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# Formations AI for Warband by Motomataru
# rel. 01/03/11
# This function attaches AI_triggers only to missions "lead_charge" and "quick_battle_battle"
# For other missions, add to end of triggers list like so: " ] + AI_triggers "
# Make sure to comment out competing AI triggers in the mission templates modified
# But NOT morale scripts
# For example, for Warband 1.131 "lead_charge"
# #AI Triggers
# (0, 0, ti_once, [
# (store_mission_timer_a,":mission_time"),(ge,":mission_time",2),
# ],
# [(call_script, "script_select_battle_tactic"),
# (call_script, "script_battle_tactic_init"),
# #(call_script, "script_battle_calculate_initial_powers"), #deciding run away method changed and that line is erased
# ]),
# DON'T comment out morale/courage scripts that are HERE...
# (5, 0, 0, [
# (store_mission_timer_a,":mission_time"),
# (ge,":mission_time",3),
# (call_script, "script_battle_tactic_apply"),
# ], []), #applying battle tactic
from header_common import *
from header_operations import *
from module_constants import *
from header_mission_templates import *
#AI triggers v3 for WB by motomataru
AI_triggers = [
(ti_before_mission_start, 0, 0, [(party_slot_eq, "p_main_party", slot_party_pref_formations, 1)], [
# (assign, "$cur_casualties", 0), #just use BP_Fight if prev_casualties no longer matters
# (assign, "$prev_casualties", 0),
(assign, "$ranged_clock", 1),
(assign, "$battle_phase", BP_Setup),
# (assign, "$clock_reset", 0),
(init_position, Team0_Cavalry_Destination),
(init_position, Team1_Cavalry_Destination),
(init_position, Team2_Cavalry_Destination),
(init_position, Team3_Cavalry_Destination),
(0, AI_Delay_For_Spawn, ti_once, [(party_slot_eq, "p_main_party", slot_party_pref_formations, 1)], [
(try_for_agents, ":cur_agent"),
(agent_set_slot, ":cur_agent", slot_agent_is_running_away, 0),
(set_fixed_point_multiplier, 100),
# (call_script, "script_store_battlegroup_data"), done in formations trigger
(try_for_range, ":team", 0, 4),
(call_script, "script_battlegroup_get_position", pos0, ":team", grc_everyone),
(position_get_x, reg0, pos0),
(team_set_slot, ":team", slot_team_starting_x, reg0),
(position_get_y, reg0, pos0),
(team_set_slot, ":team", slot_team_starting_y, reg0),
#prevent confusion over AI not using formations for archers
(neq, ":team", "$fplayer_team_no"),
(store_add, ":slot", slot_team_d0_formation, grc_archers),
(team_set_slot, ":team", ":slot", formation_none),
(call_script, "script_field_tactics", 1)
(0.1, 0, 0, [(party_slot_eq, "p_main_party", slot_party_pref_formations, 1)], [
(store_mission_timer_c_msec, reg0),
(val_sub, reg0, "$last_player_trigger"),
(ge, reg0, 250), #delay to offset from formations trigger (trigger delay does not work right)
(val_add, "$last_player_trigger", 500),
(set_fixed_point_multiplier, 100),
(call_script, "script_store_battlegroup_data"),
(lt, "$battle_phase", BP_Fight),
(call_script, "script_cf_count_casualties"),
(assign, "$battle_phase", BP_Fight),
(call_script, "script_field_tactics", 1), #to reset ranged on fighting start
(assign, "$ranged_clock", 0),
(eq, "$battle_phase", BP_Setup), #army moves to initial position during setup (don't reassess archer position)
(call_script, "script_field_tactics", 0),
(call_script, "script_field_tactics", 1),
(ge, "$battle_phase", BP_Fight),
(store_mul, reg1, 5, Reform_Trigger_Modulus),
(store_mod, reg0, "$ranged_clock", reg1),
(eq, reg0, 0),
(neg|team_slot_eq, 0, slot_team_reinforcement_stage, "$defender_reinforcement_stage"),
(team_set_slot, 0, slot_team_reinforcement_stage, "$defender_reinforcement_stage"),
(try_for_range, ":division", 0, 9),
(store_add, ":slot", slot_team_d0_type, ":division"),
(team_set_slot, 0, ":slot", sdt_unknown),
(team_set_slot, 2, ":slot", sdt_unknown),
(neg|team_slot_eq, 1, slot_team_reinforcement_stage, "$attacker_reinforcement_stage"),
(team_set_slot, 1, slot_team_reinforcement_stage, "$attacker_reinforcement_stage"),
(try_for_range, ":division", 0, 9),
(store_add, ":slot", slot_team_d0_type, ":division"),
(team_set_slot, 1, ":slot", sdt_unknown),
(team_set_slot, 3, ":slot", sdt_unknown),
(eq, "$battle_phase", BP_Setup),
(assign, ":not_in_setup_position", 0),
(try_for_range, ":bgteam", 0, 4),
(neq, ":bgteam", "$fplayer_team_no"),
(team_slot_ge, ":bgteam", slot_team_size, 1),
(call_script, "script_battlegroup_get_position", pos1, ":bgteam", grc_archers),
(team_get_order_position, pos0, ":bgteam", grc_archers),
(get_distance_between_positions, reg0, pos0, pos1),
(gt, reg0, 500),
(assign, ":not_in_setup_position", 1),
(eq, ":not_in_setup_position", 0), #all AI reached setup position?
(assign, "$battle_phase", BP_Jockey),
(val_add, "$ranged_clock", 1),
(0, 0, ti_once, [ ##caba-encorporate in another trigger?? standard death-cam ones?
(main_hero_fallen), #if AI to take over for mods with post-player battle action
(party_slot_eq, "p_main_party", slot_party_pref_formations, 1),
(party_slot_eq, "p_main_party", slot_party_pref_bc_charge_ko, 2),
], [
(try_for_agents, ":agent"), #reassign agents to the divisions AI uses
(agent_is_alive, ":agent"),
(call_script, "script_agent_fix_division", ":agent"),
(set_show_messages, 0), #undo special player commands for divisions AI uses
(team_set_order_listener, "$fplayer_team_no", grc_everyone),
(call_script, "script_order_set_team_slot", clear, "$fplayer_team_no"),
(team_give_order, "$fplayer_team_no", grc_everyone, mordr_use_any_weapon),
(team_give_order, "$fplayer_team_no", grc_everyone, mordr_fire_at_will),
(set_show_messages, 1),
def modmerge(var_set):
from modmerger_options import module_sys_info
version = module_sys_info["version"]
version = 1127 # version not specified. assume latest warband at this time
var_name_1 = "mission_templates"
orig_mission_templates = var_set[var_name_1]
# START do your own stuff to do merging
# END do your own stuff
except KeyError:
errstring = "Variable set does not contain expected variable: \"%s\"." % var_name_1
raise ValueError(errstring)
def modmerge_formAI_mission_templates(orig_mission_templates):
find_i = find_object( orig_mission_templates, "lead_charge" )
find_i = find_object( orig_mission_templates, "quick_battle_battle" )