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# -*- coding: cp1254 -*-
strings = [
("no_string", "NO STRING!"),
("empty_string", " "),
("yes", "Yes."),
("no", "No."),
# Strings before this point are hardwired.
("blank_string", " "),
## ("none", "none"),
("noone", "no one"),
## ("nothing", "nothing"),
("s0", "{!}{s0}"),
("blank_s1", "{!} {s1}"),
("reg1", "{!}{reg1}"),
("s50_comma_s51", "{!}{s50}, {s51}"),
("s50_and_s51", "{s50} and {s51}"),
("s52_comma_s51", "{!}{s52}, {s51}"),
("s52_and_s51", "{s52} and {s51}"),
("s5_s_party", "{s5}'s Party"),
("given_by_s1_at_s2", "Given by {s1} at {s2}"),
("given_by_s1_in_wilderness", "Given by {s1} whilst in the field"),
("s7_raiders", "{s7} Raiders"),
("bandits_eliminated_by_another", "The troublesome bandits have been eliminated by another party."),
("msg_battle_won","Battle won! Press tab key to leave..."),
("tutorial_map1","You are now viewing the overland map. Left-click on the map to move your party to that location, enter the selected town, or pursue the selected party. Time will pause on the overland map if your party is not moving, waiting or resting. To wait anywhere simply press and hold down the space bar."),
("change_color_1", "{!}Change Color 1"),
("change_color_2", "{!}Change Color 2"),
("change_background", "{!}Change Background Pattern"),
("change_flag_type", "{!}Change Flag Type"),
("change_map_flag_type", "{!}Change Map Flag Type"),
("randomize", "Randomize"),
("sample_banner", "{!}Sample banner:"),
("sample_map_banner", "{!}Sample map banner:"),
("number_of_charges", "{!}Number of charges:"),
("change_charge_1", "{!}Change Charge 1"),
("change_charge_1_color", "{!}Change Charge 1 Color"),
("change_charge_2", "{!}Change Charge 2"),
("change_charge_2_color", "{!}Change Charge 2 Color"),
("change_charge_3", "{!}Change Charge 3"),
("change_charge_3_color", "{!}Change Charge 3 Color"),
("change_charge_4", "{!}Change Charge 4"),
("change_charge_4_color", "{!}Change Charge 4 Color"),
("change_charge_position", "{!}Change Charge Position"),
("choose_position", "{!}Choose position:"),
("choose_charge", "{!}Choose a charge:"),
("choose_background", "{!}Choose background pattern:"),
("choose_flag_type", "{!}Choose flag type:"),
("choose_map_flag_type", "{!}Choose map flag type:"),
("choose_color", "{!}Choose color:"),
("accept", "{!}Accept"),
("charge_no_1", "{!}Charge #1:"),
("charge_no_2", "{!}Charge #2:"),
("charge_no_3", "{!}Charge #3:"),
("charge_no_4", "{!}Charge #4:"),
("change", "{!}Change"),
("color_no_1", "{!}Color #1:"),
("color_no_2", "{!}Color #2:"),
("charge", "Charge"),
("color", "Color"),
("flip_horizontal", "Flip Horizontal"),
("flip_vertical", "Flip Vertical"),
("hold_fire", "Hold Fire"),
("blunt_hold_fire", "Blunt / Hold Fire"),
## ("tutorial_camp1","This is training ground where you can learn the basics of the game. Use A, S, D, W keys to move and the mouse to look around."),
## ("tutorial_camp2","F is the action key. You can open doors, talk to people and pick up objects with F key. If you wish to leave a town or retreat from a battle, press the TAB key."),
## ("tutorial_camp3","Training Ground Master wishes to speak with you about your training. Go near him, look at him and press F when you see the word 'Talk' under his name. "),
## ("tutorial_camp4","To see the in-game menu, press the Escape key. If you select Options, and then Controls from the in-game menu, you can see a complete list of key bindings."),
## ("tutorial_camp6","You've received your first quest! You can take a look at your current quests by pressing the Q key. Do it now and check the details of your quest."),
## ("tutorial_camp7","You've completed your quest! Go near Training Ground Master and speak with him about your reward."),
## ("tutorial_camp8","You've gained some experience and weapon points! Press C key to view your character and increase your weapon proficiencies."),
## ("tutorial_camp9","Congratulations! You've finished the tutorial of Mount&Blade. Press TAB key to leave the training ground."),
## ("tutorial_enter_melee", "You are entering the melee weapon training area. The chest nearby contains various weapons which you can experiment with. If you wish to quit this tutorial, press TAB key."),
## ("tutorial_enter_ranged", "You are entering the ranged weapon training area. The chest nearby contains various ranged weapons which you can experiment with. If you wish to quit this tutorial, press TAB key."),
## ("tutorial_enter_mounted", "You are entering the mounted training area. Here, you can try different kinds of weapons while riding a horse. If you wish to quit this tutorial, press TAB key."),
# ("tutorial_usage_sword", "Sword is a very versatile weapon which is very fast in both attack and defense. Usage of one handed swords are affected by your one handed weapon proficiency. Focus on the sword and press F key to pick it up."),
# ("tutorial_usage_axe", "Axe is a heavy (and therefore slow) weapon which can deal high damage to the opponent. Usage of one handed axes are affected by your one handed weapon proficiency. Focus on the axe and press F key to pick it up."),
# ("tutorial_usage_club", "Club is a blunt weapon which deals less damage to the opponent than any other one handed weapon, but it knocks you opponents unconscious so that you can take them as a prisoner. Usage of clubs are affected by your one handed weapon proficiency. Focus on the club and press F key to pick it up."),
# ("tutorial_usage_battle_axe", "Battle axe is a long weapon and it can deal high damage to the opponent. Usage of battle axes are affected by your two handed weapon proficiency. Focus on the battle axe and press F key to pick it up."),
# ("tutorial_usage_spear", "Spear is a very long weapon which lets the wielder to strike the opponent earlier. Usage of the spears are affected by your polearm proficiency. Focus on the spear and press F key to pick it up."),
# ("tutorial_usage_short_bow", "Short bow is a common ranged weapon which is easy to reload but hard to master at. Usage of short bows are affected by your archery proficiency. Focus on the short bow and arrows and press F key to pick them up."),
# ("tutorial_usage_crossbow", "Crossbow is a heavy ranged weapon which is easy to use and deals high amount of damage to the opponent. Usage of crossbows are affected by your crossbow proficiency. Focus on the crossbow and bolts and press F key to pick them up."),
# ("tutorial_usage_throwing_daggers", "Throwing daggers are easy to use and throwing them takes a very short time. But they deal light damage to the opponent. Usage of throwing daggers are affected byyour throwing weapon proficiency. Focus on the throwing daggers and press F key to pick it up."),
# ("tutorial_usage_mounted", "You can use your weapons while you're mounted. Polearms like the lance here can be used for couched damage against opponents. In order to do that, ride your horse at a good speed and aim at your enemy. But do not press the attack button."),
## ("tutorial_melee_chest", "The chest near you contains some of the melee weapons that can be used throughout the game. Look at the chest now and press F key to view its contents. Click on the weapons and move them to your Arms slots to be able to use them."),
## ("tutorial_ranged_chest", "The chest near you contains some of the ranged weapons that can be used throughout the game. Look at the chest now and press F key to view its contents. Click on the weapons and move them to your Arms slots to be able to use them."),
## ("tutorial_item_equipped", "You have equipped a weapon. Move your mouse scroll wheel up to wield your weapon. You can also switch between your weapons using your mouse scroll wheel."),
("tutorial_ammo_refilled", "Ammo refilled."),
("tutorial_failed", "You have been beaten this time, but don't worry. Follow the instructions carefully and you'll do better next time.\
Press the Tab key to return to to the menu where you can retry this tutorial."),
("tutorial_1_msg_1","{!}In this tutorial you will learn the basics of movement and combat.\
In Mount&Blade: Warband, you use the mouse to control where you are looking, and W, A, S, and D keys of your keyboard to move.\
Your first task in the training is to locate the yellow flag in the room and move over it.\
You can press the Tab key at any time to quit this tutorial or to exit any other area in the game.\
Go to the yellow flag now."),
("tutorial_1_msg_2","{!}Well done. Next we will cover attacking with weapons.\
For the purposes of this tutorial you have been equipped with bow and arrows, a sword and a shield.\
You can draw different weapons from your weapon slots by using the scroll wheel of your mouse.\
In the default configuration, scrolling up pulls out your next weapon, and scrolling down pulls out your shield.\
If you are already holding a shield, scrolling down will put your shield away instead.\
Try changing your wielded equipment with the scroll wheel now. When you are ready,\
go to the yellow flag to move on to your next task."),
("tutorial_1_msg_3","{!}Excellent. The next part of this tutorial covers attacking with melee weapons.\
You attack with your currently wielded weapon by using your left mouse button.\
Press and hold the button to ready an attack, then release the button to strike.\
If you hold down the left mouse button for a while before releasing, your attack will be more powerful.\
Now draw your sword and destroy the four dummies in the room."),
("tutorial_1_msg_4","{!}Nice work! You've destroyed all four dummies. You can now move on to the next room."),
("tutorial_1_msg_5","{!}As you see, there is an archery target on the far side of the room.\
Your next task is to use your bow to put three arrows into that target. Press and hold down the left mouse button to notch an arrow.\
You can then fire the arrow by releasing the left mouse button. Note the targeting reticule in the centre of your screen,\
which shows you the accuracy of your shot.\
In order to achieve optimal accuracy, let fly your arrow when the reticule is at its smallest.\
Try to shoot the target now."),
("tutorial_1_msg_6","{!}Well done! You've learned the basics of moving and attacking.\
With a little bit of practice you will soon master them.\
In the second tutorial you can learn more advanced combat skills and face armed opponents.\
You can press the Tab key at any time to return to the tutorial menu."),
("tutorial_2_msg_1","{!}This tutorial will teach you how to defend yourself with a shield and how to battle armed opponents.\
For the moment you are armed with nothing but a shield.\
Your task is not to attack, but to successfully protect yourself from harm with your shield.\
There is an armed opponent waiting for you in the next room.\
He will try his best to knock you unconscious, while you must protect yourself with your shield\
by pressing and holding the right mouse button.\
Go into the next room now to face your opponent.\
Remember that you can press the Tab key at any time to quit this tutorial or to exit any other area in the game."),
("tutorial_2_msg_2","{!}Press and hold down the right mouse button to raise your shield. Try to remain standing for twenty seconds. You have {reg3} seconds to go."),
("tutorial_2_msg_3","{!}Well done, you've succeeded in defending against an armed opponent.\
The next phase of this tutorial will pit you and your shield against a force of enemy archers.\
Move on to the next room when you're ready to face an archer."),
("tutorial_2_msg_4","{!}Defend yourself from arrows by raising your shield with the right mouse button. Try to remain standing for twenty seconds. You have {reg3} seconds to go."),
("tutorial_2_msg_5","{!}Excellent, you've put up a succesful defence against the archer.\
There is a reward waiting for you in the next room."),
("tutorial_2_msg_6","{!}In the default configuration,\
the F key on your keyboard is used for non-violent interaction with objects and humans in the gameworld.\
To pick up the sword on the altar, look at it and press F when you see the word 'Equip'."),
("tutorial_2_msg_7","{!}A fine weapon! Now you can use it to deliver a bit of payback.\
Go back through the door and dispose of the archer you faced earlier."),
("tutorial_2_msg_8","{!}Very good. Your last task before finishing this tutorial is to face the maceman.\
Go through the door now and show him your steel!"),
("tutorial_2_msg_9","{!}Congratulations! You have now learned how to defend yourself with a shield and even had your first taste of combat with armed opponents.\
Give it a bit more practice and you'll soon be a renowned swordsman.\
The next tutorial covers directional defence, which is one of the most important elements of Mount&Blade: Warband combat.\
You can press the Tab key at any time to return to the tutorial menu."),
("tutorial_3_msg_1","{!}This tutorial is intended to give you an overview of parrying and defence without a shield.\
Parrying attacks with your weapon is a little bit more difficult than blocking them with a shield.\
When you are defending with a weapon, you are only protected from one direction, the direction in which your weapon is set.\
If you are blocking upwards, you will parry any overhead swings coming against you, but you will not stop thrusts or attacks to your sides.\
Either of these attacks would still be able to hit you.\
That's why, in order to survive without a shield, you must learn directional defence.\
Go pick up the quarterstaff by pressing the F key now to begin practice."),
("tutorial_3_msg_2","{!}By default, the direction in which you defend (by clicking and holding your right mouse button) is determined by the attack direction of your closest opponent.\
For example, if your opponent is readying a thrust attack, pressing and holding the right mouse button will parry thrust attacks, but not side or overhead attacks.\
You must watch your opponent carefully and only initiate your parry AFTER the enemy starts to attack.\
If you start BEFORE he readies an attack, you may parry the wrong way altogether!\
Now it's time for you to move on to the next room, where you'll have to defend yourself against an armed opponent.\
Your task is to defend yourself successfully for twenty seconds with no equipment other than a simple quarterstaff.\
Your quarterstaff's attacks are disabled for this tutorial, so don't worry about attacking and focus on your defence instead.\
Move on to the next room when you are ready to initiate the fight."),
("tutorial_3_msg_3","{!}Press and hold down the right mouse button to defend yourself with your staff after your opponent starts his attack.\
Try to remain standing for twenty seconds. You have {reg3} seconds to go."),
("tutorial_3_msg_4","{!}Well done, you've succeeded this trial!\
Now you will be pitted against a more challenging opponent that will make things more difficult for you.\
Move on to the next room when you're ready to face him."),
("tutorial_3_msg_5","{!}Press and hold down the right mouse button to defend yourself with your staff after your opponent starts his attack.\
Try to remain standing for twentys seconds. You have {reg3} seconds to go."),
("tutorial_3_msg_6","{!}Congratulations, you still stand despite the enemy's best efforts.\
The time has now come to attack as well as defend.\
Approach the door and press the F key when you see the text 'Next level'."),
("tutorial_3_2_msg_1","{!}Your staff's attacks have been enabled again. Your first opponent is waiting in the next room.\
Defeat him by a combination of attack and defence."),
("tutorial_3_2_msg_2","{!}Defeat your opponent with your quarterstaff."),
("tutorial_3_2_msg_3","{!}Excellent. Now the only thing standing in your way is one last opponent.\
He is in the next room. Move in and knock him down."),
("tutorial_3_2_msg_4","{!}Defeat your opponent with your quarterstaff."),
("tutorial_3_2_msg_5","{!}Well done! In this tutorial you have learned how to fight ably without a shield.\
Train hard and train well, and no one shall be able to lay a stroke on you.\
In the next tutorial you may learn horseback riding and cavalry combat.\
You can press the Tab key at any time to return to the tutorial menu."),
("tutorial_4_msg_1","{!}Welcome to the fourth tutorial.\
In this sequence you'll learn about riding a horse and how to perform various martial exercises on horseback.\
We'll start by getting you mounted up.\
Approach the horse, and press the 'F' key when you see the word 'Mount'."),
("tutorial_4_msg_2","{!}While on horseback, W, A, S, and D keys control your horse's movement, not your own.\
Ride your horse and try to follow the yellow flag around the course.\
When you reach the flag, it will move to the next waypoint on the course until you reach the finish."),
("tutorial_4_msg_3","{!}Very good. Next we'll cover attacking enemies from horseback. Approach the yellow flag now."),
("tutorial_4_msg_4","{!}Draw your sword (using the mouse wheel) and destroy the two targets.\
Try hitting the dummies as you pass them at full gallop -- this provides an extra challenge,\
but the additional speed added to your blow will allow you to do more damage.\
The easiest way of doing this is by pressing and holding the left mouse button until the right moment,\
releasing it just before you pass the target."),
("tutorial_4_msg_5","{!}Excellent work. Now let us try some target shooting from horseback. Go near the yellow flag now."),
("tutorial_4_msg_6","{!}Locate the archery target beside the riding course and shoot it three times with your bow.\
Although you are not required to ride while shooting, it's recommended that you try to hit the target at various speeds and angles\
to get a feel for how your horse's speed and course affects your aim."),
("tutorial_4_msg_7","{!}Congratulations, you have finished this tutorial.\
You can press the Tab key at any time to return to the tutorial menu."),
# Ryan END
("tutorial_5_msg_1","{!}TODO: Follow order to the flag"),
("tutorial_5_msg_2","{!}TODO: Move to the flag, keep your units at this position"),
("tutorial_5_msg_3","{!}TODO: Move to the flag to get the archers"),
("tutorial_5_msg_4","{!}TODO: Move archers to flag1, infantry to flag2"),
("tutorial_5_msg_5","{!}TODO: Enemy is charging. Fight!"),
("tutorial_5_msg_6","{!}TODO: End of battle."),
("trainer_help_1", "{!}This is a training ground where you can learn the basics of the game. Use W, A, S, and D keys to move and the mouse to look around."),
("trainer_help_2", "{!}To speak with the trainer, go near him, look at him and press the 'F' key when you see the word 'Talk' under his name.\
When you wish to leave this or any other area or retreat from a battle, you can press the TAB key."),
("custom_battle_1", "{!}Lord Haringoth of Swadia is travelling with his household knights when he spots a group of raiders preparing to attack a small hamlet.\
Shouting out his warcry, he spurs his horse forward, and leads his loyal men to a fierce battle."),
("custom_battle_2", "{!}Lord Mleza is leading a patrol of horsemen and archers\
in search of a group of bandits who plundered a caravan and ran away to the hills.\
Unfortunately the bandits have recently met two other large groups who want a share of their booty,\
and spotting the new threat, they decide to combine their forces."),
("custom_battle_3", "{!}Lady Brina is leading the defense of her castle against a Swadian army.\
Now, as the besiegers prepare for a final assault on the walls, she must make sure the attack does not succeed."),
("custom_battle_4", "{!}When the scouts inform Lord Grainwad of the presence of an enemy war band,\
he decides to act quickly and use the element of surprise against superior numbers."),
("custom_battle_5", "{!}Lord Haeda has brought his fierce huscarls into the south with the promise of plunder.\
If he can make this castle fall to him today, he will settle in these lands and become the ruler of this valley."),
("finished", "(Finished)"),
("delivered_damage", "Delivered {reg60} damage."),
("archery_target_hit", "Distance: {reg61} yards. Score: {reg60}"),
("use_baggage_for_inventory","Use your baggage to access your inventory during battle (it's at your starting position)."),
## ("cant_leave_now","Can't leave the area now."),
("cant_use_inventory_now","Can't access inventory now."),
("cant_use_inventory_arena","Can't access inventory in the arena."),
("cant_use_inventory_disguised","Can't access inventory while you're disguised."),
("cant_use_inventory_tutorial","Can't access inventory in the training camp."),
("1_denar", "1 denar"),
("reg1_denars", "{reg1} denars"),
("january_reg1_reg2", "January {reg1}, {reg2}"),
("february_reg1_reg2", "February {reg1}, {reg2}"),
("march_reg1_reg2", "March {reg1}, {reg2}"),
("april_reg1_reg2", "April {reg1}, {reg2}"),
("may_reg1_reg2", "May {reg1}, {reg2}"),
("june_reg1_reg2", "June {reg1}, {reg2}"),
("july_reg1_reg2", "July {reg1}, {reg2}"),
("august_reg1_reg2", "August {reg1}, {reg2}"),
("september_reg1_reg2", "September {reg1}, {reg2}"),
("october_reg1_reg2", "October {reg1}, {reg2}"),
("november_reg1_reg2", "November {reg1}, {reg2}"),
("december_reg1_reg2", "December {reg1}, {reg2}"),
## ("you_approach_town","You approach the town of "),
## ("you_are_in_town","You are in the town of "),
## ("you_are_in_castle","You are at the castle of "),
## ("you_sneaked_into_town","You have sneaked into the town of "),
("town_nighttime"," It is late at night and honest folk have abandoned the streets."),
("door_locked","The door is locked."),
("castle_is_abondened","The castle seems to be unoccupied."),
("town_is_abondened","The town has no garrison defending it."),
("place_is_occupied_by_player","The place is held by your own troops."),
("place_is_occupied_by_enemy", "The place is held by hostile troops."),
("place_is_occupied_by_friendly", "The place is held by friendly troops."),
("do_you_want_to_retreat", "Are you sure you want to retreat?"),
("give_up_fight", "Give up the fight?"),
("do_you_wish_to_leave_tutorial", "Do you wish to leave the tutorial?"),
("do_you_wish_to_surrender", "Do you wish to surrender?"),
("can_not_retreat", "Can't retreat, there are enemies nearby!"),
## ("can_not_leave", "Can't leave. There are enemies nearby!"),
("s1_joined_battle_enemy", "{s1} has joined the battle on the enemy side."),
("s1_joined_battle_friend", "{s1} has joined the battle on your side."),
# ("entrance_to_town_forbidden","It seems that the town guards have been warned of your presence and you won't be able to enter the town unchallenged."),
("entrance_to_town_forbidden","The town guards are on the lookout for intruders and it seems that you won't be able to pass through the gates unchallenged."),
("sneaking_to_town_impossible","The town guards are alarmed. You wouldn't be able to sneak through that gate no matter how well you disguised yourself."),
("battle_won", "You have won the battle!"),
("battle_lost", "You have lost the battle!"),
("attack_walls_success", "After a bloody fight, your brave soldiers manage to claim the walls from the enemy."),
("attack_walls_failure", "Your soldiers fall in waves as they charge the walls, and the few who remain alive soon rout and run away, never to be seen again."),
("attack_walls_continue", "A bloody battle ensues and both sides fight with equal valour. Despite the efforts of your troops, the castle remains in enemy hands."),
("order_attack_success", "Your men fight bravely and defeat the enemy."),
("order_attack_failure", "You watch the battle in despair as the enemy cuts your soldiers down, then easily drives off the few ragged survivors."),
("order_attack_continue", "Despite an extended skirmish, your troops were unable to win a decisive victory."),
("join_order_attack_success", "Your men fight well alongside your allies, sharing in the glory as your enemies are beaten."),
("join_order_attack_failure", "You watch the battle in despair as the enemy cuts your soldiers down, then easily drives off the few ragged survivors."),
("join_order_attack_continue", "Despite an extended skirmish, neither your troops nor your allies were able to win a decisive victory over the enemy."),
("siege_defender_order_attack_success", "The men of the garrison hold their walls with skill and courage, breaking the enemy assault and skillfully turning the defeat into a full-fledged rout."),
("siege_defender_order_attack_failure", "The assault quickly turns into a bloodbath. Valiant efforts are for naught; the overmatched garrison cannot hold the walls, and the enemy puts every last defender to the sword."),
("siege_defender_order_attack_continue", "Repeated, bloody attempts on the walls fail to gain any ground, but too many enemies remain for the defenders to claim a true victory. The siege continues."),
("hero_taken_prisoner", "{s1} of {s3} has been taken prisoner by {s2}."),
("hero_freed", "{s1} of {s3} has been freed from captivity by {s2}."),
("center_captured", "{s2} have taken {s1} from {s3}."),
("troop_relation_increased", "Your relation with {s1} has increased from {reg1} to {reg2}."),
("troop_relation_detoriated", "Your relation with {s1} has deteriorated from {reg1} to {reg2}."),
("faction_relation_increased", "Your relation with {s1} has increased from {reg1} to {reg2}."),
("faction_relation_detoriated", "Your relation with {s1} has deteriorated from {reg1} to {reg2}."),
("party_gained_morale", "Your party gains {reg1} morale."),
("party_lost_morale", "Your party loses {reg1} morale."),
("other_party_gained_morale", "{s1} gains {reg1} morale."),
("other_party_lost_morale", "{s1} loses {reg1} morale."),
("qst_follow_spy_noticed_you", "The spy has spotted you! He's making a run for it!"),
("father", "father"),
("husband", "husband"),
("wife", "wife"),
("daughter", "daughter"),
("mother", "mother"),
("son", "son"),
("brother", "brother"),
("sister", "sister"),
("he", "He"),
("she", "She"),
("s3s_s2", "{s3}'s {s2}"),
("s5_is_s51", "{s5} is {s51}."),
("s5_is_the_ruler_of_s51", "{s5} is the ruler of {s51}. "),
##diplomacy start+ make gender correct using reg4
("s5_is_a_nobleman_of_s6", "{s5} is a {reg4?noblewoman:nobleman} of {s6}. "),#-- update fix 2011-04-08, ternary was messed up
