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# master options for modmerger framework
# by sphere
# -2 : print error only
# -1 : print errors and warnings
# 0 : print errors, warnings and info
# 1 : print all
# fill this in yourself with the module system you are using, so that some mods can make smarter decisions on how to merge with your source.
module_sys_info = {
"version": 1127, # version number * 1000
"process_scripts_show_script_name": 0, # for debugging. checked by modified to show name of script being processed
# List of active mod code names.
# This is also the default order during bulk processing
# The specific mod source files must be in the format "{modname}_????.py".
# for example, the mod content corresponding to "items", for mod "fc" should be in the file ""
mods_active = [
# insert the active mod names here
"formations", # motomataru's formations v3
"formAI", # motomataru's formations v3 AI extension. Comment this line out if you don't want ai to use formations
# Alternate process order for certain modules components
# Only need to be defined if order/combination is different from mods_active
# Each element in is is a tuple with the following elements
# 1) mod component name (less the "module_" prefix), e.g. for "module_items", it will be "items"
# 2) list of mod names in the order to be processed. The mod names should be
# the ones used in mods_active, and will only be processed if they are in
# mods_active.
# ("{component_name}", [{list of mod names}]),
# check and fill in defaults for certain required variables
except KeyError:
# assume version to be latest version that modmerger was tested on
module_sys_info["version"] = 1127
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