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Open Source 101: Create your first open source project the “right way”

This repository contains the material for my presentation at Open Source 101 ( titled: Create your first open source project the “right way” including:

  • An outline of the presentation;
  • The original artwork for the slides;
  • A copy of the final slide deck presented at the conference;
  • And a Link to the Google Slides version of the presentation.

I have opened sourced the contents of the presentation (see License below for more information) to help foster a dialog about what kinds of things developers can do to create open source projects that are more than simple public dumping grounds for code.

If you are interested in giving a talk based on my presentation I would urge you to make a fork of this repository and customize the slide deck to fit your thoughts on the subject (as well as your speaking style). I would also love to hear about the work you are doing and would be glad to add a pointer to it right here.

If you have thoughts or feedback on my presentation please share them here: Issues.

Talk Abstract:

There are a lot of reasons to create an open source project but once you have decided to do it you owe it to yourself and your potential users and contributors to do it the “right way.” Of course there isn’t actually one “right way” to create an open source project but there are patterns you can follow to help your project be successful. In this fifteen minute talk I am going to cover a relatively simple pattern for creating and running your first open source project including the importance of documentation, testing, asking for help, and learning to let go if your project is fortunate enough to become popular.

Repository Contents

In addition to this README this repository contains the materials I used to prepare and deliver the talk including the following items:


A rough outline of the presentation slide by slide can be found here:

Note: The outline isn't a script as I have never been particularly good a following scripts.


In the slide directory you will find each individual slide in JPEG format. Each slide is named based on the theme of the slide (e.g. "golden_rule.jpg") to help make it easy to figure out which is which.

The original slides were created using SketchBook Pro ( on my iPad Air with a cheap stylus (you would never know I got my degree in art...)

Slide Deck

The original Google Slides presentation can be found at the following link:

The final presentation given at Open Source 101 in Raleigh, NC on February, 4th 2017 is available in PDF format in the slide-decks folder.


Create your first open source project the “right way” is Open Source material released under the Apache 2.0 License. Please see the LICENSE file for full license details.



Please submit Issues and/or Pull Requests.