Data visualization project using cville Fire/EMS data.
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Data visualization project using cville Fire/EMS data. Demo is available at

Getting Started

If you don't want to scrape the data yourself, you can download the resulting files from and

Scraping Data

  • You will need nodejs and mongodb installed.
  • To geolocate addresses, you will need a Developer Key for the Google Geolocation API.
    • note: the geolocation calls will probably cost you $20 or so. There might be a better free alternative.
  • cd getData; npm install - to get setup.
  • node downloadEvents.js - scrapes data from the RIDS system and puts it in MongoDB.
  • node geolocateEvents.js - uses Google's Geolocation API to add latitude/longtitude to each incident.
  • node outputData.js - outputs incidents in a JSON format in /data/ that is more compact and useful for the front-end.


  • Fire up a web server and go to fire-rescue-map/index.html.