202)
  • Fixed testbench version requirements (#87 thanks @hannesvdvreken)
  • Fixed so that max_length option only applies to string slugs (#64 thanks @enzomaserati)
  • Cleaned up some redundant code and documentation (thanks @hannesvdvreken, @Anahkiasen, @nimbol)

2.0.4 - 23-Sep-2014

  • Fixed softDelete behaviour and tests so Laravel 4.2 and earlier are supported (#56 thanks @hammat).
  • Fixed alias for Illuminate\Support\Str to prepare for Laravel 4.3/5.0 (#58 thanks @0xMatt).

2.0.3 - 17-Jul-2014

  • Don't allow slugs to be empty (#44 thanks @lfbittencourt).

2.0.2 - 19-Jun-2014

  • Add getExistingSlugs() method to trait (#36 thanks @neilcrookes).

2.0.1 - 13-May-2014

  • Fix issue where manually setting the slug field would be overwritten when updating the sluggable fields (#32 thanks @D1kz).

2.0.0 - 27-Apr-2014

  • See the README for all upgrading details.
  • Now uses traits, so PHP >= 5.4 is required.
  • Configuration and usage is mostly backwards-compatible, although users of Ardent or anyone who force-builds slugs will need to make some changes.
  • Use Laravel's cache to speed up unique slug generation (and prevent duplicates in heavy-usage cases).

1.0.8 - 20-Feb-2014

  • Fix issue where replicated models couldn't forcibly be re-slugged (#20 thanks @trideout).

1.0.7 - 03-Dec-2013

  • Really fix issue #15 -- "not in object context" errors. Previous fix didn't work for PHP 5.3.x (thanks again @mayoz).

1.0.6 - 02-Dec-2013

  • Update composer requirements so that the package installs nicely with the upcoming Laravel 4.1.
  • Updated docs to show how to use package with Ardent models (thanks to @Flynsarmy for the pointers).

1.0.5 - 15-Nov-2013

  • Fix issues where slugs would alternate between "slug" and "slug-1" when on_update and unique are set (#14, #16, thanks @mikembm, @JoeChilds).
  • Make isIncremented method static to solve possible "not in object context" error (#15, thanks @mayoz).

1.0.4 - 05-Nov-2013

  • Unit testing ... woot! Building this revealed three new bugs:
    • Fixed bug where using the default method didn't take into account a custom separator.
    • Proper fix for issue #5.
    • include_trashed wasn't working because you can't read the protected softDelete property of the model.

1.0.3 - 04-Nov-2013

  • Fixed PHP warnings about uninitialized variable (#10, thanks @JoeChilds).

1.0.2 - 03-Nov-2013

  • Allow reverting to a "smaller" version of a similar slug (#5, thanks @alkin).
  • Better collection filtering to prevent duplicate slugs on similar long slugs (#3, #6, thanks @torkiljohnsen, @brandonkboswell).
  • include_trashed option to include soft-deleted models when checking for uniqueness (#8, thanks @slovenianGooner).
  • Fixed "undefined variable reserved" error (#9, thanks @altrim).

1.0.1 - 02-Jul-2013

  • reserved configuration option prevents generated slugs from being from a list of "reserved" names (e.g. colliding with routes, etc.) (#2, thanks @ceejayoz).

1.0.0 - 18-Jun-2013

  • First non-beta release.
  • $sluggable property of model switched back to static, maintains L3 compatability (thanks @orkhan).
  • Updated type hinting in Sluggable::make() to better handle extended models (#1, thanks @altrim).

1.0.0-beta - 11-Jun-2013

  • Initial beta release.
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