##diplomacy end+
## ("your_debt_to_s1_is_changed_from_reg1_to_reg2", "Your debt to {s1} is changed from {reg1} to {reg2}."),
("relation_mnus_100", "Vengeful"), # -100..-94
("relation_mnus_90", "Vengeful"), # -95..-84
("relation_mnus_80", "Vengeful"),
("relation_mnus_70", "Hateful"),
("relation_mnus_60", "Hateful"),
##diplomacy start+
# What the hell?! These stupid spaces make otherwise-useful constants unusable.
# Changing them to strip out the space padding.
# ("relation_mnus_50", " Hostile"),
# ("relation_mnus_40", " Angry"),
# ("relation_mnus_30", " Resentful"),
# ("relation_mnus_20", " Grumbling"),
# ("relation_mnus_10", " Suspicious"),
# ("relation_plus_0", " Indifferent"),# -5...4
# ("relation_plus_10", " Cooperative"), # 5..14
# ("relation_plus_20", " Welcoming"),
# ("relation_plus_30", " Favorable"),
# ("relation_plus_40", " Supportive"),
# ("relation_plus_50", " Friendly"),
# ("relation_plus_60", " Gracious"),
# ("relation_plus_70", " Fond"),
# ("relation_plus_80", " Loyal"),
# ("relation_plus_90", " Devoted"),
("relation_mnus_50", " Hostile".strip()),
("relation_mnus_40", " Angry".strip()),
("relation_mnus_30", " Resentful".strip()),
("relation_mnus_20", " Grumbling".strip()),
("relation_mnus_10", " Suspicious".strip()),
("relation_plus_0", " Indifferent".strip()),# -5...4
("relation_plus_10", " Cooperative".strip()), # 5..14
("relation_plus_20", " Welcoming".strip()),
("relation_plus_30", " Favorable".strip()),
("relation_plus_40", " Supportive".strip()),
("relation_plus_50", " Friendly".strip()),
("relation_plus_60", " Gracious".strip()),
("relation_plus_70", " Fond".strip()),
("relation_plus_80", " Loyal".strip()),
("relation_plus_90", " Devoted".strip()),
##diplomacy end+
("relation_mnus_100_ns", "{s60} is vengeful towards you."), # -100..-94
("relation_mnus_90_ns", "{s60} is vengeful towards you."), # -95..-84
("relation_mnus_80_ns", "{s60} is vengeful towards you."),
("relation_mnus_70_ns", "{s60} is hateful towards you."),
("relation_mnus_60_ns", "{s60} is hateful towards you."),
("relation_mnus_50_ns", "{s60} is hostile towards you."),
("relation_mnus_40_ns", "{s60} is angry towards you."),
##diplomacy start+ fix preposition
#("relation_mnus_30_ns", "{s60} is resentful against you."),
("relation_mnus_30_ns", "{s60} is resentful towards you."),
##diplomacy end+
("relation_mnus_20_ns", "{s60} is grumbling against you."),
("relation_mnus_10_ns", "{s60} is suspicious towards you."),
##diplomacy start+ fix preposition
#("relation_plus_0_ns", "{s60} is indifferent against you."),# -5...4
("relation_plus_0_ns", "{s60} is indifferent towards you."),# -5...4
##diplomacy end+
("relation_plus_10_ns", "{s60} is cooperative towards you."), # 5..14
("relation_plus_20_ns", "{s60} is welcoming towards you."),
("relation_plus_30_ns", "{s60} is favorable to you."),
("relation_plus_40_ns", "{s60} is supportive to you."),
("relation_plus_50_ns", "{s60} is friendly to you."),
("relation_plus_60_ns", "{s60} is gracious to you."),
("relation_plus_70_ns", "{s60} is fond of you."),
("relation_plus_80_ns", "{s60} is loyal to you."),
("relation_plus_90_ns", "{s60} is devoted to you."),
("relation_reg1", " Relation: {reg1}"),
("center_relation_mnus_100", "The populace hates you with a passion"), # -100..-94
("center_relation_mnus_90", "The populace hates you intensely"), # -95..-84
("center_relation_mnus_80", "The populace hates you strongly"),
("center_relation_mnus_70", "The populace hates you"),
("center_relation_mnus_60", "The populace is hateful to you"),
("center_relation_mnus_50", "The populace is extremely hostile to you"),
("center_relation_mnus_40", "The populace is very hostile to you"),
("center_relation_mnus_30", "The populace is hostile to you"),
("center_relation_mnus_20", "The populace is against you"),
("center_relation_mnus_10", "The populace is opposed to you"),
("center_relation_plus_0", "The populace is indifferent to you"),
("center_relation_plus_10", "The populace is acceptive to you"),
("center_relation_plus_20", "The populace is cooperative to you"),
("center_relation_plus_30", "The populace is somewhat supportive to you"),
("center_relation_plus_40", "The populace is supportive to you"),
("center_relation_plus_50", "The populace is very supportive to you"),
("center_relation_plus_60", "The populace is loyal to you"),
("center_relation_plus_70", "The populace is highly loyal to you"),
("center_relation_plus_80", "The populace is devoted to you"),
("center_relation_plus_90", "The populace is fiercely devoted to you"),
("town_prosperity_0", "The poverty of the town of {s60} is unbearable"),
("town_prosperity_10", "The squalorous town of {s60} is all but deserted."),
("town_prosperity_20", "The town of {s60} looks a wretched, desolate place."),
("town_prosperity_30", "The town of {s60} looks poor and neglected."),
("town_prosperity_40", "The town of {s60} appears to be struggling."),
("town_prosperity_50", "The town of {s60} seems unremarkable."),
("town_prosperity_60", "The town of {s60} seems to be flourishing."),
("town_prosperity_70", "The prosperous town of {s60} is bustling with activity."),
("town_prosperity_80", "The town of {s60} looks rich and well-maintained."),
("town_prosperity_90", "The town of {s60} is opulent and crowded with well-to-do people."),
("town_prosperity_100", "The glittering town of {s60} openly flaunts its great wealth."),
("village_prosperity_0", "The poverty of the village of {s60} is unbearable."),
("village_prosperity_10", "The village of {s60} looks wretchedly poor and miserable."),
("village_prosperity_20", "The village of {s60} looks very poor and desolate."),
("village_prosperity_30", "The village of {s60} looks poor and neglected."),
("village_prosperity_40", "The village of {s60} appears to be somewhat poor and struggling."),
("village_prosperity_50", "The village of {s60} seems unremarkable."),
("village_prosperity_60", "The village of {s60} seems to be flourishing."),
("village_prosperity_70", "The village of {s60} appears to be thriving."),
("village_prosperity_80", "The village of {s60} looks rich and well-maintained."),
("village_prosperity_90", "The village of {s60} looks very rich and prosperous."),
("village_prosperity_100", "The village of {s60}, surrounded by vast, fertile fields, looks immensely rich."),
("town_alt_prosperity_0", "Those few items sold in the market appear to be priced well out of the range of the inhabitants. The people are malnourished, their animals are sick or dying, and the tools of their trade appear to be broken. The back alleys have been abandoned to flies and mangy dogs."),
("town_alt_prosperity_20", "You hear grumbling in the marketplace about the price of everyday items and the shops are half empty. You see the signs of malnourishment on both people and animals, and both buildings and tools suffer from lack of repair. Many may already have migrated to seek work elsewhere."),
("town_alt_prosperity_40", "You hear the occasional grumble in the marketplace about the price of everyday items, but there appear to be a reasonable amount of goods for sale. You see the occasional abandoned building, shop, or cart, but nothing more than the ordinary."),
("town_alt_prosperity_60", "The people look well-fed and relatively content. Craftsmen do a thriving business, and some migrants appear to be coming here from other regions to seek their luck."),
("town_alt_prosperity_80", "The walls, streets, and homes are well-maintained. The markets are thronged with migrants from the nearby regions drawn here by the availability of both goods and work. The rhythm of hammers and looms speak to the business of the artisans' workshops."),
("village_alt_prosperity_0", "Only a handful of people are strong enough to work in the fields, many of which are becoming overgrown with weeds. The rest are weak and malnourished, or have already fled elsewhere. The draft animals have long since starved or were eaten, although a few carcasses still lie on the outskirts, their bones knawed by wild beasts."),
("village_alt_prosperity_20", "Some farmers and animals are out in the fields, but their small numbers suggest that some villagers may be emigrating in search of food. Farm implements look rusty and broken. Brush and weeds seem to be reclaiming some of the outermost fields."),
("village_alt_prosperity_40", "The fields and orchards are busy, with villagers engaged in the tasks of the seasons. Humans and animals alike look relatively healthy and well-fed. However, a small number of the outermost fields are left unsewn, and some walls are in ill repair, suggesting that there are still not quite enough hands to do all the work which needs to be done."),
("village_alt_prosperity_60", "The fields and orchards are humming with activity, with filled sacks of grain and drying meat testifying to the productivity of the village's cropland and pastureland."),
("village_alt_prosperity_80", "The fields and orchards are humming with activity, with freshly dug irrigation ditches suggest that the farmers have enough spare time and energy to expand area under cultivation. Seasonal laborers appear to be flocking here to help with the work and join in the general prosperity."),
("oasis_village_alt_prosperity_0", "The palm groves are virtually abandoned, and the canals which irrigate them are clogged with silt. The handful of villagers you see look malnourished and restless. The draft animals have long since starved or were eaten, although a few carcasses still lie on the outskirts, their bones knawed by the wild jackals of the desert."),
("oasis_village_alt_prosperity_20", "Few villagers can be seen tending to the palm groves, and in places, the desert dunes appear to be encroaching on the gardens. Many of the canals are clogged with silt, and the wells and cisterns are filled with sand."),
("oasis_village_alt_prosperity_40", "Men and women are busy tending the palm groves, climbing to the tops of trees to pollinate the fruit. Healthy animals draw the pumps and wheels that bring water to the fields. Some of the irrigation canals and cisterns, however, could use some maintenance."),
("oasis_village_alt_prosperity_60", "The palm groves and orchards are humming with activity. Farmers call to each other cheerfully from the tops of the trees, where they pollinate the date fruit. The creak of wooden pumps, the bellowing of draft animals, and the rush of flowing water speak of an irrigation system that is thriving under the villagers' attention."),
("oasis_village_alt_prosperity_80", "The palm groves are humming with activity, as farmers load up a bumper crop of dates for sale to the market. Men and women are hard at work digging new wells and canals, to bring additional land under irrigation."),
("acres_grain", "acres of grainfields"),
("acres_orchard", "acres of orchards and vineyards"),
("acres_oasis", "acres of irrigated oasis gardens"),
("looms", "looms"),
("boats", "boats"),
("head_cattle", "head of cattle"),
("head_sheep", "head of sheep"),
("mills", "mills"),
("kilns", "kilns"),
("pans", "pans"),
("deposits", "deposits"),
("hives", "hives"),
("breweries", "breweries"),
("presses", "presses"),
("smithies", "smithies"),
("caravans", "overland caravans"),
("traps", "traps"),
("gardens", "small gardens"),
("tanneries", "tanning vats"),
("master_miller", "Master miller"),
("master_brewer", "Master brewer"),
("master_presser", "Master presser"),
("master_smith", "Master smith"),
("master_tanner", "Master tanner"),
("master_weaver", "Master weaver"),
("master_dyer", "Master dyer"),
("war_report_minus_4", "we are about to lose the war"),
("war_report_minus_3", "the situation looks bleak"),
("war_report_minus_2", "things aren't going too well for us"),
("war_report_minus_1", "we can still win the war if we rally"),
("war_report_0", "we are evenly matched with the enemy"),
("war_report_plus_1", "we have a fair chance of winning the war"),
("war_report_plus_2", "things are going quite well"),
("war_report_plus_3", "we should have no difficulty defeating them"),
("war_report_plus_4", "we are about to win the war"),
("persuasion_summary_very_bad", "You try your best to persuade {s50},\
but none of your arguments seem to come out right. Every time you start to make sense,\
you seem to say something entirely wrong that puts you off track.\
By the time you finish speaking you've failed to form a single coherent point in your own favour,\
and you realise that all you've done was dig yourself deeper into a hole.\
Unsurprisingly, {s50} does not look impressed."),
("persuasion_summary_bad", "You try to persuade {s50}, but {reg51?she:he} outmanoeuvres you from the very start.\
Even your best arguments sound hollow to your own ears. {s50}, likewise,\
has not formed a very high opinion of what you had to say."),
("persuasion_summary_average", "{s50} turns out to be a skilled speaker with a keen mind,\
and you can't seem to bring forth anything concrete that {reg51?she:he} cannot counter with a rational point.\
In the end, neither of you manage to gain any ground in this discussion."),
("persuasion_summary_good", "Through quick thinking and smooth argumentation, you manage to state your case well,\
forcing {s50} to concede on several points. However, {reg51?she:he} still expresses doubts about your request."),
("persuasion_summary_very_good","You deliver an impassioned speech that echoes through all listening ears like poetry.\
The world itself seems to quiet down in order to hear you better .\
The inspiring words have moved {s50} deeply, and {reg51?she:he} looks much more well-disposed towards helping you."),
# meet_spy_in_enemy_town quest secret sentences
("secret_sign_1", "The armoire dances at midnight..."),
("secret_sign_2", "I am selling these fine Altaran tapestries. Would you like to buy some?"),
("secret_sign_3", "The friend of a friend sent me..."),
("secret_sign_4", "The wind blows hard from the east and the river runs red..."),
("countersign_1", "But does he dance for the dresser or the candlestick?"),
("countersign_2", "Yes I would, do you have any in blue?"),
("countersign_3", "But, my friend, your friend's friend will never have a friend like me."),
("countersign_4", "Have you been sick?"),
# Names
("name_1", "Albard"),
("name_2", "Euscarl"),
("name_3", "Sigmar"),
("name_4", "Talesqe"),
("name_5", "Ritmand"),
("name_6", "Aels"),
("name_7", "Raurqe"),
("name_8", "Bragamus"),
("name_9", "Taarl"),
("name_10", "Ramin"),
("name_11", "Shulk"),
("name_12", "Putar"),
("name_13", "Tamus"),
("name_14", "Reichad"),
("name_15", "Walcheas"),
("name_16", "Rulkh"),
("name_17", "Marlund"),
("name_18", "Auguryn"),
("name_19", "Daynad"),
("name_20", "Joayah"),
("name_21", "Ramar"),
("name_22", "Caldaran"),
("name_23", "Brabas"),
("name_24", "Kundrin"),
("name_25", "Pechnak"),
# Surname
("surname_1", "{s50} of Cairhien"),
("surname_2", "{s50} of Caemlyn"),
("surname_3", "{s50} of Amadicia"),
("surname_4", "{s50} of Ebou Dar"),
("surname_5", "{s50} of Toman Head"),
("surname_6", "{s50} of Fal Moran"),
("surname_7", "{s50} of Katar"),
("surname_8", "{s50} of Seandar"),
("surname_9", "{s50} of Illian"),
("surname_10", "{s50} of Lugard"),
("surname_11", "{s50} of Tanchico"),
("surname_12", "{s50} of Tear"),
("surname_13", "{s50} of the Two Rivers"),
("surname_14", "{s50} of Falme"),
("surname_15", "{s50} of Far-Madding"),
("surname_16", "{s50} of Katar"),
("surname_17", "{s50} of Mayene"),
("surname_18", "{s50} of the Drowned Lands"),
("surname_19", "{s50} of Whitebridge"),
("surname_20", "{s50} of Bandar Eban"),
("surname_21", "{s50} the Long"),
("surname_22", "{s50} the Gaunt"),
("surname_23", "{s50} Silkybeard"),
("surname_24", "{s50} the Biteme"),
("surname_25", "{s50} the Gleeman"),
("surname_26", "{s50} the Scarred"),
("surname_27", "{s50} the Fair"),
("surname_28", "{s50} the Grim"),
("surname_29", "{s50} the Red"),
("surname_30", "{s50} the Black"),
("surname_31", "{s50} the Tall"),
("surname_32", "{s50} Star-Eyed"),
("surname_33", "{s50} the Fearless"),
("surname_34", "{s50} the Valorous"),
("surname_35", "{s50} the Cunning"),
("surname_36", "{s50} the Coward"),
("surname_37", "{s50} Bright"),
("surname_38", "{s50} the Quick"),
("surname_39", "{s50} the Bard"),
("surname_40", "{s50} the Bold"),
("surname_41", "{s50} Hot-Head"),
("surnames_end", "surnames_end"),
("number_of_troops_killed_reg1", "Number of troops killed: {reg1}"),
("number_of_troops_wounded_reg1", "Number of troops wounded: {reg1}"),
("number_of_own_troops_killed_reg1", "Number of friendly troops killed: {reg1}"),
("number_of_own_troops_wounded_reg1", "Number of friendly troops wounded: {reg1}"),
("retreat", "Retreat!"),
("siege_continues", "Fighting Continues..."),
("casualty_display", "Your casualties: {s10}^Enemy casualties: {s11}{s12}"),
("casualty_display_hp", "^You were wounded for {reg1} hit points."),
# Quest log texts
("quest_log_updated", "Quest log has been updated..."),
("banner_selection_text", "You have been awarded the right to carry a banner.\
Your banner will signify your status and bring you honour. Which banner do you want to choose?"),
# Retirement Texts: s7=village name; s8=castle name; s9=town name
("retirement_text_1", "Only too late do you realise that your money won't last.\
It doesn't take you long to fritter away what little you bothered to save,\
and you fare poorly in several desperate attempts to start adventuring again.\
You end up a beggar in {s9}, living on alms and the charity of the church."),
("retirement_text_2", "Only too late do you realise that your money won't last.\
It doesn't take you long to fritter away what little you bothered to save.\
Once every denar has evaporated in your hands you are forced to start a life of crime in the backstreets of {s9},\
using your skills to eke out a living robbing coppers from women and poor townsmen."),
("retirement_text_3", "Only too late do you realise that your money won't last.\
It doesn't take you long to fritter away what little you bothered to save,\
and you end up a penniless drifter, going from tavern to tavern\
blagging drinks from indulgent patrons by regaling them with war stories that no one ever believes."),
("retirement_text_4", "The silver you've saved doesn't last long,\
but you manage to put together enough to buy some land near the village of {s7}.\
There you become a free farmer, and you soon begin to attract potential {wives/husbands}.\
In time the villagers come to treat you as their local hero.\
You always receive a place of honour at feasts, and your exploits are told and retold in the pubs and taverns\
so that the children may keep a memory of you for ever and ever."),
("retirement_text_5", "The silver you've saved doesn't last long,\
but it's enough to buy a small tavern in {s9}. Although the locals are wary of you at first,\
they soon accept you into their midst. In time your growing tavern becomes a popular feasthall and meeting place.\
People come for miles to eat or stay there due to your sheer renown and the epic stories you tell of your adventuring days."),
("retirement_text_6", "You've saved wisely throughout your career,\
and now your silver and your intelligence allow you to make some excellent investments to cement your future.\
After buying several shops and warehouses in {s9}, your shrewdness turns you into one of the most prominent merchants in town,\
and you soon become a wealthy {man/woman} known as much for your trading empire as your exploits in battle."),
("retirement_text_7", "As a landed noble, however minor, your future is all but assured.\
You settle in your holdfast at {s7}, administrating the village and fields,\
adjudicating the local courts and fulfilling your obligations to your liege lord.\
Occasionally your liege calls you to muster and command in his campaigns, but these stints are brief,\
and you never truly return to the adventuring of your younger days. You have already made your fortune.\
With your own hall and holdings, you've few wants that your personal wealth and the income of your lands cannot afford you."),
("retirement_text_8", "There is no question that you've done very well for yourself.\
Your extensive holdings and adventuring wealth are enough to guarantee you a rich and easy life for the rest of your days.\
Retiring to your noble seat in {s8}, you exchange adventure for politics,\
and you soon establish yourself as a considerable power in your liege lord's kingdom.\
With intrigue to busy yourself with, your own forests to hunt, a hall to feast in and a hundred fine war stories to tell,\
you have little trouble making the best of the years that follow."),
("retirement_text_9", "As a reward for your competent and loyal service,\
your liege lord decrees that you be given a hereditary title, joining the major nobility of the realm.\
Soon you complete your investitute as baron of {s7}, and you become one of your liege's close advisors\
and adjutants. Your renown garners you much subtle pull and influence as well as overt political power.\
Now you spend your days playing the games of power, administering your great fiefs,\
and recounting the old times of adventure and glory."),
("retirement_text_10", "Though you started from humble beginnings, your liege lord holds you in high esteem,\
and a ripple of shock passes through the realm when he names you to the hereditary title of {count/countess} of {s9}.\
Vast fiefs and fortunes are now yours to rule. You quickly become your liege's most trusted advisor,\
almost his equal and charged with much of the running of his realm,\
and you sit a throne in your own splendourous palace as one of the most powerful figures in the land."),
#NPC companion changes begin
# Objectionable actions
# humanitarian
("loot_village", "attack innocent villagers"),
("steal_from_villagers", "steal from poor villagers"),
("rob_caravan", "rob a merchant caravan"), # possibly remove
("sell_slavery", "sell people into slavery"),
# egalitarian
("men_hungry", "run out of food"), ##Done - simple triggers
("men_unpaid", "not be able to pay the men"),
# ("party_crushed", "get ourselves slaughtered"), ##Done - game menus
("excessive_casualties", "turn every battle into a bloodbath for our side"),
# chivalric
("surrender", "surrender to the enemy"), ##Done - game menus
("flee_battle", "run from battle"), ##Done - game menus
("pay_bandits", "pay off common bandits"),
# honest
("fail_quest", "fail a quest which we undertook on word of honour"),
# quest-related strings
("squander_money", "squander money given to us in trust"),
("murder_merchant", "involve ourselves in cold-blooded murder"),
("round_up_serfs", "round up serfs on behalf of some noble"),
# Fates suffered by companions in battle
("battle_fate_1", "We were separated in the heat of battle"),
("battle_fate_2", "I was wounded and left for dead"),
("battle_fate_3", "I was knocked senseless by the enemy"),
("battle_fate_4", "I was taken and held for ransom"),
("battle_fate_5", "I got captured, but later managed to escape"),
# strings for opinion
("npc_morale_report", "I'm {s6} your choice of companions, {s7} your style of leadership, and {s8} the general state of affairs"),
("happy", "happy about"),
("content", "content with"),
("concerned", "concerned about"),
("not_happy", "not at all happy about"),
("miserable", "downright appalled at"),
("morale_reg1", " Morale: {reg1}"),
("bar_enthusiastic", " Enthusiastic"),
("bar_content", " Content"),
("bar_weary", " Weary"),
("bar_disgruntled", " Disgruntled"),
("bar_miserable", " Miserable"),
#other strings
("here_plus_space", "here "),
# Modified for TGS
#NPC strings
#npc1 = seinen
#npc2 = darlaan
#npc3 = cetaleen
#npc4 = jayn
#npc5 = zonnein
#npc6 = eldriva
#npc7 = haludar
#npc8 = peluir
#npc9 = celin
#npc10 = maigue
#npc11 = aloien
#npc12 = lalea
#npc13 = lasan
#npc14 = nienlea
#npc15 = sedrar
#npc16 = hammaes
("npc1_intro", "Soldier, a moment of your time. Have you passed through many villages on your travels?"), #V
("npc2_intro", "Hello there! Come, come, share a drink with me!"), #V
("npc3_intro", "Captain. Come, speak with me."), #V
("npc4_intro", "Greetings. Let us raise a drink together to the Dragon Reborn!"), #V
("npc5_intro", "My {Lord/Lady}! Zonnein wishes to ask a question?"), #V
("npc6_intro", "Greetings, Captain, would you know of the invasion force that is soon to arrive on your shores?"), #V
("npc7_intro", "Well met, human. You are dressed for combat, a warrior?"), #V
("npc8_intro", "What do you want?"), # mat
("npc9_intro", "Hello there, good {master/mistress}, would you by chance have a moment?"), # mat
("npc10_intro", "Greetings there friend. How be ye fairing?"), # mat
("npc11_intro", "Hello there, might I have a moment of your time?"), # mat
("npc12_intro", "Greetings, fellow traveller. Would you care to hear a tale, or perhaps there's a song you enjoy?"), # mat
("npc13_intro", "Greetings, soldier. My name is Lasan of Shienar."), # mat
("npc14_intro", "Speak quickly wetlander, I do not have time to waste."), # mat
("npc15_intro", "My I ask you a question my {Lord/Lady}? Are you by chance heading out of town anytime soon?"), # mat
("npc16_intro", "Hello there friend. What brings you to this land?"), # mat
("npc1_intro_response_1", "I have. Why do you ask?"),
("npc2_intro_response_1", "Well, I might as well."),
("npc3_intro_response_1", "Very well, Aes Sedai."),
("npc4_intro_response_1", "To the Dragon! And how do you do, Asha'man?"),
("npc5_intro_response_1", "Very well, what is it that Zonnein wishes to ask?"),
("npc6_intro_response_1", "Greetings, what kind of invasion would bring one of the Sea Folk here?"),
("npc7_intro_response_1", "A warrior indeed, I am leader of an army."),
("npc8_intro_response_1", "Merely to pass the time of day, sir, if you're not otherwise engaged."), # mat
("npc9_intro_response_1", "I suppose, what can I help you with, sir?"), # mat
("npc10_intro_response_1", "I suppose I am doing well."), # mat
("npc11_intro_response_1", "What's the occasion?"), # mat
("npc12_intro_response_1", "Sure, I could use some entertainment!"), # mat
("npc13_intro_response_1", "Happy to make your acquaintance."), # mat
("npc14_intro_response_1", "Well lucky for you, I'm not in the habit of wasting other's time."), # mat
("npc15_intro_response_1", "I am. What concern is it of yours, may I ask?"), # mat
("npc16_intro_response_1", "I'm just passing through and was hoping for a night in a real bed. What's your story?"), # mat
("npc1_intro_response_2", "My time is too precious for smalltalk."),
("npc2_intro_response_2", "I have better things to do."),
("npc3_intro_response_2", "Leave me be, witch!"),
("npc4_intro_response_2", "I care little for the Dragon or his servants."),
("npc5_intro_response_2", "I have no time."),
("npc6_intro_response_2", "No, and I have no wish to hear of it."),
("npc7_intro_response_2", "I have no time to babysit you to your stedding, ogier."),
("npc8_intro_response_2", "Nothing at all, from one so clearly disinclined to pleasantries. Good day to you."), # mat
("npc9_intro_response_2", "I'm sorry, but I'm busy at the moment."), # mat
("npc10_intro_response_2", "Well enough, but I have no time for the likes of you."), # mat
("npc11_intro_response_2", "I think not, sir."), # mat
("npc12_intro_response_2", "Sorry, I am afraid that I am otherwise engaged right now."), # mat
("npc13_intro_response_2", "Sorry, but I don't have time for idle conversation."), # mat
("npc14_intro_response_2", "And I had heard that Aiel are polite even to their enemies. Good day!"), # mat
("npc15_intro_response_2", "I'm sorry, but I don't have time for the likes of you."), # mat
("npc16_intro_response_2", "Mind your own business, lad."), # mat
#backstory intro {sir/madame}
("npc1_backstory_a", "I am a Healer by trade, {sir/madame}. This town already has a practising Healer, so I search for a needy village."),
("npc2_backstory_a", "First, I must ask you a question! Are you hiring?"),
("npc3_backstory_a", "I am an Aes Sedai of the Grey Ajah, seeking new experience. What better way to gain such than a band of mercenaries? Tell me, what Master do you serve?"),
("npc4_backstory_a", "May he be blessed of good health! I hail from Cairhien, of the noble blood, though that matters little since I donned this cloak."),
("npc5_backstory_a", "Zonnein wonders if the kind my {Lord/Lady} would be hiring mercenaries? She wishes to fight! She wishes for crowns!"),
("npc6_backstory_a", "The Seanchan are coming. I had an encounter with them myself, if you would hear it."),
("npc7_backstory_a", "I am searching for such a party myself, I have long left the stedding and have no wish to return."),
("npc8_backstory_a", "Ah. Well, if you must know, I shall tell you."), # mat
("npc9_backstory_a", "I was looking for news from the surrounding towns. I'm a bit of wanderer, but I find it helps to have a destination in mind, even if it's only temporary."), # mat
("npc10_backstory_a", "It's a long story, but if you get yourself a drink, I'll be glad to tell it."),
("npc11_backstory_a", "Well, my friend, I do be Maige, and a better ships-mate you'll never find."), # mat
("npc12_backstory_a", "Well, what would you like? I know many songs that go well on the flute. How about 'Old Jak's Up a Tree' or 'Tinker in the Kitchen'. But maybe you are thinking of someone special... 'My Love is a Wild Rose' comes to mind."), # mat
("npc13_backstory_a", "As I said, I was born in the land of Shienar. It is a rugged land, where the weak are soon laid to rest."), # mat
("npc14_backstory_a", "I appologize for speaking out like that, it is not our custom, and I will make it up to you."), # mat
("npc15_backstory_a", "I'm just a simple farmer looking for a bit of work. You see I don't actually own any land to work, but I'm hoping if I can earn a little, I might be able to buy a small plot to call my own."), # mat
("npc16_backstory_a", "Well, friend, I've spent the last couple of years searching for the Horn of Valere."), # mat
#backstory main body
("npc1_backstory_b", "Several weeks ago, there were some unfortunate visitors to my town - Whitecloaks. {s19}from {s20} burst into my home after raiding my village, destroying all my herbs and killing my livestock. I couldn't let them walk over me, so I summoned all the power I had to knock them down."),
