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Images of Ecuador Moths for Fine-grained Recognition
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Ecuador Moth Dataset

This folder contains the Ecuador moth dataset prepared for the evaluation of fine-grained recognition approaches. If you use this dataset, please cite the corresponding paper:

Erik Rodner, Marcel Simon, Gunnar Brehm, Stephanie Pietsch, J. Wolfgang Waegele, and Joachim Denzler. Fine-grained Recognition Datasets for Biodiversity Analysis. CVPR Workshop on Fine-grained Visual Classification (CVPR-WS). 2015.

and the original paper of

Gunnar Brehm, Patrick Strutzenberger, and Konrad Fiedler. Phylogenetic diversity of geometrid moths decreases with elevation in the tropical andes. Ecography, 36(11):1247–1253, 2013.

For more details visit the website of the project:

Directory Information

  • images/ The images as provided by Brehm et al

  • imagelist.txt The filenames relative to the dataset directory. Each line contains a separate image.

  • labels.txt The class IDs for each image in imagelist.txt. Each line in labels.txt corresponds to the image in the same line in imagelist.txt

  • tr_ID.txt The train-test-split for each image in imagelist.txt. Each line in tr_ID.txt corresponds to the image in the same line in imagelist.txt. A value of 1 means, this image is used for training, a value of 0 means this image is used for testing.

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