("npc2_backstory_b", "Excellent! If you will forgive my self-promotion, I am exactly the sort you want in your employ. I was a soldier in Kandor, excelling in the art of killing Darkfriends and Trollocs. I have many a notch in my sword, but perhaps you wish to hear of my ah... other talents?"),
("npc3_backstory_b", "Ah, we share common ground already. I have been searching for one such as you, the Great Lord has requested that I join your band, and who are we to disobey?"),
("npc4_backstory_b", "I have travelled the lands far and wide, delivering messages for Logain Albar and recruiting men for the Black Tower. I search for glory gained, in the name of the Dragon!"),
("npc5_backstory_b", "Zonnein escaped the marath'damane! She wished to study Zonnein, learn her weaves and secrets. She was just like Zonnein's sul'dam, who she only recently managed to escape from."),
("npc6_backstory_b", "I was Windfinder to a raker. Our captain was known for being headstrong, and she decided to take us across the Aryth Ocean in some fool journey to find new islands for the Atha'an Miere. Though she was repeatedly warned that a raker could not travel far enough, she decided to depart from dock on a long journey west. Some length into our journey, when we were low on supplies and morale, we saw an odd ship on the horizon - it truly dwarfed any of those we had seen before. We were attacked and I was the sole survivor - it is sufficient to say that there is a great fleet coming, and they will utterly destroy any that are unprepared."),
("npc7_backstory_b", "Some time ago, I resided in Stedding Taishin. A beautiful place as few humans have seen - I do wonder why humans do not visit us as much as we do them, sometimes. But I digress - one day, a visitor arrived. He was a kindly fellow with a plain face who told us that he was just passing through to his family's farm. This, I later discovered, was a lie - a small detachment of a local lord's soldiers came by and claimed that the man had killed a number of the children in the town - I questioned the man himself, and he confessed to such an act, he seemed more worried about convincing me that he was not a Darkfriend. I broke his neck with my hands, and delivered his body to the soldiers. I left with them, to see some of the world Outside and assist in correcting such injustice."),
("npc8_backstory_b", "I am Peluir, a soldier of fortune. I have been through many a battle, and so far, I've failed to meet my match. I admit that I like battle. Some find that all the death and pain caused by war is a negative thing, but I feel that the weak need to be removed to make way for the strong."), # mat
("npc9_backstory_b", "I was born in a small village in the far west reaches of Andor. Oddly enough, before leaving my home, I didn't even know I lived in Andor. The only authority, so to speak, is the village counsel, and the women's circle, I suppose. Since I was young, I had it in my mind to see the world. I could never get the stories the merchant's guards and the peddlers told when they visited out of my head. So, as soon as I was old enough, I set out."), # mat
("npc10_backstory_b", "Of course, I'm currently without a ship. But that be a problem for another day. I've found it quite possible to turn a profit even without a boat to call my own. As long as I'm able to avoid the tarifs, that is."), # mat
("npc11_backstory_b", "Our school is interested in all manner of inventions that will, in time, make the lives of common people better. Well, perhaps some of the research is purely for knowledge, but I believe some of the contraptions built in our hall have real promise. For example, master Poel has been working on a way to use steam to propel a cart, and Master Tovere has build a looking glass that can focus on the moon."), # mat
("npc12_backstory_b", "Or, perhaps you are in the mood for a story. Would you hear 'The Fall of Aleth-Lorien' or 'The Nine Rings'? Perhaps 'Mara and the Three Foolish Kings' if you are looking for something light. I admit, I haven't learned all these stories perfectly yet, but I get better with each telling. I hope someday to be the greatest gleeman in the land. Ever since I heard the court bard in Caemlyn recite 'The Bargain of Rogosh Eagle-eye' I knew a gleeman was what I wanted to be."), # mat
("npc13_backstory_b", "I spent my youth, and much of my middle years as a border guard. While I wasn't stationed in one of the watch towers, I was campaigning along the Blight, or defending the walls of one of the inland keeps. War has been the story of my life. And as such, I never did take the time to get married."), # mat
("npc14_backstory_b", "I am Nienlea, of the Bent Peak sept, of the Daryne Aiel. I am on a journey to regain my honor and hopefully bring no more shame to my spear sisters. You see, I became a Maiden of the Spear when I was 16. I was proud to be accepted at such a young age, and eagerly joined an expedition to the Blight. It was my duty to scout ahead and warn of any movement by the enemy. I was very attentive, I remember the terrain down to the last detail. I even recall seeing a strange stone that was carved with plants that almost looked real. But, all my care was for nothing. Several miles after that stone, my party was ambushed by Trollocs. I returned in time to kill the last of them, but all nineteen of my spear sisters were dead, along with over fourty trollocs and two halfmen. I was seriously wounded and travel west, towards the Borderlands."), # mat
("npc15_backstory_b", "So far, I haven't been able to find anyone who will give me work, so I've been wandering from town to town just to get a feel for the lay of the land. I figure the more land I cover, the better chance I'll find someone who's willing to offer me a paying job, and I might even find a likely place to start saving for. I also want to do my best to learn the customs of this land since I'm sort of new to the area."), # mat
("npc16_backstory_b", "I haven't always been a Hunter though. I actually grew up in the city of Katar, over in Arad Doman. City life didn't really suit me, so when my parents decided to sign me up as a cooper's apprentice I just left. I spent a few years traveling the length of the Arith Ocean shoreline. There are a few nice cities along that stretch, like Falme and Tanchico, but most of that area could almost be called wilderness. From there, I decided to travel east and explore new lands. My goal was to make it all the way to Mayene, but I never made it. While passing through Illian, the Hunt for the Horn of Valere was called. I joined and have been searching ever since. Finally, years after leaving my family in Katar, I have found the life I was meant to lead!"), # mat
#backstory recruit pitch
("npc1_backstory_c", "You see, I can channel - saidar, the One Power. Once the Whitecloaks learned this, they ran to call the archers. That is when I escaped, I ran as if the Dark One himself was behind me - and now you find me here. Perhaps you are more welcoming to my kind?"),
("npc2_backstory_c", "Of course you would! You see, I can channel the One Power. I can bring down lightning, rend flesh and set your enemies aflame. I can incite the deepest fear into the hearts of any that would oppose you!."),
("npc3_backstory_c", "I hear that you aspire for power. Though my main purpose will be study, I have no lack of skill in politics - I will wind the Lords and Ladies around your finger, Commander. And since the 'Three Oaths' no longer bind me, I can utterly obliterate your enemies."),
("npc4_backstory_c", "So tell me, adventurer, are you looking for good Dragon's men?"),
("npc5_backstory_c", "Zonnein wonders if the {Lord/Lady} would hire her to bring storms of Air and quakes of Earth upon His enemies?"),
("npc6_backstory_c", "So this is where I am now, seeking for a party to join. I have ability in changing the weather to favour your strikes, I can destroy your enemies with lightening. You would be well to know that not many Shorebound know of this - perhaps you are interested in my service?"),
("npc7_backstory_c", "I do not wish to return to the stedding, not just yet. Perhaps I can join your forces, if you fight for a similar cause? I have strength and size greater than any human, you would be well to take advantage of such a service from an Ogier."),
("npc8_backstory_c", "I am saving my pay so that someday I will be able to field a force of my own. With a troop of dedicated followers, I know I'll be able to make a name for myself, and my Lord."), # mat
("npc9_backstory_c", "Now most of my kinfolk are content to raise sheep for the rest of their lives, but that isn't for me. I've always wondered what's over the next hill, and I'm doing my best to find out. Still, life on the road is a bit lonely, and I wouldn't mind joining up with a band of travelers some day."), # mat
("npc10_backstory_c", "Now I be spending a little coin, getting some of the other traders drunk, to get a feel for the markets."), # mat
("npc11_backstory_c", "Though I would rather spend my time at the School, I have been commissioned to look for other academics who would be willing to join us. I also plan to gather some information while I'm out concerning what everyday needs could be met by our inventions. I've actually been hoping to find a group of reputable report who I could join with while I travel."), # mat
("npc12_backstory_c", "Yes, I am a woman, but that hasn't kept me from learning the flute and many songs and tales. I can even juggle and perform several acrobatics. I'm still learning, but I guarantee that I'm already better than half the entertainers out there."), # mat
("npc13_backstory_c", "After thirty years in service, I was given leave. I decided to travel and see part of the world. But after touring several countries in the southlands, I found myself mostly just disgusted at all the bickering of those who call themselves noble. For the past few years, out of boredom I suppose, I've been working as a mercenary. There isn't as much honor in killing men for money as there is fighting Trollocs in the Blight, but it's a lot easier for an old warrior like me. Actually, I've recently fulfilled my last contract and would be looking for some new work."), # mat
("npc14_backstory_c", "A few days later I was captured by some Shienaran villagers. I think they would have killed me if not for the intervention of their Wise One. She told them that the Shadowspawn send enough soldiers to the 'last embrace of the Mother' as is, and Shienarans would help anyone who was wounded fighting Trollocs. Since my failure, I've been looking for an army returning to the Blight. I must meet my toh before I can face my spear sisters again."), # mat
("npc15_backstory_c", "Actually, my {Lord/Lady} would you mind if I accompanied you for a bit? I've noticed that the roads are somewhat dangerous to travel alone in these lands. Where I'm from, the Blood wouldn't stand for that sort of thing."), # mat
("npc16_backstory_c", "Still, a life of adventuring is far from easy, and I often find myself lonely, not to mention hungry. In fact I've been looking for a company such as yours to join for companionship. Let me know if you are interested."), # mat
### use these if there is a short period of time between the last meeting
("npc1_backstory_later", "I've been travelling yet, seeking that village. It seems, though, that it is not to be found."),
("npc2_backstory_later", "I have signed on to wandering companies for the odd battle, but the Power seems to cause as much fear amoungst my employers as it does to the enemy."),
("npc3_backstory_later", "I have been following some most interesting movements in court. It does so amuse me that some think that they serve themselves, when in fact they are serving my Master. Court does become droll, however."),
("npc4_backstory_later", "I returned to the Tower with a couple of men, but it seems that my usual haunts are dry of new blood."),
("npc5_backstory_later", "Zonnein has been searching for mercenaries willing to sign her in, but there are none to be found!"),
("npc6_backstory_later", "I have been saving my money and working where I can, but I find myself losing more than I gain while I am without business."),
("npc7_backstory_later", "I have offered my services to local lords, but few will accept an ogier amoungst them. I know that ogier can scare humans accidentally, due to our size, but I did not realize that even hardened soldiers would fear me."),
("npc8_backstory_later", "I'm still seeking a company to join. It seems there are far to many captains who are ruthless these days. I feel that in war, honor is for the weak."), # mat
("npc9_backstory_later", "I've done a bit of traveling the last few days, but only over the ridge to the next village. It's a quaint place, but I'm not one to settle down. If you are looking to hire on a scout, let me know."), # mat
("npc10_backstory_later", "I be laying low for the last few weeks. Those ice peppers I snuck under the noses of the custom's guards brought quite a profit, but the docks have been busy, which makes me think it wouldn't be a bad idea to be on the road for a little while."), # mat
("npc11_backstory_later", "I spent the last few weeks seeking out those persons who would be interest to pursue higher learning. And despite this being a bit of a backwater region, I'm quite satisfied with the progress I've made. However, I still plan to take to the highway soon, and I don't think I will be comfortable traveling on my own."), # mat
("npc12_backstory_later", "I have traveling from town to town, and most times make enough to keep myself fed. I know that if I keep at it I'll get the respect I deserve."), # mat
("npc13_backstory_later", "I have been doing a bit of wandering for the last few months. I haven't really found a mercenary band that fits the mold I'm looking for. Still, I suppose for the right amount of money, I could be convinced to sign on just about anywhere."), # mat
("npc14_backstory_later", "I still haven't found an army that will sign me on. The Borderlanders are a bit skeptical of taking on an Aiel fighter. Our peoples have had their share of disputes in the past."), # mat
("npc15_backstory_later", "I've done quite a bit of walking since we last met, and more than my share of fighting I suppose. I still haven't found any consistent work, but I do feel a bit more comfortable with the area."), # mat
("npc16_backstory_later", "I worked a brief stint in Murandy as a scout for Lady Jennet's guard patrols, but that really wasn't for me. Too much sitting in one place, I need to keep moving around if I'm going to catch news of the Horn."), # mat
("npc1_backstory_response_1", "I have no quarrel with you. But what can you offer on the battlefield?"),
("npc2_backstory_response_1", "Yes, I am. Tell me about yourself."),
("npc3_backstory_response_1", "I serve many masters, but only one Great Lord guides my hand."),
("npc4_backstory_response_1", "By the Light, any of the Dragon's servants would be a useful addition to my party."),
("npc5_backstory_response_1", "Zonnein will be a most welcome addition to our party!"),
("npc6_backstory_response_1", "You would be useful to us, indeed."),
("npc7_backstory_response_1", "An ogier would be a welcome addition to our party."),
("npc8_backstory_response_1", "I can offer you opportunities to make money through good honest fighting and pillaging."), # mat
("npc9_backstory_response_1", "Someone who can tell the difference between a pig and a deer track would be most welcome!"), # mat
("npc10_backstory_response_1", "If you're looking for work, I could use someone with a head for trade."), # mat
("npc11_backstory_response_1", "Perhaps if you joined our company, we could both benefit from our time together."), # mat
("npc12_backstory_response_1", "Well, you could travel with us, but I can't guarantee you'll never see battle."), # mat
("npc13_backstory_response_1", "I might be able to use an extra sword in my company."), # mat
("npc14_backstory_response_1", "I would be honored to have a warrior such as yourself in my company!"), # mat
("npc15_backstory_response_1", "Everyone who I enlist needs to have a purpose. What type of skills do you have to offer?"), # mat
("npc16_backstory_response_1", "I might be. What can you do?"), # mat
("npc1_backstory_response_2", "You are a coward to run from justice. Leave me be, freak."),
("npc2_backstory_response_2", "I need no more men, certainly none as loud as you."),
("npc3_backstory_response_2", "Is this a trick, Aes Sedai? I serve nobody! The Light be with you, good day."),
("npc4_backstory_response_2", "I serve only myself, and have no wish to hear preaching sermons of the Dragon."),
("npc5_backstory_response_2", "What kind of invalid are you? Do not bother me again."),
("npc6_backstory_response_2", "An Atha'an Miere who was shipwrecked and became a mercenary? You sound like some sort of spy."),
("npc7_backstory_response_2", "I have no need of an ogier."),
("npc8_backstory_response_2", "I'm sorry, but I don't need a savage causing trouble in my army."), # mat
("npc9_backstory_response_2", "Sorry, but everyone I hire needs to be committed to stick around."), # mat
("npc10_backstory_response_2", "No doubt you'll wake up with your head in a noose, and you'll deserve it. Good day."), # mat
("npc11_backstory_response_2", "I don't think this company is what you are looking for."), # mat
("npc12_backstory_response_2", "Thanks for the song, but I don't want my men distracted."), # mat
("npc13_backstory_response_2", "No, sorry. Nothing I can do for you."), # mat
("npc14_backstory_response_2", "I'm sorry, but my army has no room for Aiel savages."), # mat
("npc15_backstory_response_2", "Sorry. I've got all the men that I can manage right now."), # mat
("npc16_backstory_response_2", "Sorry, lad, but I'm more interested in recruits who won't vanish over night."), # mat
("npc1_signup", "I am no soldier, but I can mend bones. I can brew herbs to heal ailments, and keep your army healthy. I can save lives, and raise morale. But I will not be party to injustice, I will leave if you decide to act dishonorably."),
("npc2_signup", "I can kill enemies in large numbers, but I'm afraid that I cannot work the wonders you may have heard from the stories."),
("npc3_signup", "Yes, I can talk and kill. Or kill and talk at the same time? Who would notice, in these times of chaos?"),
("npc4_signup", "Excellent! Let us go forth, and do the Dragon's work!"),
("npc5_signup", "Zonnein is happy with your decision, my {Lord/Lady}!"),
("npc6_signup", "Very well. I am at your command, Captain."),
("npc7_signup", "That is a relief, human. I am keen to hone my axe under your service."),
("npc8_signup", "Can you? I shall accept your offer."), # mat
("npc9_signup", "I would very much like that, good {man/woman}."), # mat
("npc10_signup", "Are you, now? Well, that's a sight better than losing a hand, or swinging from a gibbet for smuggling."), # mat
("npc11_signup", "I'm not sure how much help I would be in an actual battle, but I have always had a bit of a love for fortifications. "), # mat
("npc12_signup", "That's an interesting proposition. I know that my stories and songs will help lift the spirits of your men. And I'm far from useless in a fight."), # mat
("npc13_signup", "Very good! Though, I'll be bringing my mace, if you don't mind."), # mat
("npc14_signup", "I would be pleased to travel with you, and I'm willing to do some scouting as well, if you trust me. Don't worry, though I don't ride a horse, I will not slow you down."), # mat
("npc15_signup", "Like I said, my {Lord/Lady}, I'm a farmer by trade, so beyond knowing how to plant, tend, and harvest crops, I'd say I'm most experienced with trade and the business of handling large numbers of goods. Back in the lands around Sen T'j... er, where I grew up, my father's family grew wheat, and we had to transport it all to the village mill. So, I'm pretty good at handling wagons, and horses of course."), # mat
("npc16_signup", "Well friend, I've traveled much of the coast, so if you need a set of eyes that know the lay of the land, I'm your man."), # mat
("npc1_signup_2", "That said, I have no problem with anything you choose to do with soldiers - they sign up to fight, after all, they know what to expect. I also have no Oaths to stop me using the Power to assist your army, though the Aes Sedai may object to this."),
("npc2_signup_2", "I cannot fly, or take an army to another location instantly. But then again, those are just stories! I can fight, and do a bloody well job of it!"),
("npc3_signup_2", "You would find me of immense value to you, for these reasons. I also hold many contacts at all levels, and am no stranger to changing opinions of others."),
("npc4_signup_2", "Of course, you will have to ensure that we would do nothing that would anger the Dragon. We don't want his wrath aimed at us!"),
("npc5_signup_2", "She will fight fiercely and destroy her {Lord/Lady}'s enemies! Zonnein asks that the {Lord/Lady} stay clear of the Seanchan, as she does not wish to be captured again."),
("npc6_signup_2", "I am interested in seeing how the Shorebound would fight each other. I may not be versed in Shorebound politics, but I am aware of how war works - we shall see if we agree on your actions."),
("npc7_signup_2", "I do have one condition, human - I wish to use my skills to defend the innocent, the pure, and the defenseless, not to be a common brigand and wreak more misery than I have already wrought."),
("npc8_signup_2", "I shall be pleased to fight in your company, but I warn you, if you have a problem with my methods, don't try calling me short. I fight how I like and nobody's going to change that."), # mat
("npc9_signup_2", "Ah, I probably should have mentioned it sooner, but I'm also a fair hand with a bow. There's all manner of creature back home that will kill a sheep given a chance. So all the lads learn how to use a bow almost before they learn how to walk."), # mat
("npc10_signup_2", "You won't regret taking me on, my friend. I'm could sell a dock guard his own mother's silver, and do be quite practiced with my cudgel. But, be warned, I don't toadie to the high-born."), # mat
("npc11_signup_2", "I know quite a bit about architecture, and am a fair hand with mechanical devices as well. If you are planning on building, or destroying, any structures during the time I'm under your protection, I would be glad to offer advice."), # mat
("npc12_signup_2", "I've become quite proficient with a throwing knife. Mostly because it seems some folks are quite impresses when I juggle five or six of them at once. And if you ever need someone with a flowery tongue to spread some good rumors about your company, you know who to ask."), # mat
("npc13_signup_2", "And so you know, I also have my own warhorse. I trained him from a colt. Beyond that, I've performed most of the duties needed in a war camp. Scouting, tracking, training... I can even tend most minor wounds, though I suspect I'm a little better at making them."), # mat
("npc14_signup_2", "I am skilled with the spear and the bow, and I can do my part to help train the new recruits. Though I failed my sisters, I know I am an excellent scout. One day, I will figure out what went wrong... what I missed."), # mat
("npc15_signup_2", "I know you may be looking primarily for soldiers, but I think that I have quite a bit to offer during the times we aren't actually fighting. However, like I said before, I have had a few run-ins with bandits, and I managed to come out on top in those scuffles."), # mat
("npc16_signup_2", "I don't consider myself a soldier, but there's been a time or two where bandits thought they found a soft target. I send them packing soon enough, and sadly, they wouldn't have gotten much off me beyond the shirt on my back."), # mat
("npc1_signup_response_1", "I am glad to welcome you to our ranks, healer."),
("npc2_signup_response_1", "You will be a valuable addition to the company, I see."),
("npc3_signup_response_1", "Come, let us sow a little more chaos for our Master."),
("npc4_signup_response_1", "Join me, let us sow the Dragon's seeds!"),
("npc5_signup_response_1", "Of course. Welcome to our ranks, Zonnein."),
("npc6_signup_response_1", "Very well. Come, join us."),
("npc7_signup_response_1", "Your services will be most welcome, ogier."),
("npc8_signup_response_1", "Well, I can't say that I lead the most civilized band anyway. Welcome aboard."), # mat
("npc9_signup_response_1", "An archer and a tracker, it must be my lucky day!"), # mat
("npc10_signup_response_1", "Good. We'll treat you with the respect you deserve."), # mat
("npc11_signup_response_1", "It sounds like you'll be useful. I'll introduce you to the men."), # mat
("npc12_signup_response_1", "Excellent, a little entertainment would be excellent for our moral."), # mat
("npc13_signup_response_1", "Good. Make yourself ready, and we'll be on our way. "), # mat
("npc14_signup_response_1", "Good. Grab your gear and head out to our camp."), # mat
("npc15_signup_response_1", "Actually, we could really use someone who can look after the army's supplies."), # mat
("npc16_signup_response_1", "I can always use a keen set of eyes. And we can get you some training with a sword as well."), # mat
("npc1_signup_response_2", "I will do what I wish with villagers, and have no need of witches."),
("npc2_signup_response_2", "Experience has taught me that those with the loudest bark, bear the weakest bite. Goodbye."),
("npc3_signup_response_2", "Darkfriend! Leave me, foul creature, and do not return!"),
("npc4_signup_response_2", "No, I have no need of you at the moment."),
("npc5_signup_response_2", "No, you would be incredibly annoying."),
("npc6_signup_response_2", "I will not have you compare me to your fish, Windfinder."),
("npc7_signup_response_2", "Erm, no, I will not make any promises. War is dirty business."),
("npc8_signup_response_2", "So that's how it is? It's essential that my orders are followed. Be gone with you."), # mat
("npc9_signup_response_2", "I just remembered that my bannerman already found a scout, I guess we can't use you."), # mat
("npc10_signup_response_2", "On second thought, we value honesty pretty highly in our company. Good day to you."), # mat
("npc11_signup_response_2", "Sorry, sir. We've already got as many in our company as we can handle."), # mat
("npc12_signup_response_2", "Sorry, but I need my men to be focused on the task at hand, not on idle tales of heroes."), # mat
("npc13_signup_response_2", "On second thought, we are looking for soldiers of a different sort."), # mat
("npc14_signup_response_2", "Actually, I have no wish to provoke a mutiny in my ranks. Good day."), # mat
("npc15_signup_response_2", "Actually, I'm looking for someone with more battlefield experience. My apologies."), # mat
("npc16_signup_response_2", "Sorry, but I'd prefer someone who won't vanish when they hear the Horn's in a village in Saldaea."), # mat
("npc1_payment", "It feels odd to join an army. Though I hold reservations, we can deal with them on the road. Oh, one last thing - I will need {reg3} crowns. As I said, I have lost all my herbs, and though the Healer of this town and I have shared knowledge, herbs are too valuable to give away."),
("npc2_payment", "I will need a mere {reg3} crowns, to facilitate my equipment requirements. I have no value to you dead, you see."),
("npc3_payment", "If I could bother you for {reg3} crowns, I need to buy some traveling clothes."),
("npc4_payment", "Ah, if you would, could you cover my tab? It's a mere {reg3} crowns."),
("npc5_payment", "Ah, one last thing, my {Lord/Lady} - Zonnein requires {reg3} crowns for her paywage."),
("npc6_payment", "Excellent. I will require {reg3} crowns as a deposit."),
("npc7_payment", "Very well, human, though us ogier do need sustinence - {reg3} crowns will do for now."),
("npc8_payment", "Then I will fight your enemies for you. But first I want a bounty of {reg3} crowns. If you are a worthy captain who can lead {his/her} company to riches and plunder, you should have no trouble paying. I will not follow a pauper."), # mat
("npc9_payment", "My Da always said never accept a job if you don't settle ahead of time on pay. I suppose for {reg3} I'd be glad to stay on for a while."), # mat
("npc10_payment", "That's good news. But I'll ask for one last thing, my friend. I'm not really set up for life on the road. Could you spare me {reg3} crowns?"), # mat
("npc11_payment", "I didn't want to mention this before, but I was actually robbed a few days back. I suppose a student shouldn't be walking the streets at night. Now I don't expect to be paid, but if I do end up being a help, do you think that would be worth say, {reg3} crowns to you?"), # mat
("npc12_payment", "I don't want to be a bother, but would it be possible to get a small advance on my first payment? Say, {reg3} crowns would suffice."), # mat
("npc13_payment", "Before I sign up, there is the small matter of some expenses I have incurred while staying here -- {reg3} crowns. Do you think that you could cover those for me?"), # mat
("npc14_payment", "Ah, one last thing. The Aiel have a custom of taking the fifth after a battle. It seems this is not common in the wetlands. I would be willing to forgo the fifth if I am given {reg3} crowns as payment."), # mat
("npc15_payment", "Good. My {Lord/Lady}, I don't want to be a burden from the start, but would a signing bonus of {reg3} crowns be too much to ask?"), # mat
("npc16_payment", "Now, that's good news, friend. So, how about paying me a little something to seal off our agreement? A mere {reg3} would be enough."), # mat
("npc1_payment_response", "I see. So... {reg3} crowns. There, have them. I trust you will be worth the price."),
("npc2_payment_response", "Very well, you will have your crowns."),
("npc3_payment_response", "Yes, that will be fine."),
("npc4_payment_response", "I suppose, but don't make a habit of it."),
("npc5_payment_response", "Payment? Here's {reg3} crowns, then."),
("npc6_payment_response", "Then {reg3} crowns it is."),
("npc7_payment_response", "Here's {reg3} crowns."),
("npc8_payment_response", "Oh, I pay my troops thank you. Here's {reg3} crowns for you."), # mat
("npc9_payment_response", "Very well, here's {reg3} crowns."), # mat
("npc10_payment_response", "Of course. Here's, {reg3} crowns."), # mat
("npc11_payment_response", "I can lend you {reg3} crowns now, and there will be more if you stick around."), # mat
("npc12_payment_response", "Sure, that won't be a problem. Here's your {reg3} crowns."), # mat
("npc13_payment_response", "Of course, here's {reg3} crowns. Make ready to leave soon."), # mat
("npc14_payment_response", "All right, here's {reg3} crowns. You are most welcome in our company."), # mat
("npc15_payment_response", "No, {reg3} crowns will not be a problem."), # mat
("npc16_payment_response", "All right, here's {reg3} crowns for you. Make yourself ready."), # mat
("npc1_morality_speech", "I am disappointed in you, I don't think we should ever {s21}. You must ensure that you act with dignity and honour."),
("npc2_morality_speech", "I have spent a lot of time as a soldier, and rarely did I see even mercenaries {s21}. I raise my voice in objection to these actions, if I did not, I would be betraying both you and myself."),
("npc3_morality_speech", "Now, now, Captain: there is no need to {s21}. As you well know, our Master looks down on fools and cowards."),
("npc4_morality_speech", "I really must insist that we don't {s21}! If the Dragon were to hear of such things done in his name, he may very well seek us out himself!"),
("npc5_morality_speech", "My {Lord/Lady}, please don't {s21}! Zonnein is free now, and will destroy your enemies thoroughly if you would but give the word!"),
("npc6_morality_speech", "It is interesting to see that the Shorebound {s21} - this is something the Sea Folk do not do, for we are not cowards."),
("npc7_morality_speech", "Commander - do not {s21}. When I joined this band, we agreed to fight for justice, and this is not justice by any strech of the imagination."),
("npc8_morality_speech", "I was not pleased that you decided to {s21}. To fall in battle is an honour, but to fight in a warband led by a coward is a disgrace. Even if you have to stab him from behind, that's better than running."), # mat
("npc9_morality_speech", "Good {master/mistress} -- it is not my way to {s21}. I have always found that treating everyone I meet equally has served me well."), # mat
("npc10_morality_speech", "Begging your pardon, my friend. I can't say that I'm happy to see us {s21}. Those be just simple people, trying to make a living. If we could try to go easy on the poor wretches, I'd feel much better."), # mat
("npc11_morality_speech", "Excuse me, captain. It's not good that we {s21}. As a student of science, I can't help but think there is a better way."), # mat
("npc12_morality_speech", "Captain -- I do not like to see us {s21}. It always seems that those who do such deeds end up as villians in the stories. Pray let us try to show a little more compassion."), # mat
("npc13_morality_speech", "Captain, if we can avoid it, I'd prefer not to {s21}. For being such a large land, it's amazing how fast word travels, and as a mercenary one's reputation is priceless."), # mat
("npc14_morality_speech", "I do not care to {s21}. No one with a reputation for cowardice will be properly feared by (his/her} men."), # mat
("npc15_morality_speech", "My {Lord/Lady} -- just so you know my opinion, any commander with sense will not let his company {s21}. I suppose I'm used to more disciplined companies where I'm from."), # mat
("npc16_morality_speech", "Friend. I don't like to {s21}. I'm not trying to be a Tinker here, but I do think people deserve to be treated better..."), # mat
("npc1_2ary_morality_speech", "Just to let you know, I understand why we {s21}. Sometimes, we have no choice in the matter, but you must hold to your word and not let such a thing happen again."),
("npc2_2ary_morality_speech", "{!}[No secondary moral code]"),
("npc3_2ary_morality_speech", "{!}[No secondary moral code]"),
("npc4_2ary_morality_speech", "{!}[No secondary moral code]"),
("npc5_2ary_morality_speech", "My {Lord/Lady}, Zonnein objects to you choosing to {s21} - she would destroy your enemies completely, or die trying!"),
("npc6_2ary_morality_speech", "Hm, I do not like to see you {s21} when I am a member of the party, dishonour on you is dishonour on me."),
("npc7_2ary_morality_speech", "I will not have dishonour done in my name, we should not {s21}."),
("npc8_2ary_morality_speech", "Commander, I feel it's a bit foolish to {s21}. Don't you think it would do better if we treated our enemies as harshly as possible? There's nothing like crushing the spirit of those who would oppose us. When my Master returns, mercy will be asked for, but not found."), # mat
("npc9_2ary_morality_speech", "{!}[No secondary moral code]"), # mat
("npc10_2ary_morality_speech", "My friend, I can't say I like to see us {s21}. I always say, treat your men well because someday they may have a choice to help you or to not. I know this has kept me out of the hand of the guard in times past."), # mat
("npc11_2ary_morality_speech", "{!}[No secondary moral code]"), # mat
("npc12_2ary_morality_speech", "{!}[No secondary moral code]"), # mat
("npc13_2ary_morality_speech", "Now, I'm not one to worship those of higher standing, but I think we would do well to {s21}. It never hurts to have those with access to money on your side. Besides, the world needs their type to help keep order."), # mat
("npc14_2ary_morality_speech", "Battle leader -- you should not let it bother you that you {s21}. Sometimes it amazes me how soft the wetlanders are. I'm not sure that some of them could last one day in the Waste."), # mat
("npc15_2ary_morality_speech", "{!}[No secondary moral code]"), # mat
("npc16_2ary_morality_speech", "{!}[No secondary moral code]"), # mat
("npc1_personalityclash_speech", "Commander. I simply cannot stand {s11} - you know that she broke an oath to an Aes Sedai?"),
("npc2_personalityclash_speech", "I have had enough of {s11}, and his taunting and bragging. Just because I have had no formal training, and do not need a petty pin to make me feel powerful, does not give him a right to counteract my every word!"),
("npc3_personalityclash_speech", "Captain, I request you demote {s11} to a more... fitting ...position. She is a wilder, underserving of a place beside us."),
("npc4_personalityclash_speech", "Light! I cannot stand {s11} - the way he acts when I am near him!"),
("npc5_personalityclash_speech", "My {Lord/Lady}, Zonnein objects to Seinen's rudeness! She talks to her like a child of duties and vows, yet has never worn a collar to know truly of the longing of freedom."),
("npc6_personalityclash_speech", "{s11} irritates me greatly, she insists that I am somehow less than her due to the fact that I did not attend her White Tower."),
("npc7_personalityclash_speech", "Commander, there is great dishonour having a smuggler in this party - {s11} has admitted to conducting such deeds."),
("npc8_personalityclash_speech", "Just so you know, I cannot abide that insolent fool {s11}. Some minutes ago, I was remarking about how the Light has abandoned us, and he saw fit to disagree with me at every turn."), # mat
("npc9_personalityclash_speech", "Hello there good {master/mistress}. I had a concern I wished to voice about {s11}."), # mat
("npc10_personalityclash_speech", "Excuse me, friend. I don't want to be a bother, but it seems that man {s11} from the Two Rivers has a problem with the life I've chosen."), # mat
("npc11_personalityclash_speech", "Begging your pardon, {sir/madame}, but I can't keep silent. That man, {s11} seems to think that every problem can only be answered with swords."), # mat
("npc12_personalityclash_speech", "My {lord/lady}. That man from the university, {s11}, is starting to get under my skin. He's always dropping these 'subtle' hints that stories and songs and entertainment is all just a frivolous waste of energy."), # mat
("npc13_personalityclash_speech", "Captain, for the life of me, I cannot abide {s11}. Now I freely admit that she is a good soldier, but she is Aiel after all."), # mat
("npc14_personalityclash_speech", "Excuse me, Battle Leader. I was simply wondering if we really need to use the One Power in battle. I know it's quite powerful, but how can a warrior gain any ji if he never actually has to fight his enemies?"), # mat
("npc15_personalityclash_speech", "Excuse me. I hope you don't mind me telling you that in my opinion, that Aes Sedai {s11} is a danger to the party. I mean, how can it not bother you that she's using the One Power. And there's no one to make sure she doesn't just do what she wants. That just seems very dangerous to me."), # mat
("npc16_personalityclash_speech", "Oy, friend. Just so you know -- somethings a little strange about {s11}. I'm fine with healers who use herbs and bandages, but knowing that she's using the Power just doesn't set right with me."), # mat
("npc1_personalityclash_speech_b", "I may not like Aes Sedai, but I'd rather have one in our party than an oathbreaker."),
("npc2_personalityclash_speech_b", "Every time we try to strategise, he attempts to interject with his disdainful comments, as if a black coat gives him the right to treat me as a child! I would be well to take him down a notch, show him what raw power can do!"),
("npc3_personalityclash_speech_b", "Even the Black Ajah have their principles, and one of those is to avoid entertaining foolish ideas in Wilders."),
("npc4_personalityclash_speech_b", "As soon as he notices me, he insists on holding as much saidin as he can without destoying himself. I only realized this when I confronted him in his tent, and he grabbed the Source so quickly that I almost shielded him where he stood! He claims that the Tower forcibly recruits wilder men, some prattle from an ignorant merchant. You must confront him about this!"),
("npc5_personalityclash_speech_b", "This very day she gave a scolding almost as if she was sul'dam herself! Zonnein is free now, and she must raise voice of such injustice!"),
("npc6_personalityclash_speech_b", "She treats me with disdain and interrupts any conversations I have with the other members of the party about the Power. She insists that I do not know as much as her about weather, out of all things - this is plainly wrong, but she obviously must believe it true."),
("npc7_personalityclash_speech_b", "Sometimes she boasts of her goods avoiding inspection, and I have heard her talk with others of her kind in inns. I would have her hold her tongue, and turn to honest business."),
("npc8_personalityclash_speech_b", "Does he think that being an Asha'man will save him in the end? The power he has is nothing compared to that of my Master. One day, I will dance on his grave because he slighted me."), # mat
("npc9_personalityclash_speech_b", "I've picked up enough concerning his background to know where he comes from. I just don't think it's wise to consort with those people. I don't care if he was left behind, the fact remains that he and the others like him were planning to take what's rightfully ours and call it their own."), # mat
("npc10_personalityclash_speech_b", "Now I have no quarrel with those who want to live in accordance with the law, but I can't abide being called a thief. I don't steal the goods I sell. I simply choose to sell them into very specific markets. I'd wager that {s11} would have second thoughts if he how much of a tax there do be in Illian on a barrel of his precious Two Rivers tobac."), # mat
("npc11_personalityclash_speech_b", "He seems to have to respect for those who would rather fight with their mind rather than their muscles. He's even sceptical about my ability to build siege equipment. Just because I haven't seen as many battles as a Borderland soldier doesn't mean than I'm useless. I wish you would say something to him."), # mat
("npc12_personalityclash_speech_b", "He seems to think that if something doesn't have gears, or pulleys, or ... lenses, that time shouldn't be spent learning about it. Hah, he calls my stories frivolous when he wants to build a looking glass that can see the moon. Now THAT, is a waste. Doesn't he realize that preserving song and verse is preserving our history, even our culture?"), # mat
("npc13_personalityclash_speech_b", "I'm not sure if you are old enough to recall the Aiel War, but those memories are quite clear in my mind. When that fool Laman Damodred cut down their tree, they flooded over the Dragonwall like the Dark One himself was chasing them. Only they were the ones doing the chasing. And chase they did, all the while destroying every army we fielded against them. Thank the Light, they finally killed him. It's a little troubling that the greatest war known to this generation was only considered an execution by one of the sides involved. Still, the Aiel spears sent many of my friends and brothers to the Mother's embrace."), # mat
("npc14_personalityclash_speech_b", "Mostly I just can't abide the bragging of the man {s11}. Sure he can light a trolloc on fire, but put a spear in his hand and he would be lucky to not stab himself. There is no true honor in a victory that doesn't require any effort to achieve. That's like fighting a girl with her hair in braids and being proud when you win."), # mat
("npc15_personalityclash_speech_b", "What's more, I'm not sure I trust her. During the last battle, I think some of the fireballs she threw killed one of our own men. I remember that man behaving a little forward with her one night while we were camping, but that's not reason enough to kill him. I asked her about it, and she said I must have been mistaken. I heard stories about how Aes Sedai cannot tell a lie, but I know what I saw. Please just keep an eye on her."), # mat
("npc16_personalityclash_speech_b", "I did a little asking around and found out that she was forced to flee her own village. Apparently there were Whitecloaks involved. Also, she's been bugging me about running away from home when I was younger. I love my parents, I just didn't think I was cut out for that type of life."), # mat
### set off by behavior after victorious battle
("npc1_personalityclash2_speech", "Commander! I cannot stand {s11} - he disgusts me! He stands in my way when I try to Heal the enemy wounded, even when I just wish to give the dying some final words of comfort."),
("npc2_personalityclash2_speech", "I would request that you keep me on the other side of the battlefield of that black-eyed Aiel, {s11}."),
("npc3_personalityclash2_speech", "I must object to {s11}. I frequently saw him on the field, yelling obscenities at the soldiers he faced."),
("npc4_personalityclash2_speech", "I have had enough of {s11}'s foul preachings of the Dark One. Whenever I mention the Dragon, he sneers and blasphemises the name of the Creator."),
("npc5_personalityclash2_speech", "My {Lord/Lady}! Zonnein was almost killed due to {s11}'s idiocy!"),
("npc6_personalityclash2_speech", "{s11} acted very impetously during the last battle - she was obstructing my view of the enemy, so I used weaves of Air to move her to the side. I will not lie, it pleased me to see her shock - those Seanchan have done nothing but evil, and anyone who has been broken into slavery is dangerous."),
("npc7_personalityclash2_speech", "Commander, I have just witnessed the most horrendous act of misjustice - instead of cleanly killing a mortally wounded enemy, {s11} looked around to check that there were no enemies near enough to harm him and started torturing the poor soul, cutting off each limb before skewering him through the chest."),
("npc8_personalityclash2_speech", "Commander. I can't abide that ogier {s11}. He upbraided after the last battle for not putting a mortally wounded enemy out of his misery."), # mat
("npc9_personalityclash2_speech", "While I respect {s11}'s quality in battle, and I will not argue that she is a master of trade, I do find fault that she is a smuggler."), # mat
("npc10_personalityclash2_speech", "My friend, a question for you. Are you in charge of this company, or is it {s11}?"), # mat
("npc11_personalityclash2_speech", "{Sir/Madame}. I don't much care for {s11}. After that last battle, she began talking up the abilities of the men as if they are some heroes from those stories of hers."), # mat
("npc12_personalityclash2_speech", "My {lord/lady}. I can no longer abide the rank insufferance of {s11}. He believes that the tales of his 'great adventures' while following what are most likely dead leads for the Horn of Valere are just as exciting as the tales of true heroism that I tell. His dilusion is so complete that during the last battle he tried to start an argument with me about it. During the battle! Lucky for him, I put a knife in the eye of the bandit coming up behind him."), # mat
("npc13_personalityclash2_speech", "Hello, captain! I was simply a little curious why we keep a scholar like {s11} with the company? While he seems to be an intelligent fellow, it seems most of his knowledge doesn't even pertain to war."), # mat
("npc14_personalityclash2_speech", "Battle Leader. While {s11} is a true soldier, I cannot abide the hateful stares he gives me. It appears his brother died during the Eastern Marches and he has never forgiven the Aiel for this."), # mat
("npc15_personalityclash2_speech", "My {Lord/Lady}, I don't want to complain, but {s11}'s been hassling me a bit lately. I suppose he's simply trying to be friendly, but some of his questions seem a bit prying. He knows I'm a farmer and apparently the Two Rivers is a farming region. But you said we are allowed to keep our past to ourselves if we like."), # mat
("npc16_personalityclash2_speech", "Beg your pardon, friend. {s11} might be good at telling a tale, but I'm not really sure she's that beneficial to have around. During the last battle, she didn't look much like the heroes she's alwasy going on about."), # mat
("npc1_personalityclash2_speech_b", "He insists on interrogating them on the Horn of Valere - as if any of them know anything, or care for such stories in the final moments of their lives. He is repulsive!"),#borcha - klethi
("npc2_personalityclash2_speech_b", "I was calling down the lightning, bodies were exploding left and right, and she decides to sneak around behind my back! She made no sound or movement, I almost blasted her apart before I realized who it was! I cannot trust such sneaks - when I confronted her about it, she spoke of babes and blankets! She appeared amused!"), #marnid - alayen
("npc3_personalityclash2_speech_b", "An invader has no right to say these things. The Grey part of me wishes to take him back to these Seanchan, and negotiate for an exchange for one of our own. Perhaps we should do so?"), # Yimira - matheld
("npc4_personalityclash2_speech_b", "In mid-battle, he cried 'For Ba'alzamon' and beheaded his enemy, yet five others heard and any of them could have escaped! What will the Dragon think, to see Asha'man fight alongside Darkfriends?!"),#Rolf - deshavi
("npc5_personalityclash2_speech_b", "Zonnein was throwing fire at the enemy, many men fell to her hand! She felt another woman channel and turned to meet a bolt of lightning! Though Zonnein unravelled it before it hit her, she saw {s11} looking on with narrowed eyes - Zonnein does not wish to lose her life to an 'accident'!"), #beheshtur- katrin
("npc6_personalityclash2_speech_b", "But she replied with a blow of air to the head, staggering me and causing me to almost lose my weaves. Such things should not be conducted in anger, as she could cause injury to herself or another soldier if I was to lose my aim with an attack."), #firentis - nizar
("npc7_personalityclash2_speech_b", "I can forgive righteous vengance, but not torture - especially when it is done in our name."),#deshavi - rolf
("npc8_personalityclash2_speech_b", "I'm sorry, but I don't have to answer to anyone, besides you of course, for my actions. And that man tried to put a sword through me, so when I slit open his belly, I thought it fair for him to feel the full effect of his failure. {s11} can just mind his own bloody business."), # mat
("npc9_personalityclash2_speech_b", "She as much as admits it, and it's easy to tell that she has no love for those in authority. I simply feel that our company doesn't need that type of attention. We will be much safer if all members of the group are honest and are not trying to hide from the law."), # mat
("npc10_personalityclash2_speech_b", "I know he do be an Ogier, and worthy of respect, in a way, but I think for all his knowledge, he simply doesn't understand life in the world of humans. He upbraided me for my 'dishonest' business practices. I only wonder if he do realize how 'honest' the customs officials and nobles are. When you be charged a fifty percent markup simply because the goods aren't from Illian, how is one suppose to be able to compete?"), # mat
("npc11_personalityclash2_speech_b", "When I cautioned her against inflating the men's opinions of themselves, she said that keeping the moral of the men high was far more important than keeping them rested or even building fortified camps. Doesn't she realize that the palisades I helped plan kept the company from being attacked just a week ago? Moral is all good, but it won't keep a soldier from being killed in his sleep if the camp isn't protected."), # mat
("npc12_personalityclash2_speech_b", "I would just ask that you have a word with him so he quits trying to down play my stories in front of the men. Just because I wasn't there, doesn't make the story any less impressive. And the 'adventures' he tells of seem about as exciting as a long day walking behind a plow."), # mat
("npc13_personalityclash2_speech_b", "Beyond that, he seems to consider us soldiers to be stupid beasts whose only purpose is to fight. I have half a mind to let someone take a chunk out of his scrawny backside during the next battle. He's a scholar, and from Cairhien. Doesn't he know that if not for us soldiers, that country would still be a pile of rubble? I don't need him to worship me, but I just bloody want the respect I'm due!"), # mat
("npc14_personalityclash2_speech_b", "As if I was the one who killed his brother. Besides, the Daryne Aiel weren't even involved in the Aiel War. Surely he understands that those Aiel who did fight only invaded to punish the Cairhien treekiller. I would think that a Borderlander, one who defends against the Shadow, would have a better understanding of honor."), #mat
("npc15_personalityclash2_speech_b", "{s11} will go on and on about how the Two Rivers grows the best tobac in the land. Then he'll ask what my family used to grow when I was younger. That leads to questions about where I'm from, and I'd rather just let the past lie. Some things are best left alone."), # mat
("npc16_personalityclash2_speech_b", "Also, the other night, she was telling stories around the campfire and I know for a fact that she was embellishing them. Only a fool would claim that Tanchico is one of the greatest cities in the world. In my experience, it's mostly noise, crowded streets, and keeping an eye open so you don't end up in some gutter with your throat slit. Of course, you'd actually need to have been to Tanchico to know that. And {s11} clearly hasn't."), #mat
("npc1_personalitymatch_speech", "Commander, I wanted to share with you that I feel for {s11} and her plight."),
("npc2_personalitymatch_speech", "I really must say that {s11} is an extremely well set-up young woman!"),
("npc3_personalitymatch_speech", "How refreshing it is to meet an Ogier again, why the last time I met one, it was for purely political purposes - he was refusing to Sing a throne for a minor lord, after he hung a man for attempting to steal his horse. I do so love to pick their brains, these Ogier - so much of our laws have been lost, though they still apply."),
("npc4_personalitymatch_speech", "An excellent battle, though I made a small mistake! I neglected to weave a shield of Air, and was hit by one of the enemy and almost knocked unconcious!"),
("npc5_personalitymatch_speech", "Zonnein is most pleased with {s11}, my {Lord/Lady}."),
("npc6_personalitymatch_speech", "{s11} provides extremely interesting conversation. Though I have little care for being back in the water, she knows much of ships and sails."),
("npc7_personalitymatch_speech", "Commander, I have to say that it is most pleasing that {s11} Sedai has chosen to accompany us through these battles."),
("npc8_personalitymatch_speech", "A fine battle that was, commander. And I have to say, I admire the taunts that {s11} hurled at our enemy."), # mat
("npc9_personalitymatch_speech", "Good {master/mistress}. I say, that {s11} is quite the intellect! I am very pleased to be able to share such interesting conversation around the campfire."), # mat
("npc10_personalitymatch_speech", "Ahoy friend. {s11}'s really not to bad in a scrap. I did see her hold off a large group of infantry during the last battle."), # mat
("npc11_personalitymatch_speech", "Ah, {sir/madame}! That man {s11} is a very fine addition to the party!"), # mat
("npc12_personalitymatch_speech", "I have to say, my {lord/lady}, that {s11} is quite impressive to see in battle. I saw him break a charge of fourty lancers, and he didn't even break a sweat. I know he's using sai'din but I sure haven't seen any signs of the madness."), # mat
("npc13_personalitymatch_speech", "You have earned your name today, commander! And {s11}, too! You know, for one who's supposed to be a farmer, he sure can fight!"), # mat
("npc14_personalitymatch_speech", "Battle Leader. I wanted to say I am honored to call {s11} my friend. She reminds me of the Wise Ones from home. She is fearless and will walk through the battle field looking for wounded soldiers, though she doesn't not carry a weapon."), # mat
("npc15_personalitymatch_speech", "I was just having a word with {s11} after our last battle, and it strikes me that the man is a good one to have on our side."), # mat
("npc16_personalitymatch_speech", "Oy -- friend. I was just having a chat with {s11}, as we were looking over the field after our last battle."), # mat
("npc1_personalitymatch_speech_b", "She may not show it, but she is deeply grateful to you for helping her fulfill her duty. Her people's ways may be different, but their feelings are not."),
("npc2_personalitymatch_speech_b", "Quite different from the usual staunchly ignorant wenches I meet, she is eager to hear of my great battles! She said that she may write tales and stories of my feats!"),
("npc3_personalitymatch_speech_b", "Yes, it is quite something. Only yesterday he told me of an old contract with the ogier in one of the northern stedding, which could be used to compel them to build a fortress for our Lord in the far north."),
("npc4_personalitymatch_speech_b", "As I fall, who do I see but {s11}! A guardian angel, she blasted a white swathe of the enemy with the most effective fireball I have ever seen created by a woman! I plan to visit her tonight, to truly thank her for the assistance."),
("npc5_personalitymatch_speech_b", "For every moment he was left without orders in battle, he spent wih her; fire, air and earth all met in a majestic storm of death over the enemy - such a display Zonnein has never seen, even in Seanchan."),
("npc6_personalitymatch_speech_b", "Why, only recently we were speaking of shorebound decks compared to those of the Atha'an Miere - she is interested and may pursue a business in using some of these ideas, some day."),
("npc7_personalitymatch_speech_b", "She knows much of current events, some of which I know little - apparently some Aes Sedai have figured out how to side-step the Oath against violence, to be able to use their Power in battle. It truly interests me to learn of humans."),
("npc8_personalitymatch_speech_b", "For one who was going to be a craftman's apprentice, I must say I admire his spirit. Perhaps I should talk to him further about certain matters..."), # mat
("npc9_personalitymatch_speech_b", "And for one of his state, he is most willing to talk with the likes of me, a farmer's son. I have enjoyed chatting about the village mill, and also pondering how our current methods of tilling the soil could be advanced. It almost makes me want to spend a few days on the farm. Either way, we could surely use more men like {s11} in the company!"), # mat
("npc10_personalitymatch_speech_b", "Afterwards, we got to talking a little about seafaring. Did you know the Sea Folk refer to ships as male? After hearing {s11}'s explanation, I do see the logic behind that. We did a little talking about the difference between river craft and ships for the open waters. It sure fills me with an awful yearning to get a deck under me feet once again."), # mat
("npc11_personalitymatch_speech_b", "Just the other night, we had a lengthy discussion about the mill in his village. It's quite interesting how they are using the power of the nearby stream to turn the mill-stone. I have a few ideas of how to improve this notion, and would greatly enjoy the chance to do so. Perhaps in a few months we could take a few weeks leave."), # mat
("npc12_personalitymatch_speech_b", "I think I might write a song about him. Something about the man of the storm. Or maybe the fire... no, that would be too much like Mosk and Merk. Oh, sorry to get carried away like that. I guess I'm just very glad to have met {s11}!"), # mat
("npc13_personalitymatch_speech_b", "I don't care where he comes from, or what's hidden in his past, any man who will stand up and face the enemy's charge is fine by me. It wouldn't be a bad idea to find a few more solid men like {s11} the next time we are recruiting!"), # mat
("npc14_personalitymatch_speech_b", "I also have seen her skill with healing. This is a gift that gains her much honor. She is also impartial with who she will help after the battle. Even defeated enemies know she will treat them with kindness."), # mat
("npc15_personalitymatch_speech_b", "He reminds me quite a bit of some of the soldiers from home. He is disciplined and doesn't boast. I'm very intrigued with the stories he has told about fighting Trollocs near the Blight. I thought all that was just children's stories. Yet how can a man who is obviously a true warrior make those statements if they are not true? I think I'll have to take him at his word."), # mat
("npc16_personalitymatch_speech_b", "I saw one or two enemies who I killed, but {s11} was able to point out six of his victims. I guess I know where to turn if I need training. Also, he's quite the traveler himself. He's been all over... Andor, Cairhien, Ghealdan. He's talked to all sorts of people too. It seems like he's doing some sort of recruiting, but I'm not quite sure what that's all about. I'll have to see if any of his contacts have head any rumors about the Horn!"), # mat
("npc1_retirement_speech", "I think that it's time to search for a village - enough time has passed that there should be one seeking for a healer. Goodbye, Commander."),
("npc2_retirement_speech", "It is time for me to move on, I may have better luck gathering information on my own. If you need me again - well, hah! Follow the burning Trolloc corpses."),
("npc3_retirement_speech", "I must now take my leave, to apply the knowledge I have gained. I thank you for your time, it has been most... enlightening to expand my knowledge in your company. May the Great Lord guide you."),
("npc4_retirement_speech", "We have had some fine battles, and I have on the whole enjoyed the company, but I must depart now. I am due to report to Logain. Until we meet again, traveller."),
("npc5_retirement_speech", "My {Lord/Lady}, Zonnein must leave now. She wishes to buy an inn, to return to a simple life. She wishes you well for future journeys, and for many glorious battles."),
("npc6_retirement_speech", "I tire of endless battles. I leave now, perhaps I can afford to purchase a house, to live in some measure of peace."),
("npc7_retirement_speech", "It has been most enlightening to spend time around humans, but I tire of carrying the axe - I must depart, perhaps to sign on another band or find a library to gain knowledge."),
("npc8_retirement_speech", "I have fought in your company, and done well by it. But your leadership is not always to my liking, and anyways I have another task. I will take what plunder I have won and raise a warband of my own. I wish you well."), # mat
("npc9_retirement_speech", "We have fought well together, and explored many new lands, but I think it's time I went my separate way. I don't take much to standing guard on a wall. Now I understand it's needed, but it just isn't for me. I think I'll just head down the road we're on and see what comes next."), # mat
("npc10_retirement_speech", "Well, my friend, this has been a rare treat. I never thought that I'd spend this much time away from the water. However, while on the road, I've met quite a few new folks, and found some back paths that do seem to have quite a bit of potential, if you know what I mean. I think it's time for me to be on my way, may you always find good trade."), # mat
("npc11_retirement_speech", "{Sir/Madame}, I have greatly enjoyed traveling with you. It has been quite fulfilling to help in the contruction of our fortifications, and I have also been able to talk to quite a few men and women who I believe would be fine additions to the School in Cairhien. But, I feel that I should start making my way back to the School now."), # mat
("npc12_retirement_speech", "My {lord/lady}, I have enjoyed my time with the company. This has been a great training ground for me to work on my entertaining skills. I've learned many new songs, and also new words to sing to the melodies I already knew. And even the rough soldier songs will do well in the towns where the taverns are frequented by old veterans. This time has be very enjoyable and helpful, but I feel now is a good time for me to return to the towns and villages. I will need to grow my reputation in the urban centers if I am ever to become great."), # mat
("npc13_retirement_speech", "Commander, it has been my pleasure serving under you. I never thought to say those words to one who wasn't born in Shienar, but you have earned them. Still, I'm starting to feel the years resting on my shoulders and think it's a good time for me to hang up my mace. The very best of luck to you!"), # mat
("npc14_retirement_speech", "Battle Leader, serving you has been a great pleasure. I have met a {man/woman} who is worthy to be called a leader. You military skills are only matched by your excellent character. However, I feel that I am now ready to return to my spear sisters. You have helped me meet my toh, and I will always consider you my friend. May you always find water and shade!"), # mat
("npc15_retirement_speech", "I appreciate that you took me on my {Lord/Lady}, but I'm not altogether happy about how things have worked out. I'm going to head off elsewhere -- maybe go home, or look for a job that doesn't require killing, I haven't quite decided yet."), # mat
("npc16_retirement_speech", "I knew this day would come! I just heard news, confirmed by three sources that I trust, that the Horn of Valere was found somewhere in the Borderlands! But then it was lost, or stolen, I'm not sure which. What fool would lose the Horn of Valere? Anyway I must shortly take my leave. My oath as a Hunter requires that I continue my search. The Horn must be found before the Last Battle!"), # mat
("npc1_rehire_speech", "Commander! I did not expect to see you again, but it is fortunate that I did. I have had no luck finding a village to settle in, and my purse is light. Perhaps we could work together again?"),
("npc2_rehire_speech", "Ah, it is you! How fortunate that we meet again, as I was just looking for another band to join, and what better choice than yours? My crowns have run dry and I have managed to gain no new information, so let us fight together once again!"),
("npc3_rehire_speech", "You are just in time. I have recieved word to seek you out again, and join your company. It seems our Master was impressed with what I have learned, and wishes more. Let us please Him, so that we are raised to great power come the breaking of the wheel."),
("npc4_rehire_speech", "I had not expected to see you! I hope you fare well - I have reported to Logain and the Dragon himself has cited me as an example for the Asha'man to follow. It would please me greatly to join the ranks once again!"),
("npc5_rehire_speech", "Ah, my {Lord/Lady}! It is so good to see you again, Zonnein hopes you are doing well? She travelled far, looking for her inn, but the talk on every tongue is of war. She loaned most of her coin to a banker in Cairhien, but he has not returned to town yet. Perhaps my {Lord/Lady} wishes her to rejoin the party?"),
("npc6_rehire_speech", "I am pleased to see you! Come, let us speak of returning to battle - I have not enough for a house and may not have enough for food, soon - I thirst for battle, to direct the weather once again in our favour."),
("npc7_rehire_speech", "Ah, human. it is pleasing to see you, again. I had an interesting time travelling, but I grow attached to combat - to the long-handled axe, once again. Would you have me return to your party?"),
("npc8_rehire_speech", "Greetings to you, {playername}. I was wondering if the harsh words spoken between us in the past could be forgotten. When I left, I was planning to recruit my own company, but before I could start, I was called to undertake a certain task for my Master. I was able to finish the task, but in the meantime, I have used up most of my crowns. I would ask that you allow me to serve under you once again."), # mat
("npc9_rehire_speech", "My good {master/mistres}! It is so good to see you! As you know, I was planning to see a little more of the world, but a few weeks after we parted, I was ambushed by some bandits. For some reason, they thought that I would be worth money to someone. So, they put a ransom on my head. After a few weeks of waiting, they were tired of feeding me and let me go with a few good bruises. Since then, I've been a little reluctant to travel alone. Would you be willing to allow me to travel with you once again?"), # mat
("npc10_rehire_speech", "My friend! It do be good to see you. I confess that I'm only a few steps ahead of the headsman's axe. It seems some of me old parters doublecrossed me. Apparently, they weren't to happy when I re-entered the markets in Illian. Too many months of easy pickings I suppose. Anyway, would you be interested in my services again?"), # mat
("npc11_rehire_speech", "I say! I is quite a surprise to run into you again, {sir/madame}. When we parted, I was planning to return to Cairhien, but while traveling through Andor, I came across a smith who was utilizing a new method of forging. I spent a few weeks learning the process and offering my advice for how to improve his process. It was quite enjoyable. However, the road to Cairhien is still quite long and, if you would allow me to travel with you a bit longer, I would be very grateful."), # mat
("npc12_rehire_speech", "My {lord/lady}! I am very glad to see you again. After we went our separate ways a while back, I realize that one thing I needed to help set me apart was an epic tale to call my own. I tried to think where I could find such a tale, and I realized that if I were to tell the story of your rise to power, this could be my break. So, would you allow me the pleasure of traveling with you once again? I will be glad to provide some levity while composing your epic tale."), # mat
("npc13_rehire_speech", "I know. I said that it was time to retire, but it seems I wasn't meant to grow old and die in my bed. I should have know that I wouldn't be able to adjust to life away from the battle field. Perhaps we might ride together again, for a little while?"), # mat
("npc14_rehire_speech", "Battle Leader. I have spent some time with my spear sisters, and have told them stories of your greatness. They are glad that such honor exists outside of our lands. In fact, after some hard consideration, I have decided that I would prefer to return to your company, if you will have me."), # mat
("npc15_rehire_speech", "Why hello, {Lord/Lady} {playername}. I am very glad to see you. When we parted I was hoping to find some work that didn't tie directly to soldiering, but it seems looking for a job and finding a job are two very different things. I've spent quite some time wandering around, but it seems like these lands are in some very hard times. I suppose that is to be expected without a unifying power to help guide the lands. Would you by chance be able to take me on again?"), # mat
("npc16_rehire_speech", "Hello Friend! They say that you've done well for yourself since we last met. I'll come out and admit that left rather hurridly, but I had to stay true to my oath. I followed the trail of the Horn from Shienar all the way to Cairhien, but then lost it only to hear of the great mysteries that unfolded at Falme. But alas, the Horn has gone missing again, and this time there are no clues. Now I'm not a gambling man, but I'd wager the Aes Sedai have something to do with this. So, I suppose my search is on hold for now, and I really need a way to earn a meal. Would you be willing to hire me back for a while?"), # mat
#local color strings
("npc1_home_intro", "The little village over there is Arien. That was my home, until the Whitecloaks came."),
("npc2_home_intro", "Canluum, the great castle. Many a Trolloc and Darkfriend have died attempting to penetrate the castle, and I almost died myself, trying to get out of the bloody thing!"),
("npc3_home_intro", "Ah, Cormaed. I almost long to return, to meet my family once again - my brother, my mother and father."),
("npc4_home_intro", "Cairhien. I cannot enter the city, as much as I would like to reunite with my friends and family - I left too much of a mess behind me."),
("npc5_home_intro", "My {Lord/Lady}, Zonnein cannot enter Falme - this is where the Corenne begins, the Return when the Seanchan will retake the lands lost. If any were to recognize her face, she would hang!"),
("npc6_home_intro", "I see that we are close to Tremalking, or as close as you can get without sailing over the waves."),
("npc7_home_intro", "Stedding Taishin. I must stay outside of the stedding."),
("npc8_home_intro", "See that forest ahead? That means we are nearing the village of Samaha."), # mat
("npc9_home_intro", "Ah... in the next clearing lies the village of Emond;s Field, where I was born."), # mat
("npc10_home_intro", "D'you smell that fresh air, my friend? Tis the smell of the Perfumed Quarter. Illian is near."), # mat
("npc11_home_intro", "Ah, we are nearing the point where the River Gaelin empties into the Alguenya. Cairhien is near!"), # mat
("npc12_home_intro", "Ah, we are passing by the village of Daigan, where I was born."), # mat
("npc13_home_intro", "Ah, yonder is the grand city of Fal Dara. Truthfully, it may not seem fancy to someone accustomed to the cities of the south, but I couldn't pick a better city to defend against an army of Trollocs."), # mat
("npc14_home_intro", "Do you see that face of the mountain that seems to bend? You probably wouldn't know it but we are very near the entrance to Bent Peak Hold."), # mat
("npc15_home_intro", "Oh, I recognise this coast. I was actually traveling it in a ship when a storm blew us into the rocks. Luckily for us we were actually close to Falme, which is where we were headed in the first place."), # mat
("npc16_home_intro", "Aye, friend, I know that city far too well. That's Katar, where I grew up. Strangly, I feel a little nostalgic... Perhaps, if time permits, I can visit my parents."), # mat
("npc1_home_description", "I doubt that we would get a kind reception - though I had cured many of the townsfolk and children of ailments, they raised no hand against the Children, and my pleas for help in escaping reached deaf ears - they simply ignored me, rather than incite the wrath of the Whitecloaks."),
("npc2_home_description", "Back when I was taking a time of leave from the army - after a glorious service, with a glorious record - I started dabbling in the powers I had discovered that I held. Unfortunately, I was yet ignorant of the realities of such power."),
("npc3_home_description", "Of course, now they are all dead. It has been too long... I remember the first task for our Master was before I even realized that I had the aptitude to weave the One Power. He had me kill my older brother, who had overheard a discussion between two visiting lords, who were rather close to our Master."),
("npc4_home_description", "It started when I learned that I could channel saidin. The first few times I did not realize what had happened - a tree split instead of falling on me, my opponent stumbled and fell onto his own sword in a duel. One day, however, I woke up to find myself in a completely empty room - my servants, my curiousities, my furniture - all disappeared."),
("npc5_home_description", "Some time ago, Zonnein lived in a small village far north of Seanchan - though that was not her name at the time. Her father was a farmer of crops and livestock and life was peaceful, until the soldiers came. Zonnein had never seen such men, with their armor and swords. Her father told her they came once every ten years, this was the last thing she heard him say, as a woman - one she would come to know as sul'dam - pointed her out and two soldiers grabbed her as a woman placed a collar on her neck. She was taken into the camp, her father's rising screams following her. Later Zonnein was told by a soldier that he was cut down for raising a hand to a sul'dam."),
("npc6_home_description", "Tremalking was my home, it is where I was raised until I was old enough to sail. I remember when my ability was discovered - ah, to be that girl once again, bright-eyed at the idea of control over the weather and high rank on the deck."),
("npc7_home_description", "I told you that I killed the murderer. After I had done it, I did not leave of my own accord - my people had a trial, calling what I did murder in itself. They would not listen to reason, to justice - they claimed that any could find refuge in a stedding, with no pain, violence or death within."),
("npc8_home_description", "There isn't too much to add. I left soon after a strange occurence where all the wells in the village went dry. I suppose my family may still be living there, but I wasn't the favorite son, so I won't really mind if we don't stop by."), # mat
("npc9_home_description", "I actually grew up on a farm a few miles south of here. My family raised sheep and tobac, which is very typical for this region. I remember the excitement I used to have when we traveled into town. I couldn't have imagined a more busy place. You could say it was a bit of an eye opener when I actually left the Two Rivers."), # mat
("npc10_home_description", "Illian do be the city where I was born. I spent me childhood sailing toy ships along the canals that cross the city. Surprisingly, my first job was that of a tavern bouncer. I may not have the largest frame of those who be in that profession, but me cudgel has always been sufficient. Further into the city are the two palaces. One for the king, and one for the counsil. It be their doing that made me who I am today."), # mat
("npc11_home_description", "I was born and raised in the city of Cairhien. When I was quite young, my family had to flee the city because the Aiel invaded from the east. But, the Light be praised, the nations joined together and forced the savages back across the Dragonwall. The time since then has been one of rebuilding. The great topless Towers had been damaged quite severely, but we immediately began their restoration. One other point of interest is near the village of Tremonsien. A year or two back, a major excavation began. We have discovered an artifact from the Age of Legends. The skeptics say we shouldn't be unearthing anything from that time, but I believe that these artifacts from the past may one day pave the way for our future."), # mat
("npc12_home_description", "The village is really part of the city-state of Far Madding. In former days Far Madding was the capital of the kingdom of Maredo, and long before that, it was known as Aren Mador. If you like, I will tell you the tale of Far Madding... how it was establised during the time of the Ten Nations, why it was named Fel Moreina during the Trolloc Wars, why it is now ruled strictly by a counsel of women..."), # mat
# ("npc13_home_description", "I had come up here with a small Swadian force, but they were caught by the Rhodoks in the woods and their horsemen cut down amid the trees. I fled and found shelter by the lake, in the arms of the comeliest cowherd you ever saw. She took me to a cave near the high pastures, and would bring me cheese and berries, and tell me the tale from the hills. They say the lake is a gateway to the underworld, and sometimes on the fringes you can the noxious fumes beneath bubbling up to the surface. Such rustics they are!"),
("npc13_home_description", "They say the city that was here before was Ogier made. It was called Mafal Dadaranell then and it was very beautiful, as one can imagine. Sadly, it was destroyed during the Trolloc Wars. When Fal Dara was rebuilt, they knew it would be impossible to remake the beauty that was lost, so it was decided to remember the past, but not dwell on it."), # mat
("npc14_home_description", "It may not look like much, but this is the land that shaped me into the Maiden I am today. To a wetlander, this land looks like barren wasteland, but the Aiel call it the Three-Fold land for a reason. This land is 'a shaping stone to make us, a testing ground to prove our worth, and a punishment for our sin'. It's because of the harshness of this land that we are such a hard people."), # mat
("npc15_home_description", "I suppose Falme's a fair port city as those things go, but even I've seen bigger ones, and I'm a farmer. I just don't understand how the land around it can be so empty. As far as I could tell, there weren't any large cities further inland for probably 50 leagues. And the whole plain that is called Almoth is basically barren. It just doesn't make sense that so much land should be wasted."), # mat
("npc16_home_description", "Katar has always been a big trade city. I suppose it's technically part of Arad Doman, but for the last few decades, it may as well be it's own province. We only hear from Bandar Eban if they think we are getting too independant. To many, the bustle of merchants and craftsmen would sound appealing, but endless days working in the cooper's shop sounded like misery to me. Still, I suppose it's a fair city as far as towns go."), # mat
("npc1_home_description_2", "There were some that voiced pity, and some of them likely waited until the morning to inform the Children of my escape, but I saw some talking to the Children as old friends or family. Those ones, I avoided."),
("npc2_home_description_2", "A group of my friends - 23 of them, just back from the inn and all active soldiers - walked in on me, practising explosion weaves in my house. I had the urge to kill them all, right then, but they insisted that they would tell noone. This was a lie, as the next morning I awoke to the beating of gauntlets on my door - the Guard requested that I come outside, naked, to hand myself in to the Tower. I refused, threw a net of air to hold them where they stood, and ran straight out the city. I am still seeking the traitors that rooted me out to the Lord."),
("npc3_home_description_2", "Of course, our Master is not without mercy - he let me dispatch the Lords once enough time had passed. Seven years after I slit my brother's throat, I left the Tower just to intercept them in Whitebridge and take them apart piece by piece. I was young, and even attempted to reassemble them in various ways, animating them using the Power - what fun I had."),
("npc4_home_description_2", "It was in that panic that I first found saidin, grasping onto it as the only remaining tether to reality. Even the Aes Sedai I have spoken to know nothing of such a horror. I fled, immedately. I dressed in servants clothes, and said nothing to anybody - none of them know that I still live, and I feel no urgency to correct them in the matter."),
("npc5_home_description_2", "Zonnein was trained well, and adapted to her life as damane, but she ever held the flame of rebellion - learning of the ways of battle, she planned her escape. Years later, after the Hailene, the chance came - a group of soldiers from the north met with her sul'dam's scouts and destroyed them utterly, as Zonnein was ill and fell unconcious during the battle. A marath'damane, one of those that call themselves Aes Sedai freed her from her collar, and demanded that she go to the White Tower with other marath'damane to be studied. Seeing her escape, she accepted and told the marath'damane everything she could until her chance for a second escape came - she simply knocked down the soldiers guarding her with Air and ran into the night."),
("npc6_home_description_2", "But enough of wishing and dreams, I have no desire to see the water up close again - I almost drowned after that cursed woman in a grey dress destroyed my raker - I was the only survivor, managing to hang on to a piece of wood. I swear that I shall kill that Daughter of the Sands, one day!"),
("npc7_home_description_2", "They found me guilty of murder, my punishment was exile, to be mentioned at the next meeting of the Great Stump. To an ogier, this is akin to a death sentence - I have no choice but to find unpopulated stedding, as my own people will refuse me access should I arrive at theirs, even if I suffer from the Longing."),
("npc8_home_description_2", "If it were up to me, I'd keep moving west until we reach Jehannah. Besides, there's a few folks there who I need to catch up with."), # mat
("npc9_home_description_2", "Still, even though Emond's Field is small, in all my travels I have yet to meet folk who I'd rather live with than those from home. We are a strong community who will help eachother recover from just about any setback. And once we get a though in our minds, we won't rest until we see it through."), # mat
("npc10_home_description_2", "I've just never had much respect for those who make themselves rich at the expense of those who be poor. So, if by providing goods at a lower rate I keep a few crowns from the hands of the nobles, this seems like a fair trade to me."), # mat
("npc11_home_description_2", "It has only been more recently that the School started up. It is a center for higher learning. Here the study of science and engineering is encouraged. And with the Dragon Reborn as our benefactor, we don't have to fear being shut down by some of the skeptical nobles."), # mat
("npc12_home_description_2", "You see, this region has an openly matriarchal society. So, while it may seem odd in other lands to find a female gleeman, I would fit right in at home. There are many other customs in this area that are not like those of other lands, so be sure to ask if you have any questions."), # mat
("npc13_home_description_2", "If we do head into town, just remember to keep your head uncovered. You wouldn't want to be mistaken for a Fade, now would you?"), # mat
("npc14_home_description_2", "Our people have lived here since shortly after the Breaking of the World. We are being hardened by the Pattern for a purpose that only the Wise Ones and Clan Chiefs know. To prepare is a good enough purpose for me. We continue to strengthen ourselves by competing with the other clans. Water is scarce, and that is the focus of most of our struggles. And in the North, there is always the chance of Trolloc raids. But those aren't as common any more. Trollocs call the Waste, 'Djevik K'Shar', or 'The Dying Ground' for a reason. We live here, because no one else can. And because of this, we will be ready when the Aes Sedai need us again."), # mat
("npc15_home_description_2", "Perhaps if I can get permission, this would be a great place to settle down and farm. The area is fairly open, which means I wouldn't need to clear too many trees. The terrain is good, and the earth is rich. As far as I can tell, the only thing lacking in the area east of Falme is people. I suppose that could change as well, if the proper rulers were involved."), # mat
("npc16_home_description_2", "Don't get me wrong, I'm still an adventurer through and through. It's just that the sight of Katar is still somewhat the sight of home to me. Seeing the Paedish Swar to the south and the plains to the west is just a little comforting. Still, I'll probably be just fine if we decide to keep our distance. I've heard enough complaints about that overbearing Rodel Ituralde for one life time. It's amazing how quickly the lords of Katar lose their backbones once Ituralde and the King's army arrive."), # mat
("npc1_home_recap", "I was a healer in the village of {s21}."),
("npc2_home_recap", "I served in the army in {s21}, before I was driven out due to others discovering my talents."),
("npc3_home_recap", "I lived in {s21}, until I answered my calling to become an Aes Sedai."),
("npc4_home_recap", "I was a lord in {s21}, until I learned that I could channel and joined the Black Tower."),
("npc5_home_recap", "I was raised in a village, far north of Seanchan, and then a soldier in Seanchan-held {s21}."),
("npc6_home_recap", "I lived in Tremalking, an island near the coast of {s1}."),
("npc7_home_recap", "I was raised in Stedding Taishin, near {s21}, but am now exiled from all ogier stedding for life."),
("npc8_home_recap", "I was born in a small village named Samaha, located in Ghealdan."), # mat
("npc9_home_recap", "I was born in the village of Emond's Field, in the region known as the Two Rivers."), # mat
("npc10_home_recap", "Born and raised in Illian, my friend, and I hope some day to return there. But I've a mind to see a bit of the world first, to look for new markets, you see."), # mat
("npc11_home_recap", "I was born in the city of Cairhien. The city has been rebuilding for the last twenty years, when it was destroyed during the Aiel War."), # mat
("npc12_home_recap", "I was born in the village of Daigan, near Far Madding. You can be sure you will be safe, when you enter it's gates."), # mat
("npc13_home_recap", "I'm from Fal Dara in Shienar. I've spent much of my life campaigning killing Shadowspawn, or keeping watch for the next invasion."), # mat
("npc14_home_recap", "I am Nienlea, of the Bent Peak Sept, of the Daryne Aiel. The Waste is where I was born, and it forged me into the warrior I am today."), # mat
("npc15_home_recap", "This is some of the first land I saw after being shipwrecked. The vast stretches of open land east of Falme always remind me how much I love the simple life of farming."), # mat
("npc16_home_recap", "Why, friend, I was born in Katar. But I left as soon as I learned that my parents intended me to be a cooper's apprentice."), # mat
("npc1_honorific", "Commander"), #Borcha
("npc2_honorific", "captain"), #marnid
("npc3_honorific", "captain"), #ymira
("npc4_honorific", "traveller"), #rolf
("npc5_honorific", "{Lord/Lady}"), #beheshtur
("npc6_honorific", "commander"), #firentis
("npc7_honorific", "human"), #deshavi
("npc8_honorific", "Commander"), #male darkfriend
("npc9_honorific", "my good {master/mistress}"), #male two rivers archer
("npc10_honorific", "my friend"), #female smuggler
("npc11_honorific", "{sir/madame}"), #male university student
("npc12_honorific", "my {lord/lady}"), #female gleeman
("npc13_honorific", "captain"), #male shienaran soldier
("npc14_honorific", "Battle Leader"), #female maiden of the spear
("npc15_honorific", "my {Lord/Lady}"), #male seanchan farmer
("npc16_honorific", "friend"), #hunter for the horn
("npc1_kingsupport_1", "I care little for politics, but I am sure that you would make a great {king/queen}. Bringing together all the lands would mean less killing, less needless death, which could only be a good thing."), #Borcha
("npc2_kingsupport_1", "I'd support you! A single banner to unite all, what a dream to have! Yes, a great {king/queen} you will be, you have proven this."), #marnid
("npc3_kingsupport_1", "It would please me to see you become {king/queen} of all these lands, certainly. You have made an excellent choice, coming to me for support."), #ymira
("npc4_kingsupport_1", "You would make a great {king/queen}, so long as you do not deign to usurp the Dragon."), #rolf
("npc5_kingsupport_1", "Zonnein believes that my {Lord/Lady} would make a fine {king/queen}. "), #beheshtur
("npc6_kingsupport_1", "I have little care for shorebound politics - that said, I can certainly see you being a good {king/queen}."), #firentis
("npc7_kingsupport_1", "You would do well as {king/queen} amoung the humans, you have shown a unique talent for justice."), #deshavi
("npc8_kingsupport_1", "I believe that you have the strength of character necessary to be the ruler of this land. I myself have been impressed with your leadership, and will follow you as long as I'm able."), # mat
("npc9_kingsupport_1", "Very good, my {master/mistress}. I can't think of a better one to rule that yourself. The Two Rivers doesn't have lords really, but I do know the qualities of a good ruler when I see them."), # mat
("npc10_kingsupport_1", "Well, my friend, I suppose there must be {kings/kings and queens}, and if there must be {kings/kings and queens}, then you would be as good a {king/queen} as any..."),#mat
("npc11_kingsupport_1", "Why, that's a fine idea, {sir/madame}. I believe that you would make an excellent ruler. You have shown a support of higher learning that is commendable."), #mat
("npc12_kingsupport_1", "I am sure that you would make a fine {king/queen} my {lord/lady}. I flatter myself that I am a good judge of character, and you have demonstrated a capacity for compassion that far exceeds that of these others who call themselves monarchs. In fact, this plays a major role in the epic I am composing."), # mat
("npc13_kingsupport_1", "That would be a fine thing, commander! Many is the tale of the hero who has proven his worthiness to wear a crown through valor. In the Borderlands, any man who shows his worth will not be pushed aside simply because of his birth."), #mat
("npc14_kingsupport_1", "Battle Leader, it is not the custom of the Aiel to have kings. We follow a different path, but that is not for outsiders. Still, you have shown much ji for a wetlander, and I would gladly give my support if you chose to make a claim."), #mat
("npc15_kingsupport_1", "Well, you pay your men on time, when you can. You show respect for the rights of others. But you are also willing to take on authority as a true king should. Men will respect you as a ruler because you always strive to be just."), # mat
("npc16_kingsupport_1", "Why not, friend? I'm sure you'd make a fine {king/queen} -- and of course I'd hope you remember the little people like myself who did you a pretty turn on your scramble to the throne."), #mat
("npc1_kingsupport_2", "I would. May I suggest, though, that you raise a house of Healers? Not just Healers that use the One Power, but an organized group of all those interested in helping others, that could share knowledge? It would give me great pleasure to lead such a group, working independantly of the Aes Sedai and their schemes."), #Borcha
("npc2_kingsupport_2", "I will have the men sing for you! I do have one idea, you should declare all men of saidin and women of saidar free of the bonds of society and governance! Let them decide for themselves, whether to join a Tower or to remain independant. With that, you could have droves of powerful channellers ready to aid you in your cause!"), #marnid
("npc3_kingsupport_2", "Of course, you must ensure our Master's will is done. Aside from that, I will help in any way you require - when you raise me to the position of your Advisor."), #ymira
("npc4_kingsupport_2", "Absolutely, with one condition: you will not engage in aggression with the Dragon Reborn, or any of his allies. As long as you abide by that, my support will be unwavering!"), #rolf
("npc5_kingsupport_2", "She would ask but one favour - that my {Lord/Lady} ensures that {he/she} provides refuge for any marath'damane that wishes to be free of the collar, and of other marath'damane if she wishes - including these Aes Sedai."), #beheshtur
("npc6_kingsupport_2", "But though I am detached from my people, I still represent them in some way. I must ask that you give the Athan'Miere some favours in trades within any fief you or one of your vassals hold - taxes should be reduced by a quarter, with priority docking during busy hours. You must also ensure we can trade without interference - all inspections shall be done by our own people before docking."), #firentis
("npc7_kingsupport_2", "Ah, there is one request - that you commit to the rule of law, you must ensure that you deliver justice swiftly, with fair trial and appropriate punishment. Lord, Lady or common must be held equally in the eyes of justice, and the word of one must be equal to the word of another."), #deshavi
("npc8_kingsupport_2", "I would -- on one condition. You'd be {king/queen} wherever you want to rule, but I'd rule my own hall. And if I had a dispute with any other of your followers, be it over land, livestock, or blood, you'd let us settle it sword to sword."), # mat
("npc9_kingsupport_2", "I would, {master/mistress}, and others would too. I only ask that you always remember where you came from, and all many different friends who have helped you along the way. Some have been warriors, some lords, but others have been merchants, and yes, farmers. If you remember this, then I think you will do well."), # mat
("npc10_kingsupport_2", "Certainly, my friend. But I do ask that you consider a thought of mine. If you became {king/queen}, then I'd ask you open your court to the common folks, and not just to the lords and ladies. I do think that should any man be judged and sentenced, that he have the right to appeal to you directly. Right now, the lords have the right -- I say every man should have it, too."), #mat
("npc11_kingsupport_2", "Of course, I would! I believe your interest in rebuilding the areas you control gives you a greater claim to rule that those nobles who simply sit and extract as much taxes from the commoners as possible. And if you do need some advice concerning the contruction of war machines, I would be glad to provide the same."), # mat
("npc12_kingsupport_2", "Of course, my {lord/lady}. But if I have learned anything in my travels in this land, it is that these people are sticklers for precedent. Everything must be done as it was done in the days of old -- even though not more than one in a hundred of them can read enough Old Tongue to understand the histories! If you do not follow the steps you are expected to, then your claim will be scorned by the nobility in the surrounding lands."), # mat
("npc13_kingsupport_2", "Of course, Captain. Also, when claiming a throne, it does not hurt to have those in your employ who will spread the tales of the deeds you have done. Reputation is a powerful thing. It can pave the way before you, or destroy the bridge you hope to cross."), #mat
("npc14_kingsupport_2", "I would indeed, Battle Leader. I think you can unite this land, and then we'll be able to raise an army such as these lands have not seen for many generations. In time of battle, almost every member of society will pick up a spear. And it will be no different for you. I just ask that when you have victory, you continue to rule with honor as you have up until this point."), #mat
("npc15_kingsupport_2", "I would. People might say that you don't have royal blood in your veins. But everyone knows that those who work hard can be appointed to the Blood. Kings and nobles will take out loans or commission building projects without half a thought to how they're ever going to pay back all those commoners who expect to eat after an honest day's work. Having been in your servcie for many months, having you as my {king/queen} would be more desireable that any of those who are born into the Blood."), # mat
("npc16_kingsupport_2", "Of course, my friend. And what's more, I figure a guy like me could do you a bit of a service raising support with the lords of this land. I may have only had a small part in their schemes and intrigues over the years, but I think I know what they want. And I'm willing to beguile them with tales of all the adventures we've been on. With plenty of details concerning the rich lands you control, of course."), # mat
("npc1_kingsupport_2a", "Indeed it would, go on..."), #Borcha
("npc2_kingsupport_2a", "Please continue..."), #marnid
("npc3_kingsupport_2a", "Please continue..."), #ymira
("npc4_kingsupport_2a", "I will."),
("npc5_kingsupport_2a", "Please go on..."), #beheshtur
("npc6_kingsupport_2a", "I could accomodate a mutually benifical relationship."), #firentis
("npc7_kingsupport_2a", "That is only fair."), #deshavi
("npc8_kingsupport_2a", "Fair enough"), #mat
("npc9_kingsupport_2a", "That seems sensible enough..."), #mat
("npc10_kingsupport_2a", "Of course - I would give my subjects that right"), #mat
("npc11_kingsupport_2a", "Yes, I have great interest in any advice you may have."), #mat
("npc12_kingsupport_2a", "Interesting. Please go on..."), #mat
("npc13_kingsupport_2a", "Why, yes, that you are."), #mat
("npc14_kingsupport_2a", "Please go on..."), #mat
("npc15_kingsupport_2a", "Well-spoken, my friend"), #mat
("npc16_kingsupport_2a", "Interesting... Please continue"), #mat
("npc1_kingsupport_2b", "No, I will not raise another group of witches to meddle in my affairs as {King/Queen}."), #Borcha
("npc2_kingsupport_2b", "I have no wish to see gaggles of raving madmen infesting the land I rule."), #marnid
("npc3_kingsupport_2b", "Most certainly not. I shall advise myself, I will not have poison spoken in my ear."), #ymira
("npc4_kingsupport_2b", "I care nothing of the Dragon or his allies, I will take what land I wish."), #rolf
("npc5_kingsupport_2b", "Unleashing so many crazed channelers could cause another Breaking! I most certainly will not."), #beheshtur
("npc6_kingsupport_2b", "I thought you hated the water now? Regardless, I could not favour your people so, it would damage local trade."), #firentis
("npc7_kingsupport_2b", "The word of a commoner equal to that of a Lord? You are sadly ignorant of human ways, ogier, this is impossible."), #deshavi
("npc8_kingsupport_2b", "That's a pretty tall condition"), # mat
("npc9_kingsupport_2b", "I'm not sure that I'll be able to treat everybody as equals when I'm {King/Queen}."), #mat
("npc10_kingsupport_2b", "Hmm. Let me think it over."), #mat
("npc11_kingsupport_2b", "Ah... I think I'll look for some other counsel."), #mat
("npc12_kingsupport_2b", "You may not agree with me, but the histories tell a different story."), #mat
("npc13_kingsupport_2b", "Hmm. I'm not sure about that."), #mat
("npc14_kingsupport_2b", "I will gladly rule this kingdom, but I don't have plans to conquer all."), #mat
("npc15_kingsupport_2b", "{King/Queen} of the Clerks, maybe, Enough of such talk"), #mat
("npc16_kingsupport_2b", "No offense, but I'm not sure that's the approach I'd take"), #mat
("npc1_kingsupport_3", "I could part with you for a while, to rally the Healers of the land to your cause. If you would commit to raising us to a group for the benefit of all, you will find that most will be receptive to your claim."), #Borcha
("npc2_kingsupport_3", "I can part with you for a few weeks, to talk to the, ah, uncommited types who may have interest in seeing such dreams become a reality. Many of them are men of political power, though they hide their real Power."), #marnid
("npc3_kingsupport_3", "As long as you are willing to do this, I will spread your name to the ears of all the great Lords. I will have Kings and Queens alike shaking in their boots, and Friends of the Dark waiting to join your cause."), #ymira
("npc4_kingsupport_3", "Then we have an agreement! I shall make haste to the Tower and to my contacts and perhaps be granted an audience with the Dragon Reborn himself! I will speak all the praise you warrant, and more, to ensure that you will be seen as legitimate when the time comes."),
("npc5_kingsupport_3", "Then Zonnein shall speak to the free marath'damane she knows, and they will pass the message to others - wives, wise women and free damane who will ensure that many await the {king/queen} who would win them their freedom."), #beheshtur
("npc6_kingsupport_3", "Very well, so it is agreed. I shall send word to a highly reputable old Cargomaster I knew many years ago, he will pass word through the Atha'an Miere of your agreement. Once word has spread, you will find them very receptive of your claim."), #firentis
("npc7_kingsupport_3", "Then I shall bring word to the common man, that a great {King/Queen} is ready to settle their disputes and right the wrongs too often done by those in powerful positions. I shall rouse them with my words and your name will be on villager tongues across the land."), #deshavi
("npc8_kingsupport_3", "Good! Then give me a few weeks and I'll go about the courts of this land, letting it be known that you're a {king/ruler} who will reward his true followers, and punish those who betray him. You are willing to accept new alliances, but in the end, they must recognize your supremacy."), #mat
("npc9_kingsupport_3", "It's perfectly sensible, {master/mistress} -- I believe that those of low estate desire to be lead, but if you treat them poorly, they will resist you in whatever way they can. As someone who knows the concerns of the common folk, I would love to travel the lands spreading word of your claim. I will share how you always treated me with respect though you knew of my humble beginnings. I know that I can help win you more support."), #mat
("npc10_kingsupport_3", "Well then, my friend, give me leave for a few weeks and I can go about this land, letting the common folk know that you will rule justly and equitably, and that lord and common alike should be one before your law. Men will speak of you as {king/queen}, and that's a good start to becoming one..."), #mat
("npc11_kingsupport_3", "Excellent! Bear in mind, however, that I am simply one of the students of the School of Cairhien. There are many other great minds who would no doubt be willing to help you build up your kingdom. As long as your give our organization the respect and protection it deserves, we will gladly serve you in whatever manner you require."), #mat
("npc12_kingsupport_3", "If you want your claim to be accepted, then you will need one of two things. You either need to have been born into the right family, or you need to have performed such great deeds that those in power cannot afford to ignore you. I don't know about the first of those, but I can be of assistant for the second. If you give me a few weeks to spread word of all you have accomplished, I know it will lend great support to your claim."), # mat
("npc13_kingsupport_3", "Then give me leave for a few weeks, and I will spread word of your claim to all those who I know. My word is respected by many of the mercenaries in the area as well as those who I know back in Shienar. Having the support of these men of war would certainly help your cause."), #mat
("npc14_kingsupport_3", "Give me leave for a few weeks, Battle Leader, and I will spread word of your honor all the way to the Three Fold Land. There are no greater fighters than the Aiel, and I know that many would join your spear if you would allow them."), #mat
("npc15_kingsupport_3", "I'm glad you think so. Here's what I suggest. I may not be of the Blood, but I do know a fair number of tradesmen and farmers. I would be glad to do some traveling and spread the word that you would be a fair ruler. It always seems like the 'common' folk get ignored and mistreated by those who are supposed to be ruling them. But, I've spent enought time in your company to know that you are not as those entitled men and women who are born in the the Blood. What do you say, my {Lord/Lady}?"), #mat
("npc16_kingsupport_3", "Give me leave for a few weeks, and I'll do a little tour of the lands I've traveled through. I'll sing them a pretty song about what you'll do as {king/queen}, about all the ancient freedoms you'll restore -- let them rob their tenants and tax the merchants and fight their wars and spend themselves silly without a thought to tomorrow, as a noble ought! What do you say to that, friend?"), #mat
## TODO: Objections, Intel, Fifes, Woman2Woman, TurnAgainst
("npc1_kingsupport_objection", "Commander -- you've given leave to Nienlea to go tell the nobles that they must submit? I can't say I like that. While I like Nienlea, and enjoy her company, in this circumstance, I don't think her Aiel mentality will help her catch the nobles ears. If nobles think they are being forced to do anything, they will find a way to do the exact opposite."), #mat
("npc2_kingsupport_objection", "Um, captain. Hammaes has ridden off to tell the lords of this land that you'll let them settle their quarrels by force and violence. In my experience, lords will use just about any opportunity to better their situation. I worry that this will only cause more looting and burning of neighboring fiefs. I really hope that Hammaes misunderstood you, sir."), #mat
("npc3_kingsupport_objection", "Captain -- Zonnein has set off on some sort of expedition, which she says that you countenanced. She says that she will go about the villages of this land, telling the poor villagers that once you are {king/queen}, you intend to hang all thieves and bandits. Master, I have spent time in both the village squares and the palaces, and know well the ill-effect of banditry. But I believe Zonnein is being swayed by the Seanchan stance on law-breaking. Surely you do not intend to hang men indiscriminately. There must be some place for true justice in your kingdom"), # mat
("npc4_kingsupport_objection", "Traveller. Eldriva has set off on a journey, telling the nations that you claim the throne because you know how to command your crew. That's nonsense. Nobles and kings give hundreds of orders every day, and will not be impressed by some windfinder's praise. Please consider sending me, one who has grown up close to the courts. My words will reach the ears of those in power."), #mat
("npc5_kingsupport_objection", "Zonnein heard that Master asked Celin to help spread word of the claim to rule. Zonnein thinks that she would do a better job since she has observed High Lords and Ladies for many years."), #mat
("npc6_kingsupport_objection", "I understand that you have dispatched Peluir to fabricate a claim of royal descent. I have to tell you, Commander -- I do not think that the Light will smile on such an attempt to take the throne by fraud."), #mat
("npc7_kingsupport_objection", "I have heard what you told Cetaleen, about giving every common criminal the right of appeal to the {king/ruler}. I'm not sure I approve. Murderers should be hanged when caught. Give them a trial or an appeal, and they will talk their way out of the noose."), #mat
("npc8_kingsupport_objection", "Commander -- you have dispatched Darlaan to tell the lords of this land that you intend to impose a peace, under which no one should settle their disputes by the sword. Would you have us all die in our beds, then? That is a great shame. A {king/sovereign}'s duty is to lead us into battle, not to tell us how to handle our quarrels and differences."), #mat
("npc9_kingsupport_objection", "{Master/Mistress} -- it is with great regret that I have learned that you have told Seinen to go spread word of your claims of leadership. While I respect that she also was raised in a small village, I'm not sure that she is the best choice. I feel that as the son of a farmer, and one who has traveled through the lands, I will be able to relate better to the commoners throughout the land. If you would, kindly consider sending me in her place."), #mat
("npc10_kingsupport_objection", "I hear that you do have Haludar spreading support for your claim to be ruler. I can't say I approve, my friend. While Haludar is upstanding in his own right, he do be an Ogier. He do no understand the ways of men. Most of what he knows be from books, and that is not enough. Please consider sending me, I do have a knack for reading people, and feel I would be the better choice."), #mat
("npc11_kingsupport_objection", "I hear that Sedrar is planning to travel the lands to spread word of your claim to be {king/queen}. And while I've been very understanding of his plight, there's no getting around the fact that the man is a native of Seanchan. That alone is going to cause you some trouble, if you don't mind me saying. Have the people in these lands have already fought those people on one occasion or another. Would you perhaps consider sending me? I have many contacts throughout the major cities and would be glad to speak on your behalf."), #mat
("npc12_kingsupport_objection", "My {lord/lady}, I overheard that you were planning to send Lasan out to garner support for you throughout the lands. While I respect his proficiency on the battlefield, I'm not sure if he is 'qualified' to talk on your behalf. I, on the otherhand, have kept careful notes on all the major battles you've won, which fiefs you are controlling, and also am able to articulate the power of you character, which is the force that binds the hearts of men to your cause. I propose, that it might be more beneficial to send me instead."), #mat
("npc13_kingsupport_objection", "Captain -- I hear that you have given leave to Maigue to spread word of your claim to rule these lands. Now while I admit she has quite a list of contacts, I fear that many of them would not be of upstanding character. Do you want to lead a kingdom of thieves and liars, or one of warriors who fight with honor? Please consider allowing me instead, the priviledge of spreading word of your rightful claim."), #mat
("npc14_kingsupport_objection", "I understand that you've sent Aloien to proclaim to all the land that you intend to unite everyone once again. While I have nothing against Aloien personally, I'm not sure sending a scholar is the best way to convince the other rulers of your might. Some rulers will come willingly, but others will resist if they feel you are not really a threat. Perhaps if you sent me instead, it would have a better effect. Everyone, even those who haven't met one, know that the Aiel are fierce warriors."), #mat
("npc15_kingsupport_objection", "I understand that you've given leave to Jayn to go talk to some of the nobles in the area. While I agree that it is important to get the approval of those currently in power, I also think you would do well not to forget those who you will actually be ruling over. I've found you to be a fair {man/woman} and I know you don't wish to rule with an iron fist. Please consider sending me, as I will be able to appeal to the common man's heart as a simple farmer"), #mat
("npc16_kingsupport_objection", "Oy -- Friend! I hear that Lalea's gone off to sing a pretty song to the common folk, about how you will be a ruler who cares for the concerns of the those in every station. Now while I agree that securing the support of the commoners is important, and that a gleeman can probably convince them to send you every copper they possess, I hope you aren't forgetting to appeal to those who truly hold power. I remember many lord's 'revolutions' in Katar being squashed when the King decided to step in."), #mat
("npc1_intel_mission", "Well, commander, as it happens, I have a few cousins over in {s17}, and unlike some in my family, they can still stand the sight of me. They deal in horses so they get to pick up a bit of the gossip round the castles and great halls of the {s18}. I could go over there for a few days and tell you what I find out."), #mat
("npc2_intel_mission", "Captain, if you're interested in events in {s18}, I have some contacts from my younger days in {s17}. They're unusually well-informed about political events."), #mat
("npc3_intel_mission", "Captain, I would like to visit some old friends in {s17}. They will be privy to the councils of the great merchant houses, and may tell us much about the state of the {s18}."), #mat
("npc4_intel_mission", "Traveller, if you could spare me for a few days, I would like to look up an old comrade in {s17}, who has from time to time led a small company in the pay of the {s18}. He is a good man, the kind who speaks little and listens much. I'm sure over a drink or two he might let us know which way the political winds are blowing in those parts."), #mat
("npc5_intel_mission", "If you like, Master, Zonnein can take a few days to visit the neighboring people. The town {s17} is overflowing with news from the {s18}. They may have some gossip about the feuds and rivaries of the great lords, if that is of interest to you."), #mat
("npc6_intel_mission", "Commander -- while I am not strictly welcome in {s17}, I would be able to make contact with some former contacts of mine nearby. If you give me a few days, I may be able to collect some interesting information about the {s18}."), #mat
("npc7_intel_mission", "When I left my former home in {s17}, I had promised myself that I would never return. Perhaps I was rash. I am occasionally curious as to how my family is getting along. Perhaps I can bring them some gifts, to let them know that I still care for them! They may have useful information about the {s18}, if you would give me a few days to pay them a visit."), #mat
("npc8_intel_mission", "If you have any interest in the events in the {s18}, a friend of mine retired and now keeps a farm near {s17}. He keeps in contact with a number of other old warriors. I could visit him for a few days, and learn more about what is going on there."), #mat
("npc9_intel_mission", "{Master/Mistress} -- it has been some time since I passed through {s17}.If you wish, I could perhaps go there, and let you know something about the concerns of the common folk in the {s18}."), #mat
("npc10_intel_mission", "My friend -- I was thinking that some of me old mates in the market at {s17} would be glad to see me. They are good lads, and would never betray the city, but like me they have no particular affection for the lords who command them, and may be willing to slip a little political gossip our way."), #mat
("npc11_intel_mission", "{Sir/Madame} -- I was thinking that it's been a while since I visited my kinfolk in {s17}. They've always been supportive of my persuate of knowledge at the university. And I might be able to pick up some news about the event in {s18}, if that would interest you."), #mat
("npc12_intel_mission", "If you wish, my {lord/lady}, I would not mind taking the time to pay a visit to a friend of mine, now employed by the lord of {s17}. While I am there, if you wish, I could question him on the latest trends within the {s18}, a matter which may interest you."), #mat
("npc13_intel_mission", "Greetings, captain! During our last leave, I was able to spend some time near {s17}. While I was visiting the tavern, I met up with one of my old acquiantances from my days of soldiering. We chatted for a while, and he revealed that he was in the employ of a lord from {s18}. If you like, I could return and see if he might reveal a little more over a mug of ale."), #mat
("npc14_intel_mission", "Battle Leader... As you may know, I helped train the garrison of {s17}. One of their number has lately been in touch with me, and suggests that if I were to visit him, he could pass me information on events within the {s18}. I am willing to do this, if you can spare me."), #mat
("npc15_intel_mission", "My {Lord/Lady}. As you may know, I have for some time harbored a wish to go to {s17}, and study the lay of the land. I've found that this area has quite a bit of excellent farmland. While this may seem a little dull to you, just bear in mind that with a little work, I could start growing a nice amount of produce perhaps within one or two seasons."), # mat
("npc16_intel_mission", "Oy, Friend! I had a mind to pay a visit to my old haunts at {s17}. I thought I could catch up with my parents and also perhaps learn a little about the goings-on in the {s18}. I figure since we will eventually be moving in that direction, it wouldn't hurt to find out what's going on."), #mat
("npc1_fief_acceptance", "You'd make me ruler of {s17}, Commander? Well, that would be the kindest thing that anyone has ever done for me in a long time. I will use this opportunity to your benefit, but also to the benefit of the people who live there."), #mat
("npc2_fief_acceptance", "{s17}, as a fief? Well, I can't say I would have ever risen to this height if I would have stayed in Kandor. Still, I think this will be a great opportunity for me to raise some troops to help out our cause. I accept."), #mat
("npc3_fief_acceptance", "Captain, it is most generous of you to offer me {s17}. I would be pleased to hold it, and dedicate myself to the material uplift of its inhabitants."), #mat
("npc4_fief_acceptance", "It is good of you to grant me {s17} as a fief. Though I left my house and title behind in Cairhien, I will be glad to govern this land for you."), #mat
("npc5_fief_acceptance", "Zonnein would be most pleased to hold {s17}. Zonnein is not worried that this will lift her eyes because she will never serve the Seanchan again."), #mat
("npc6_fief_acceptance", "Commander -- I am not accustomed to life away from the sea, but I would be most honored to hold {s17} in your name, and dedicate myself to the protection of those who live there."), #mat
("npc7_fief_acceptance", "Aye, I'll hold {s17}. As it turns out, it is quite close to one or the abandoned steddings. This will work very nicely indeed."), #mat
("npc8_fief_acceptance", "Commander, I thank you for awarding me {s17}. As long as our paths continue to align, I will rule it well. And this may be exactly the break I need in order to raise a force for the coming Battle."), #mat
("npc9_fief_acceptance", "{Master/Mistress}, as you know, I left my father's land to pursue a life of exploration. However, you have treated me well since the day we met, and it would be my honor to look after this fief for you."), #mat
("npc10_fief_acceptance", "You do want me to be a lady? Well, no thank you -- but if I could forgo the official title, then I suppose I could bring myself to run {s17} for you. I'd put food in the bellies of the hungry, and raise a fine force of militia to fight on your behalf, my friend."), #mat
("npc11_fief_acceptance", "{Sir/Madame}, I don't know what to say. Well, except that I accept. I will gladly take on this new responsibilty. I remember well the area you have given to me. I think with a few new buildings to help the economy, I should be able to raise a few crowns and also help keep the people in good spirits."), #mat
("npc12_fief_acceptance", "Well, {sire/my lady}, though I was hezitant at first, I accept the gratious offer to govern this fief. I freely admit that I will use the services of a governor of sorts, but I will make sure I perform my duties as well as I am able. I have even considered opening a school of the arts, where students could come to learn of music, literature, and performing."), #mat
("npc13_fief_acceptance", "Commander, I am forever in your debt. While I have saved up a bit of coin over the years, it never would have been enough to purchase a manor such as this. I will do my best to rule justly and honorably, and you can be sure that this region provide a constant supply of good militia."), #mat
("npc14_fief_acceptance", "You do me a great honor, Battle Leader. Though if I am to remain a Maiden I will need to find a Roof mistress for {s17}. We will make this Hold great and raise an army to fight for your honor and for the honor of the Aiel."), #mat
("npc15_fief_acceptance", "Well, my {Lord/Lady}, I must admit that I don't know what to say. I'm inclined to accept your offer, but I do worry a little that it could be thought that I'm overstepping my bounds. I suspect a lot of the noble lords around here will think that a commoner like me isn't fit to hold a fief. Well, when they see what I do with it, and what revenues I can bring in, they'll change their tune!"), # mat
("npc16_fief_acceptance", "Oh, that's most generous of you, {sire/my lady}. I've been in and out of several manors in my youth, but I never thought I'd own one myself. Strangely, I actually think settling down a little sounds appealing. I thought I'd always have an eye open for the the next road to follow, but since I have quite a solid network of informants, I should be able to catch wind of any news concerning the Horn from right here."), #mat
("npc1_woman_to_woman", "Commander, I must admit, you have come a lot further that I would have originally predicted. In fact, I'm surprised that you don't have more support from the nobles of the land. Sadly, that's probably mostly because you are a woman. Indeed, even in my old village where I was the Wisdom, I had to fight to make my voice heard."), #mat
("npc2_woman_to_woman", "{!}."), #male rogue channeler
("npc3_woman_to_woman", "Captain, if you don't mind me saying -- I think by now you have proven yourself to be one of the great warriors of this realm. Yet strangely, no king has come forward to offer you a fief. Perhaps it is because you are a woman. No matter -- I personally believe that you will take your place among the great lords of this realm, even if you have to fight twice as long and twice as hard to receive your due!"), #mat
("npc4_woman_to_woman", "{!}."), #male asha'man
("npc5_woman_to_woman", "Zonnein is pleased to serve Master. She has witnessed many strong women from Seanchan, but thinks Master is greater than them all. It's unfortunate that on this side of the ocean, women have a harder time gaining respect."), #mat
("npc6_woman_to_woman", "I must confess, for one of the shorebound, you are a very adept leader. I believe that had you been born among the Sea Folk, you could have risen to be Mistress of the Ships."), #mat
("npc7_woman_to_woman", "{!}."), #male ogier
("npc8_woman_to_woman", "{!}."), #male darkfriend
("npc9_woman_to_woman", "{!}."), #male two rivers archer
("npc10_woman_to_woman", "Well, my friend, we have surely been through a lot together. I do be honored to have helped you grow to who you are today. I know it can be hard being a woman in this 'man's' world, but you be doing a fair job of it."), #female smuggler
("npc11_woman_to_woman", "{!}."), #male student
("npc12_woman_to_woman", "I sometimes find it hard to believe that you are not a native of Far Madding. You display a natural authority and pose as a woman that I have not often seen outside of my homeland. And while many of the other lands might not share Far Madding's customs, I believe you will have little shaping your future into one of your chosing."), #female gleeman
("npc13_woman_to_woman", "{!}."), #male shienar soldier
("npc14_woman_to_woman", "Battle Leader, it has been my honor to fight at your side. Our spears have shed the blood of many enemies. In the wetlands, it seems like life is harder as a woman, but as you've seen, a woman among the Aiel can gain great honor. I have watched you closely as you've grown more powerful, and you have never used our position to harm those who are weaker than you. You have much ji, and I would be honored if you would accept me as your near-sister."), # female maiden of the spear
("npc15_woman_to_woman", "{!}."), # male seanchan farmer
("npc16_woman_to_woman", "{!}."), # male hunter for the horn
("npc1_turn_against", "I'm sorry that we meet like this, commander. There's no question that I owe my rise in life to you. You doubtless think me ungrateful. However, one has to follow one's heart -- isn't that correct?"), #mat
("npc2_turn_against", "This is a sad day. I never thought that I might meet my old captain on the field of battle. Even if I triumph, it will bring me no joy."), #mat
("npc3_turn_against", "Oh {playername} -- what a ironic turn our lives have taken! It is unfortunate you didn't heed my counsel long ago and swear oaths to the true Great Lord. Now I will be forced to make you kneel."), #mat
("npc4_turn_against", "Aye, traveller, well.... I'm not sure what to say. If we must fight, let's get it over with."), #mat
("npc5_turn_against", "Zonnein has always been afraid that this day would one day come. It is fearsome indeed for Zonnein to face Master on the field of battle. May the Light shine on this day."), #mat
("npc6_turn_against", "While I am not happy that this day has come, I will not go easy on you. A windfinder's duty is to fight for her ship, and while I do not currently have a ship of my own, I will resist anyone who follows the path you are on."), #mat
("npc7_turn_against", "Well, human. You showed me kindness when I was in great need, but I am still not able to side with you in this dispute. I hope some day that circumstances may change again, and we may meet as friends."), #mat
("npc8_turn_against", "So we now we meet as enemies, and may shortly face each other over the rims of our shields. But, I do not fear, for the Great Lord has promised me immortality, and I know he will not allow me to fall this day."), #mat
("npc9_turn_against", "So, it seems we are now enemies. I fear we may soon find ourselves trading arrows on the field. With any luck, we will both survive this day and later meet as friends."), #mat
("npc10_turn_against", "Well, it looks like we do be enemies. At least I get to face you rather than some fancy lordling. I don't have much patience for that type. The Light willing we will both survive this day."), #mat
("npc11_turn_against", "The Light protect me, {sir/madame}. It seems we meet eachother as enemies. I must admit, this is not a day I look forward to. I can only hope the preparations I have made will give my side the edge in this battle."), #mat
("npc12_turn_against", "So, it seems we must fight. I would have you know, {sir/my lady}, that I have not betrayed you. I simply feel that when this tale is re-told, it would not sit well with me if I was remembered to have supported such a cause as yours."), #mat
("npc13_turn_against", "It is sad to meet you as my enemy, Captain -- but on the other hand, to meet veteran of the battlefield such as yourself in combat is a rare privilege. Truly, the news of our contest today shall keep the bards and gleemen in wine and silver for months to come, do you think?"), #mat
("npc14_turn_against", "Well, {playername}. Though I once gladly called you Battle Leader, we now meet as enemies. I confess that I have mixed feelings. It grieves me to make war on you, but if we meet in battle and I prevail, I will have defeated the worthiest foe in these lands, and I will know that my mastery of the military art is complete!"), #mat
("npc15_turn_against", "Ah... I have not been looking forward to this day. I hope with all that we have been through we can reach some type of peaceful settlement. But no doubt you see it differently."), #mat
("npc16_turn_against", "Hello, Friend! So, I guess we're enemies! I'm not certain how it came to this, just know that it's not personal. Maybe if we both walk away from this, we can meet once more as friends?"), #mat
#NPC companion changes end
# End modified for TGS
#Troop Commentaries begin
#Tags for comments are = allied/enemy, friendly/unfriendly, and then those related to specific reputations
#Also, there are four other tags which refer to groups of two or more reputations (spiteful, benevolent, chivalrous, and coldblooded)
#The game will select the first comment in each block which meets all the tag requirements
#Beginning of game comments
("comment_intro_liege_affiliated", "I am told that you are pledged to one of the pretenders who disputes my claim to the throne. But we may still talk."),
##diplomacy start+ (documentation only)
# The comment_* strings below are used with script_lord_comment_to_s43
# Some of the suffixes differ from the ones used in the personality codes. The equivalencies are:
# liege = lrep_none
# martial = lrep_martial
# badtempered = lrep_quarrelsome
# pitiless = lrep_selfrighteous
# cunning = lrep_cunning
# sadistic = lrep_debauched
# goodnatured = lrep_goodnatured
# upstanding = lrep_upstanding
##diplomacy end+ (documentation only)
("comment_intro_famous_liege", "Your fame runs before you! Perhaps it is time that you sought a liege worthy of your valor."),
("comment_intro_famous_martial", "Your fame runs before you! Perhaps we shall test each other's valor in a tournament, or on the battlefield!"),
("comment_intro_famous_badtempered", "I've heard of you. Well, I'm not one for bandying words, so if you have anything to say, out with it."),
("comment_intro_famous_pitiless", "I know your name. It strikes fear in men's hearts. That is good. Perhaps we should speak together, some time."),
("comment_intro_famous_cunning", "Ah, yes. At last we meet. You sound like a good {man/woman} to know. Let us speak together, from time to time."),
("comment_intro_famous_sadistic", "I know your name -- and from what I hear, I'll warrant that many a grieving widow knows too. But that is no concern of mine."),
("comment_intro_famous_goodnatured", "I've heard of you! It's very good to finally make your acquaintance."),
("comment_intro_famous_upstanding", "I know your name. They say you are a most valiant warrior. I can only hope that your honour and mercy matches your valor."),
("comment_intro_noble_liege", "I see that you carry a {nobleman's/noble's} banner, although I do not recognize the device. Know that I am always looking for good {men/warriors} to fight for me, once they prove themselves to be worthy of my trust."),
("comment_intro_noble_martial", "I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. No matter -- a brave {man's/warrior's} home is all the world, or so they say!"),
("comment_intro_noble_badtempered", "I don't recognize the device on your banner. No doubt another foreigner come to our lands, as if we didn't have so many here already."),
("comment_intro_noble_pitiless", "I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. Another vulture come to grow fat on the leftovers of war, no doubt!"),
("comment_intro_noble_cunning", "I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. Still, it is always worthwhile to make the acquaintance of {men/women} who may one day prove themselves to be great warriors."),
("comment_intro_noble_sadistic", "I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. Perhaps you are the bastard {son/daughter} of a puffed-up cattle thief? Or perhaps you stole it?"),
("comment_intro_noble_goodnatured", "I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. Forgive my ignorance, {sir/my lady}! It is good to make your acquaintance."),
("comment_intro_noble_upstanding", "I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. No doubt you have come in search of wealth and glory. If this indeed is the case, then I only ask that you show mercy to those poor souls caught in the path of war."),
("comment_intro_common_liege", "You may be of common birth, but know that I am always looking for good men to fight for me, if they can prove themselves to be worthy of my trust."),
("comment_intro_common_martial", "Perhaps you are not of gentle birth, but even a commoner, be {he/she} of sufficient valor, may make something of {himself/herself} some day."),
("comment_intro_common_badtempered", "Speak quickly, if you have anything to say, for I have no time to be bandying words with common soldiers of fortune."),
("comment_intro_common_pitiless", "You have the look of a mercenary, another vulture come to grow fat on the misery of this land."),
("comment_intro_common_cunning", "Well... I have not heard of you, but you have the look of a {man/woman} who might make something of {himself/herself}, some day."),
("comment_intro_common_sadistic", "Normally I cut the throats of impudent commoners who barge into my presence uninvited, but I am in a good mood today."),
("comment_intro_common_goodnatured", "Well, you look like a good enough sort."),
("comment_intro_common_upstanding", "Peace to you, and always remember to temper your valor with mercy, your courage with honour."),
##diplomacy start+
#Change female intros and rejoiners to be prejudiced against whatever sex the player happens to be
#(This will be invisible to the player by default, since ordinarily these are never spoken to
#make players, but it allows a reversal of the convention. TODO: add documentation of xxx
##dplmc+ changes to include female-to-male versions
("comment_intro_female_famous_liege", "I have heard much about you. Some {women/men} may fear a {man/woman} who is versed in the art of war, but I for one will not turn away hands that can grip a sword, should their owner be brave and loyal."),
("comment_intro_female_famous_martial", "I have heard much about you. They say that you are the equal of even the bravest of {women/men} in your prowess at arms. Perhaps one day I shall try my valor against yours, either in a tournament or on the battlefield!"),
("comment_intro_female_famous_badtempered", "I've heard of talk of you -- the {man/woman} who knows how to fight like a {woman/man}."),
("comment_intro_female_famous_pitiless", "I know your name. It strikes fear in {women/men}'s hearts. That is good. Perhaps we should speak together, some time."),
("comment_intro_female_famous_cunning", "Ah, yes. At last we meet. You sound like a good {man/woman} to know. Let us speak together, from time to time."),
("comment_intro_female_famous_sadistic", "I know your name -- and from what I hear, I'll warrant that many a grieving widow knows too. But that is no concern of mine."),
("comment_intro_female_famous_goodnatured", "I've heard of you! It's very good to finally make your acquaintance."),
("comment_intro_female_famous_upstanding", "I know your name. They say you are a most valiant warrior. I can only hope that your honour and mercy matches your valor."),
##(... continuing dplmc+ changes to include female-to-male versions ...)
("comment_intro_female_noble_liege", "It is not often that I meet a {male/woman} who aspires to lead {warriors/men} into battle. But these are dark and troubled times, and I for one will not turn away hands that can grip a sword, should their owner be brave and loyal."),
("comment_intro_female_noble_martial", "I do not recognize the device on your banner, but clearly you are a {boy/lady} of rank. Please consider me your most humble servant."),
("comment_intro_female_noble_badtempered", "I don't recognize the device on that banner. Clearly another foreigner come to our lands, bringing their strange ways."),
("comment_intro_female_noble_pitiless", "I see that you carry a noble's banner, but I do not recognize the device... You should know, {boy/lady}, that it is the {women/men} to ride to war, and if you seek to overturn the natural order of things, you will find your fair head stuck on a pike -- like that of any other rebel!"),
("comment_intro_female_noble_cunning", "It is not unheard-of for a {male/woman} to seek {his/her} fortune on the battlefields, but neither is it usual. I shall be most interested in your progress."),
("comment_intro_female_noble_sadistic", "You appear to be of noble rank, but I don't recognize your banner. Clearly, another foreigner come to our shores -- no doubt from a land where {women/men} are weak, and the {men/women} ride to war in their place!"),
("comment_intro_female_noble_goodnatured", "I see that you carry a {noblewoman/nobleman}'s banner, but I do not recognize the device. Forgive my ignorance, {dear boy/my lady}! It is good to make your acquaintance."),
("comment_intro_female_noble_upstanding", "It is not every day that we see a {male/woman} caparisoned for war. Please do not take this amiss, {dear boy/my lady}, for you have every right to protect yourself, but I cannot pretend to be fully comfortable with your decision to fight in battle. I would prefer that {males/women} be untouched by these wars, as I believe the {male/female} to be the custodian of what little gentility and tenderness remains to us."),
##(... continuing dplmc+ changes to include female-to-male versions ...)
("comment_intro_female_admiring_liege", "It is not often that I meet a {male/woman} who aspires to lead {warriors/men} into battle. But these are dark and troubled times, and I for one will not turn away hands that can grip a sword, should their owner be brave and loyal."),
("comment_intro_female_admiring_martial", "Greetings, {dear boy/my lady}. Although I see from your demeanor that you are not a conventional {boy/maiden}, I hope that you are not averse to a declaration of admiration from me, your most humble servant."),
("comment_intro_female_badtempered_admiring", "Heh. Fancy this -- a {pretty boy/maiden}, all equipped for war. Well, it's a strange sight, but in your case, I can imagine that it might grow on me."),
("comment_intro_female_pitiless_admiring", "It is unusual to see a {male/woman} girt for war. Be careful, {dear boy/my lady} -- it is a harsh world, and it would be a shame to see such beauty marred by a sword-blow."),
#Next line deliberately doesn't switch the gender of daughter in the female-to-male version (the implication is that the amazon wants her warrior daughters to have similar bravery)
("comment_intro_female_cunning_admiring", "Greetings, {dear boy/my lady}. Please do not think it forward, if I say that it is unusual to see a {male/woman} caparisoned for war. I hope that one day I may be the {mother/father} of a daughter possessed of such bravery and spirit."),
("comment_intro_female_sadistic_admiring", "What have we here! A {pretty boy/woman}, caparisoned for war! Well, I dare say that one as fair as you could lend a touch of {delicacy/femininity} even to a mail hauberk."),
("comment_intro_female_admiring_goodnatured", "{Dear boy/My lady}, if you are skilled as arms as you are fair in countenance, then your enemies should indeed fear you!"),
("comment_intro_female_admiring_upstanding", "Greetings, {dear boy/my lady}. Even with the dust of the march upon your clothes and gear, I can see that you are not lacking in the graces of your noble sex."),
##(... continuing dplmc+ changes to include female-to-male versions ...)
("comment_intro_female_common_liege", "It is not often that I meet a {male/woman} who aspires to lead {warriors/men} into battle. But these are dark and troubled times, and I for one will not turn away hands that can grip a sword, should their owner be brave and loyal."),
("comment_intro_female_common_martial", "I must say, {dear boy/my lady} -- do be careful, riding about this dangerous land. If you ever wished to seek a more... em... settled life, I'm sure I could find you a worthy {wife/husband} from among my {warriors/men}."),
("comment_intro_female_common_badtempered", "By the way, {boy/girl} -- does your {mistress/husband} know that you nicked {her/his} weapons and armor? I'll bet you're in for a right old beating when you get home!"),
("comment_intro_female_common_pitiless", "These are fallen times indeed, when even {males/women} turn brigand, to pick the leavings from the wreckage of war."),
("comment_intro_female_common_cunning", "It is not unheard-of for a {male/woman} to seek {his/her} fortune on the battlefields, but neither is it usual. I shall be most interested in your progress."),
("comment_intro_female_common_sadistic", "A {male/woman}, caparisoned for war! Well, I suppose that you're {not much less/no more} womanly than most of those in my service who call themselves warriors."),
("comment_intro_female_common_goodnatured", "From the look of you, I suppose you can handle yourself, but do be careful out there, {dear boy/my lady}."),
("comment_intro_female_common_upstanding", "It is not every day that we see a {male/woman} caparisoned for war. Please do not take this amiss, {dear boy/my lady}, for you have every right to protect yourself, but I cannot pretend to be fully comfortable with your decision to fight in battle. I would prefer that {males/women} be untouched by these wars, as I believe the {male/female} to be the custodian of what little gentility and tenderness remains to us."),
##(... continuing dplmc+ changes to include female-to-male versions ...)
("rejoinder_intro_female_common_badtempered", "I won my weapons in battle. Would you care to test their edge?"),
("rejoinder_intro_female_noble_sadistic", "Never mind my country. Here, it seems, dogs lead {soldiers/men} to war."),
("rejoinder_intro_female_common_sadistic", "And you, {madam/sir}, are no more bestial than my horse."),
("rejoinder_intro_female_noble_pitiless", "I would restore the natural order, so that you no longer speak from your arse."),
("rejoinder_intro_female_common_pitiless", "Indeed, these are fallen times, when brigands call themselves 'Lord'."),
("rejoinder_intro_noble_sadistic", "Maybe now I'll take your banner. And your cattle. And your life."),
("rejoinder_intro_female_pitiless_admiring", "I would be delighted to mar your {pretty face/handsome nose}, {madam/sir}."),
("rejoinder_intro_female_common_upstanding", "Would you like to feel the tenderness of my steel?"),
("rejoinder_intro_female_noble_upstanding", "Would you like to feel the tenderness of my steel?"),
("rejoinder_intro_female_common_martial", "I could find worthier {wives/husbands} than those in a kennel."),
("rejoinder_intro_female_sadistic_admiring", "You could add a touch of humanity to a horse's harness, but just a touch."),
("rejoinder_intro_female_badtempered_admiring", "If you're disturbed by the sight of me, I'd be pleased to put out your eyes."),
##(end dplmc+ changes to include female-to-male versions)
##diplomacy end+
#("comment_defer_fief_to_woman", "Were you a man, I would gladly have granted you land, and counted you as one of my bravest vassals. But you see, this has never before happened in Calradia. We have had women serve in our armies, and sometimes, a woman who is the inheritor of her husband or father will lead her retainers into battle to uphold her family obligation. But to enfief a woman for having proved herself in battle? I, for one, have not heard of this."),
#("comment_defer_fief_to_woman_2", "Do not think that I am slave to tradition, if it comes between me and the crown which is rightully mine. But a monarch also cannot appear weak..."),
#Actions vis-a-vis civilians
("comment_you_raided_my_village_enemy_benevolent", "You have attacked innocent farmers under my protection in the village of {s51}. I will punish you for your misdeeds!"),
("comment_you_raided_my_village_enemy_spiteful", "You have raided my village of {s51}, destroying my property and killing the tenants. I will take my compensation in blood!"),
("comment_you_raided_my_village_enemy_coldblooded", "You have raided my village of {s51}, destroying my property and killing the tenants. I will make you think twice before you disrupt my revenues like that again."),
("comment_you_raided_my_village_enemy", "You have raided my village of {s51}, destroying my property and killing tenants under my protection. You will pay the price for your crime!"),
("comment_you_raided_my_village_unfriendly_spiteful", "You have raided my village of {s51}. Do it again and I'll gut you like a fish."),
("comment_you_raided_my_village_friendly", "You have raided my village of {s51}. This will place a grave strain on our friendship."),
("comment_you_raided_my_village_default", "You have raided my village of {s51}. If you continue to behave this way, we may soon come to blows."),
("comment_you_stole_cattles_from_my_village_enemy_benevolent", "I have heard that you have stolen cattles from innocent farmers under my protection in the village of {s51}. I will punish you for your misdeeds!"),
("comment_you_stole_cattles_from_my_village_enemy_spiteful", "I have heard that you have stolen cattles from my villagers living at {s51}, stoling my villager's property. You will pay results of this dishonorable act!"),
("comment_you_stole_cattles_from_my_village_enemy_coldblooded", "I have heard that you have stolen cattles from my villagers living at {s51}, stoling my villager's property. I will make you think twice before you disrupt my revenues like that again."),
("comment_you_stole_cattles_from_my_village_enemy", "I have heard that you have stolen cattles from my villagers living at {s51}, stoling my villager's property. You will pay results of this dishonorable act!"),
("comment_you_stole_cattles_from_my_village_unfriendly_spiteful", "I have heard that you have stolen cattles from my villagers living at {s51}. Do it again and I'll gut you like a fish."),
("comment_you_stole_cattles_from_my_village_friendly", "I have heard that you have stolen cattles from my villagers living at {s51}. This will place a grave strain on our friendship."),
("comment_you_stole_cattles_from_my_village_default", "I have heard that you have stolen cattles from my villagers living at {s51}. If you continue to behave this way, we may soon come to blows."),
("comment_you_robbed_my_village_enemy_coldblooded", "You have robbed my tenants in the village of {s51}. I take that as a personal insult."),
("comment_you_robbed_my_village_enemy", "You have robbed innocent farmers under my protection in the village of {s51}. I will punish you for your misdeeds!"),
("comment_you_robbed_my_village_friendly_spiteful", "I have heard that you pinched some food from my tenants at {s51}. Well, I'll not begrudge you a scrap or two, but keep in mind that I'm the one who must listen to their whining afterward."),
("comment_you_robbed_my_village_friendly", "I have heard that you requisitioned supplies from my tenants at {s51}. I am sure that you would not have done so were you not desperately in need."),
("comment_you_robbed_my_village_default", "You have robbed my tenants in the village of {s51}. If you continue to behave this way, we may soon come to blows."),
("comment_you_accosted_my_caravan_enemy", "You have been accosting caravans under my protection. But your trail of brigandage will soon come to an end."),
("comment_you_accosted_my_caravan_default", "You have been accosting caravans under my protection. This sort of behavior must stop."),
("comment_you_helped_villagers_benevolent", "I heard that you gave charity to my tenants in the village of {s51}. I had been neglectful in my duties as lord and protector, and I appreciate what you have done."),
("comment_you_helped_villagers_friendly_cruel", "I heard that you gave charity to my tenants in the village of {s51}. I appreciate that you meant well, but I'd rather you not undercut my authority like that."),
("comment_you_helped_villagers_friendly", "I heard that you gave charity to my tenants in the village of {s51}. Times are hard, and I know that you mean well, so I will not object to you providing them with assistance."),
("comment_you_helped_villagers_unfriendly_spiteful", "I heard that you gave charity to my tenants in the village of {s51}. As amusing as it is to see you grubbing for favor among my vassals, I would ask you to mind your own business."),
("comment_you_helped_villagers_cruel", "I heard that you gave charity to my tenants in the village of {s51}. As the peasants' lord and protector, it is most properly my duty to assist them in times of hardship. You may mean well, but your actions still undercut my authority. I would thank you to leave them alone."),
("comment_you_helped_villagers_default", "I heard that you gave charity to my tenants in the village of {s51}. Times are hard, and I know that you mean well, but try not to make a habit of it. I am their lord and protector, and I would rather not have them go looking to strangers for assistance."),
#Awarding fief-related events
("comment_you_give_castle_in_my_control", "You won't regret your decision to give {s51} to me. You can count on me to protect it."),
#can be added some more here acc. characteristic.
#Combat-related events
("comment_you_captured_a_castle_allied_friendly", "I heard that you have besieged and taken {s51}. That was a great dead, and I am proud to call you my friend!"),
("comment_you_captured_a_castle_allied_spiteful", "I heard that you have besieged and taken {s51}. Good work! Soon, we will have all their fortresses to despoil, their treasuries to ransack, their grieving widows to serve us our wine."),
("comment_you_captured_a_castle_allied_unfriendly_spiteful", "I heard that you have besieged and taken {s51}. Well, every dog has his day, or so they say. Enjoy it while you can, until your betters kick you back out in the cold where you belong."),
("comment_you_captured_a_castle_allied_unfriendly", "I heard that you have besieged and taken {s51}. Whatever our differences in the past, I must offer you my congratulations."),
("comment_you_captured_a_castle_allied", "I heard that you have besieged and taken {s51}. We have them on the run!"),
("comment_you_captured_my_castle_enemy_spiteful", "I hear that you have broken into my home at {s51}. I hope the dungeon is to your liking, as you will be spending much time there in the years to come."),
("comment_you_captured_my_castle_enemy_chivalrous", "You hold {s51}, my rightful fief. I hope you will give me the chance to win it back!"),
("comment_you_captured_my_castle_enemy", "You have something that belongs to me -- {s51}. I will make you relinquish it."),
###Add some variation to these
("comment_we_defeated_a_lord_unfriendly_spiteful", "I suppose you will want to drink to the memory of our victory over {s54}. Well, save your wine -- it will take more than that to wipe out the stain of your earlier disgraces."),
("comment_we_defeated_a_lord_unfriendly", "I will not forget how we fought together against {s54}, but I can also not forget the other matters that lie between us."),
("comment_we_defeated_a_lord_cruel", "That was a great victory over {s54}, wasn't it? We made of his army a feast for the crows!"),
("comment_we_defeated_a_lord_quarrelsome", "I won't forget how we whipped {s54}? I enjoyed that."),
("comment_we_defeated_a_lord_upstanding", "I will not forget our victory over {s54}. Let us once again give thanks to heaven, and pray that we not grow too proud."),
("comment_we_defeated_a_lord_default", "That was a great victory over {s54}, wasn't it? I am honoured to have fought by your side."),
("comment_we_fought_in_siege_unfriendly_spiteful", "I suppose you will want to drink to the memory of our capture of {s51}. Well, save your wine -- it will take more than that to wipe out the stain of your earlier disgraces."),
("comment_we_fought_in_siege_unfriendly", "I will not forget how we together we stormed {s51}, but I can also not forget the other matters that lie between us."),
("comment_we_fought_in_siege_cruel", "I won't forget how we broke through the walls of {s51} and put its defenders to the sword. It is a sweet memory."),
("comment_we_fought_in_siege_quarrelsome", "Remember how the enemy squealed when we came over the walls of {s51}? They had thought they were safe! We wiped the smug smiles of their faces!"),
("comment_we_fought_in_siege_upstanding", "I will not forget our capture of {s51}. Let us once again give thanks to heaven, and pray that we not grow too proud."),
("comment_we_fought_in_siege_default", "I will not forget how together we captured {s51}. I am honoured to have fought by your side."),
("comment_we_fought_in_major_battle_unfriendly_spiteful", "I suppose you will want to drink to the memory of our great victory near {s51}. Well, save your wine -- it will take more than that to wipe out the stain of your earlier disgraces."),
("comment_we_fought_in_major_battle_unfriendly", "I will not forget how we fought together in the great battle near {s51}, but I can also not forget the other matters that lie between us."),
("comment_we_fought_in_major_battle_cruel", "I won't forget the great battle near {s51}, when we broke through the enemy lines and they ran screaming before us. It is a sweet memory."),
("comment_we_fought_in_major_battle_quarrelsome", "That was a fine fight near {s51}, when we made those bastards run!"),
("comment_we_fought_in_major_battle_upstanding", "I will not forget how we fought side by side at the great battle near {s51}. Let us once again give thanks to heaven, and pray that we not grow too proud."),
("comment_we_fought_in_major_battle_default", "I will not forget how we fought side by side at the great battle near {s51}. I am honoured to have fought by your side."),
##diplomacy start+
#Make gender correct, using reg4 for the gender of s54. Making this work required altering script_get_relevant_comment_to_s42
("comment_you_defeated_a_lord_allied_liege", "So, you crossed swords with that rascal they call {s54}, and emerged victorious. I am very happy to hear that."),
("comment_you_defeated_a_lord_allied_unfriendly_spiteful", "I heard that you fought and defeated {s54}. Every dog has its day, I suppose."),
("comment_you_defeated_a_lord_allied_spiteful", "I heard that you fought and defeated that dog {s54}. Ah, if only I could have heard {reg4?her:him} whimpering for mercy."),
("comment_you_defeated_a_lord_allied_unfriendly_chivalrous", "I heard that you fought and defeated {s54}. I hope that you did not use dishonourable means to do so."),
("comment_you_defeated_a_lord_allied", "I heard that you fought and defeated {s54}. I wish you joy of your victory."),
##diplomacy end+
("comment_you_defeated_me_enemy_chivalrous", "I will not begrudge you your victory the last time that we met, but I am anxious for another round!"),
("comment_you_defeated_me_enemy_spiteful", "I have been looking forward to meeting you again. Your tricks will not deceive me a second time, and I will relish hearing your cries for mercy."),
("comment_you_defeated_me_enemy", "When last we met, {playername}, you had the better of me. But I assure you that it will not happen again!"),
("comment_I_defeated_you_enemy_spiteful", "Back for more? Make me fight you again, and I'll feed your bowels to my hounds."),
("comment_I_defeated_you_enemy_chivalrous", "Come to test your valor against me again, {playername}?"),
("comment_I_defeated_you_enemy_benevolent", "So once again you come at me? Will you ever learn?"),
("comment_I_defeated_you_enemy_coldblooded", "You are persistent, but a nuisance."),
("comment_I_defeated_you_enemy", "How many times must I chastise you before you learn to keep your distance?"),
##diplomacy start+
#Make gender correct, using reg4 for the gender of s54. Making this work required altering script_get_relevant_comment_to_s42
#Replacing "men" with "warriors" when the enemy leader was female in case it was an all-female band.
("comment_we_were_defeated_unfriendly_spiteful", "Last I saw you, you had been struck down by the {reg4?warriors:men} of {s54}. I blame you for that disaster. What a pity to see that you survived."),
("comment_we_were_defeated_unfriendly", "Last I saw you, you had been struck down by the {reg4?warriors:men} of {s54}. Well, I see that you survived."),
("comment_we_were_defeated_cruel", "Last I saw you, you had been struck down by the {reg4?warriors:men} of {s54}. Don't worry -- we'll find {reg4?her:him}, and make {reg4?her:him} choke on {reg4?her:her} victory."),
("comment_we_were_defeated_default", "Last I saw you, you had been struck down by the {reg4?warriors:men} of {s54}. It is good to see you alive and well."),
##diplomacy end+
##diplomacy start+
#Make gender correct, using reg4 for the gender of s54. Making this work required altering script_get_relevant_comment_to_s42
("comment_you_were_defeated_allied_friendly_spiteful", "I heard that {s54} gave you a hard time. Don't worry, friend -- I'll find {reg4?her:him} for you, and make you a gift of {reg4?her:his} head."),
("comment_you_were_defeated_allied_unfriendly_cruel", "I had heard that {s54} slaughtered your men like sheep. But here you are, alive. Such a disappointment!"),
("comment_you_were_defeated_allied_spiteful", "I heard that {s54} crushed you underfoot like an ant. Hah! Children should not play games made for grown-ups, little {boy/girl}!"),
("comment_you_were_defeated_allied_pitiless", "I heard that {s54} defeated you, and scattered your forces. That is most disappointing..."),
("comment_you_were_defeated_allied_unfriendly_upstanding", "I heard that {s54} defeated you. Perhaps you should consider if you have considered any misdeeds, that might cause heaven to rebuke you in this way."),
("comment_you_were_defeated_allied_unfriendly", "I heard that {s54} defeated you. Look, try not to get too many of our men killed, will you?"),
("comment_you_were_defeated_allied", "I heard that {s54} defeated you. But take heart -- the tables will soon be turned!"),
##diplomacy end+
##diplomacy start+
#Make gender correct, using reg4 for the gender of s54. Making this work required altering script_get_relevant_comment_to_s42
("comment_you_helped_my_ally_unfriendly_chivalrous", "I heard that you saved {s54} from likely defeat. Whatever else I may think of you, I must at least commend you for that."),
("comment_you_helped_my_ally_unfriendly", "{!}[revelance should be zero, and this message should not appear]"),
("comment_you_helped_my_ally_liege", "I heard that you saved my vassal {s54} from likely defeat. "),
("comment_you_helped_my_ally_unfriendly_spiteful", "I heard that you rode to the rescue of our poor {s54}. Did you think {reg4?her:him} a damsel in distress? No matter -- it's a common mistake."),
("comment_you_helped_my_ally_spiteful", "I heard that you saved {s54} from a whipping. You should have let {reg4?her:him} learn {reg4?her:his} lesson, in my opinion."),
("comment_you_helped_my_ally_chivalrous", "I heard that you got {s54} out of a tight spot. That was a noble deed."),
("comment_you_helped_my_ally_default", "I heard that you got {s54} out of a tight spot. Good work!"),
##diplomacy end+
("comment_you_were_defeated_allied_unfriendly", "I heard that {s54} defeated you. Look, try not to get too many of our men killed, will you?"),
("comment_you_were_defeated_allied", "I heard that {s54} defeated you. But take heart -- the tables will soon be turned!"),
("comment_you_abandoned_us_unfriendly_spiteful", "You worm! You left us alone to face {s54}, didn't you? I spit at you."),
("comment_you_abandoned_us_unfriendly_pitiless", "Well... You abandoned me in the middle of a battle with {s54}, didn't you? I'll see you buried in a traitor's grave."),
("comment_you_abandoned_us_spiteful", "You disappeared in the middle of that battle with {s54}... I hope you have a good explanation. Did your bowels give out? Were you shaking too hard with fear to hold your weapon?"),
("comment_you_abandoned_us_chivalrous", "What happened? You disappeared in the middle of that battle against {s54}. I can only hope that you were too badly wounded to stand, for I would be ashamed to have gone into battle alongside a coward."),
("comment_you_abandoned_us_benefitofdoubt", "What happened? You disappeared in the middle of that battle against {s54}. I assume that you must have been wounded, but it did look suspicious."),
("comment_you_abandoned_us_default", "What happened? One moment you were fighting with us against {s54}, the next moment you were nowhere to be found?"),
("comment_you_ran_from_me_enemy_spiteful", "Last time we met, you ran from me like a whipped dog. Have you come back to bark at me again, or to whine for mercy?"),
("comment_you_ran_from_me_enemy_chivalrous", "Last time we met, you fled from me. Learn to stand and fight like a gentleman!"),
("comment_you_ran_from_me_enemy_benevolent", "When I saw you flee the last time that we met, I had hoped that I would not have to fight you again."),
("comment_you_ran_from_me_enemy_coldblooded", "Last time we met, you fled from me. That was a wise decision"),
("comment_you_ran_from_me_enemy", "You may have been able to escape the last time we crossed paths, but the next time I doubt that you be so lucky."),
("comment_you_ran_from_foe_allied_chivalrous", "They say that you fled from {s54}, leaving your men behind. I pray that this is not true, for such conduct does dishonour to us all."),
("comment_you_ran_from_foe_allied_upstanding", "They say that you fled from {s54}, leaving your men behind. I do not always believe such rumors, and I also know that desperate straits call for desperate measures. But I beg you to take more care of your good name, for men will not fight in our armies if they hear that we abandon them on the field of battle."),
("comment_you_ran_from_foe_allied_spiteful", "By the way, they said that you ran away from {s54} like a quaking little rabbit, leaving your men behind to be butchered. Ha! What a sight that would have been to see!"),
("comment_you_defeated_my_friend_enemy_pragmatic", "You may have bested {s54}, but you cannot defeat us all."),
("comment_you_defeated_my_friend_enemy_chivalrous", "I have heard that you defeated {s54}, and ever since have been anxious to cross swords with you."),
("comment_you_defeated_my_friend_enemy_spiteful", "Your fame runs before you, {playername}. {s54} may have fallen for your tricks, but if you fight me, you'll find a me a much more slippery foe."),
("comment_you_defeated_my_friend_enemy", "They say that you have defeated {s54}. But I will be a truer test of your skill at arms."),
##diplomacy start+
#Make gender correct, using reg4 for the gender of s54. Making this work required altering script_get_relevant_comment_to_s42
("comment_you_captured_a_lord_allied_friendly_spiteful", "I heard that you captured {s54}. I hope that you squeezed {reg4?her:him} for every denar."),
("comment_you_captured_a_lord_allied_unfriendly_spiteful", "I heard that you captured {s54}. Your coffers must be well-bloated with ransom by now. Such a pity that money cannot transform a low-born cur into a {gentleman/gentlewoman}!"),#also gentleman -> {gentleman/gentlewoman}
("comment_you_captured_a_lord_allied_chivalrous", "I heard that you captured {s54}. Well done. I assume, of course, that {reg4?she:he} has been been treated with the honours due {reg4?her:his} rank."),
("comment_you_captured_a_lord_allied", "I heard that you captured {s54}. Well done. {reg4?Her:His} ransom must be worth quite something."),
##diplomacy end+
##diplomacy start+
#Make gender correct, using reg4 for the gender of s54. Making this work required altering script_get_relevant_comment_to_s42
("comment_you_let_go_a_lord_allied_chivalrous", "I heard that you captured {s54}, but then let {reg4?her:him} go. Such chivalry does a credit to our cause."),
("comment_you_let_go_a_lord_allied_upstanding", "I heard that you captured {s54}, but then let {reg4?her:him} go. Well, that was an honourable course of action, if possibly also a dangerous one."),
("comment_you_let_go_a_lord_allied_coldblooded", "I heard that you captured {s54}, but then let {reg4?her:him} go. That was most chivalrous of you, but chivalry does not win wars."),
("comment_you_let_go_a_lord_allied_unfriendly_spiteful", "I heard that you captured {s54}, but then let {reg4?her:him} go. How very chivalrous of you! No doubt the widows and orphans {reg4?she:he} leaves in {reg4?her:his} wake will want to commend you in person."),
("comment_you_let_go_a_lord_allied", "I heard that you captured {s54}, but then let {reg4?her:him} go. Well, I will not tell you what to do with your own prisoners."),
##diplomacy end+
("comment_you_let_me_go_spiteful", "When last we met, you had me at your mercy and allowed me to go free. I hope you enjoyed toying with me, like a cat with a mouse, because soon I will have you at my mercy, to slay or humiliate according to my fancy."),
("comment_you_let_me_go_enemy_chivalrous", "When last we met, you had me at your mercy and allowed me to go free. That was most chivalrous of you, and I will not forget. But I also must remember my oath to my liege, and our kingdoms are still at war."),
("comment_you_let_me_go_enemy_coldblooded", "When last we met, you had me at your mercy and allowed me to go free. But we are still enemies, and I cannot promise to repay your mercy in kind."),
("comment_you_let_me_go_enemy", "When last we met, you had me at your mercy and allowed me to go free. That was kind of you. But we are still at war."),
("comment_you_let_me_go_default", "When last we met, you had me at your mercy and allowed me to go free. That was kind of you, and I am glad that our kingdoms are no longer at war."),
#Internal faction events
("comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_martial_unfriendly", "I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Pray do not disgrace us by behaving in a cowardly fashion."),
("comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_martial", "I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. I look forward to fighting alongside you against our foes."),
("comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_quarrelsome_unfriendly", "I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Bah. Do yourself a favor, and stay out of my way."),
("comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_quarrelsome", "I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Fight hard against our foes, respect your betters, and don't cross me, and we'll get along fine."),
("comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_selfrighteous_unfriendly", "I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. If I were he, I would not trust you to clean the sculleries."),
("comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_selfrighteous", "I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Fight bravely and you will be well-rewarded. Betray us, and we shall make of you the kind of example that will not soon be forgotten."),
("comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_cunning_unfriendly", "I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. I do not pretend to be happy about his decision, but perhaps it is better to have you inside our tent pissing out, than the other way around."),
("comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_cunning", "I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. That is good. The more skilled fighters we have with us in these troubled times, the better. I shall be watching your progress."),
("comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_debauched_unfriendly", "I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. No doubt you will soon betray him, and I will have the pleasure of watching you die a traitor's death."),
("comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_debauched", "I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Excellent... I am sure that you and I will become very good friends. But remember -- if you betray us, it will be the biggest mistake you will ever make."),
("comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_goodnatured_unfriendly", "I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Well, I can't say that I would have trusted you, but perhaps you deserve the benefit of the doubt."),
("comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_goodnatured", "I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Good {man/woman}! Our lord is a noble soul, and rewards loyalty and valor with kindness and generosity."),
("comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_upstanding_unfriendly", "I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Alas, from what I know of you I fear that you will disgrace us, but I will be happy if you prove me wrong."),
("comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_upstanding", "I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Fight against our foes with valor, but also with honour and compassion. A good name is as valuable as a sharp sword or a swift horse in affairs of arms."),
("comment_our_king_granted_you_a_fief_allied_friendly_cruel", "I heard that {s54} granted you {s51} as a fief. Don't forget -- spare the whip and spoil the peasant!"),
("comment_our_king_granted_you_a_fief_allied_friendly_cynical", "I heard that {s54} granted you {s51} as a fief. I am glad to see you prosper -- but be careful. Men are vipers, envious and covetous of their neighbours' wealth. Stay close to me, and I'll watch your back."),
("comment_our_king_granted_you_a_fief_allied_friendly", "I heard that {s54} granted you {s51} as a fief. May your new lands prosper."),
("comment_our_king_granted_you_a_fief_allied_unfriendly_upstanding", "I heard that {s54} granted you {s51} as a fief. But keep in mind that pride goes before a fall."),
("comment_our_king_granted_you_a_fief_allied_unfriendly_spiteful", "I heard that {s54} granted you {s51} as a fief. I suspect, however, that fortune is only raising you up so as to humble you even more, when it casts you back into the dung from whence you came."),
("comment_our_king_granted_you_a_fief_allied_spiteful", "I heard that {s54} granted you {s51} as a fief. Let's hope you are indeed deserving of our lord's favor."),
("comment_our_king_granted_you_a_fief_allied", "I heard that {s54} granted you {s51} as a fief. You seem to be doing very well for yourself."),
("comment_you_renounced_your_alliegance_enemy_friendly", "I heard that you renounced your allegiance to our lord, {s54}. It grieves me that we must now meet on the field of battle."),
("comment_you_renounced_your_alliegance_friendly", "I heard that you renounced your allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Let us pray that we may not come to blows."),
("comment_you_renounced_your_alliegance_unfriendly_spiteful", "I always had you figured for a traitor to {s54}, and now it seems I was proven right. I hope you are prepared to die a traitor's death!"),
("comment_you_renounced_your_alliegance_unfriendly_moralizing", "I heard that you renounced your allegiance to our lord, {s54}. I am forced to consider you a traitor."),
("comment_you_renounced_your_alliegance_enemy", "I heard that you renounced your allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Well, it is the way of the world for old comrades to become enemies."),
("comment_you_renounced_your_alliegance_default", "I heard that you renounced your allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Well, that is your decision, but do not expect me to go easy on you when we meet on the battlefield."),
#player claim throne statements
("comment_you_claimed_the_throne_1_player_liege", "My informants tell me that some people in this realm are speaking of you as the next king. I assume that you will quickly put a stop to such idle and dangerous talk."),
("comment_you_claimed_the_throne_2_player_liege", "My informants tell me that some of your companions have telling the peasants that you have a claim to the throne. I sincerely hope that they have been acting without your orders."),
#new political comments
##diplomacy start+
#Note that the following are not called from the conversation-starting invocation of script_get_relevant_comment_to_s42
##diplomacy end+
("comment_lord_intervened_against_me", "It is well known that I had quarreled with {s54}, and {s50} ruled in my rival's favor."),
("comment_i_protested_marshall_appointment", "It is well known that I had protested {s54}'s decision to appoint {s51} as marshal."),
("comment_i_blamed_defeat", "It is well known that I am dissatisfied with {s54} for the favor shown to {s51}, who led us to defeat against the {s56}."),
("comment_i_was_entitled_to_fief", "It is well known that I am disappointed that {s54} received the fief of {s51}, which should have gone to me."),
# ("comment_i_quarreled_with_troop_over_woman", "It is well known that {s51} paid suit to {s54}, while I was also courting her. He is unworthy of her attentions, and I intend to teach him to keep his distance from her."),
##diplomacy start+
#Altered to use reg3 for gender of s51, reg4 for gender of s54, and reg65 for gender of speaker
#Note that some of these are not called from the conversation-starting invocation of script_get_relevant_comment_to_s42
("comment_i_quarreled_with_troop_over_woman", "It is well known that {s51} paid suit to {s54}, while I was also courting {reg4?her:him}. {reg3?She:He} is unworthy of {reg4?her:his} attentions, and I intend to teach {reg3?her:him} to keep {reg3?her:his} distance from {reg4?her:him}."),
("comment_i_quarreled_with_you_over_woman_default", "I hear that you have been paying suit to {s54}. I do not believe that you are worthy of a fair {reg4?lady:lad} such as {reg4?her:him}, and would strongly encourage you to cease pursuing {reg4?her:him}."),
("comment_i_quarreled_with_you_over_woman_derisive", "I hear that you have been paying suit to {s54}. Let me tell you something -- I've had my eye on that one ever since I was a {reg65?lass:lad}, and {reg4?she:he} was a {reg4?lass:lad}. {reg4?She:he}'s a high-born {reg4?lady:scion} of this realm, and should not be demeaned by a foreigner's crude attentions. Keep away from {reg4?her:him}, or expect to pay the price!"),
##diplomacy end+
("comment_player_suggestion_succeeded", "I followed your suggestion, and profited much by your advice."),
("comment_player_suggestion_failed", "I followed your suggestion and met with disaster, and I hold you responsible."),
##diplomacy start+
#Make gender correct, using reg4 for the gender of s54. Making this work required altering script_get_relevant_comment_to_s42
("comment_you_enfiefed_a_commoner_hesitant", "I understand that you have given {s51} to a commoner who calls {reg4?herself:himself} {s54}. Be careful. To learn the art of governance is no easy task, and perhaps it is best that fathers pass it on to their sons. I advise you against tampering with the institution of lordship."),
("comment_you_enfiefed_a_commoner_derisive", "I understand that you have given {s51} to a commoner who calls {reg4?herself:himself} {s54}. Do not the ancients warn us against making royal robes out of the hides of pigs?"),
("comment_you_enfiefed_a_commoner_nasty", "I understand that you have given {s51} to a commoner who has taken the name of {s54}. Have a care! A dog may turn on its master."),
##diplomacy end+
##diplomacy start+
#Make gender correct, using reg4 for the gender of s50. Making this work required altering script_get_relevant_comment_to_s42
#Don't change the order of the following strings! (Refer to script_get_relevant_comment_to_s42 if you must)
("comment_marriage_normal_family", "Congratulations on your marriage to my {s11} {s50}. You may now consider yourself part of the family!"),
("comment_marriage_normal", "Congratulations on your marriage to {s50}. The news does credit to you both."),
("comment_marriage_normal_nasty", "Well -- I see that you have married {s50}. (reg4?She:He} was always a silly {reg4?girl:boy}, with appalling judgment."),
("comment_marriage_elopement_family", "Well... You somehow persuaded my {s11} {s50} to marry you. I don't know what you did to make {reg4?her:him} accept you, but our family will not forget this humiliation."),
("comment_marriage_elopement_liege", "I hear that you have eloped with {s50}, against {reg4?her:his} family's wishes. I am not pleased. {reg4?Her:His} family are among the great lords of my realm, and I do not like to see them made to look like fools."),
##diplomacy end+
("comment_you_broke_truce_as_my_vassal", "I hear that you have broken my truce by attacking {s55}. Do you know how this makes me look? If you were acting under my orders, I appear dishonorable. If you were not, I look weak. I have half a mind to indict you for treason here and now."),
("comment_you_attacked_neutral_as_my_vassal", "I hear that you have attacked subjects of the {s55}. You have given them an excuse to attack me, if they want... We shall see what comes of this. A fine day's work you have done!"),
("personality_archetypes", "liege"),
("martial", "martial"),
("quarrelsome", "bad-tempered"),
("selfrighteous", "pitiless"),
("cunning", "cunning"),
("debauched", "sadistic"),
("goodnatured", "good-natured"),
("upstanding", "upstanding"),
("roguish", "roguish"),
("benevolent", "benevolent"),
("mercantile", "mercantile"),
("surrender_demand_default", "Yield or die!"),
("surrender_demand_martial", "The odds are not in your favor today. You may fight us, but there is also no shame if you yield now."),
("surrender_demand_quarrelsome", "I've got you cornered. Give up, or I'll ride you down like a dog."),
("surrender_demand_pitiless", "You cannot defeat me, and I'll teach you a painful lesson if you try. Yield!"),
("surrender_demand_cunning", "You are outmatched today. Give up -- if not for your own sake, then think of your men!"),
("surrender_demand_sadistic", "Surrender or I'll gut you like a fish!"),
("surrender_demand_goodnatured", "We have the advantage of you. Yield, and you will be well-treated."),
("surrender_demand_upstanding", "You may fight us, but many of your men will be killed, and you will probably lose. Yield, and spare us both the unnecessary bloodshed."),
("surrender_offer_default", "Stop! I yield!"),
("surrender_offer_martial", "Stop! I yield!"),
("surrender_offer_quarrelsome", "Enough! You win today, you dog! Ach, the shame of it!"),
("surrender_offer_pitiless", "I yield! You have won. Cursed be this day!"),
("surrender_offer_cunning", "Stop! I yield to you!"),
("surrender_offer_sadistic", "I give up! I give up! Call back your dogs!"),
("surrender_offer_goodnatured", "I yield! Congratulations on your victory, {sir/madame}!"),
("surrender_offer_upstanding", "I yield! Grant me the honours of war, and do yourself credit!"),
("lord_declines_negotiation_offer_default", "That may be, but I wish to fight with you"),
("lord_declines_negotiation_offer_martial", "That may be, but it is my duty to fight with you"),
("lord_declines_negotiation_offer_quarrelsome", "Hah! I want to fight with you"),
("lord_declines_negotiation_offer_pitiless", "Why should I care? I wish to fight with you"),
("lord_declines_negotiation_offer_cunning", "Ah. Unfortunately, you see, I wish to fight with you"),
("lord_declines_negotiation_offer_sadistic", "Still your tongue! You will have need of it shortly, while begging for mercy"),
("lord_declines_negotiation_offer_goodnatured", "I'm sorry -- I can't just let you ride away. No hard feelings?"),
("lord_declines_negotiation_offer_upstanding", "That may be, but my duty to my liege requires me to fight with you"),
("prisoner_released_default", "You have my gratitude, {sir/madame}. I shall not forget your kindness."),
("prisoner_released_martial", "You are indeed a {man/woman} of honour, {sir/madame}. I shall not forget this!"),
("prisoner_released_quarrelsome", "I'm free? Well... Good bye, then."),
("prisoner_released_pitiless", "Thank you. When you are finally defeated, I will request for your death to be swift and merciful. Unless, that is, you care to join us... Good bye, for now."),
("prisoner_released_cunning", "Am I? You are a good {man/woman}. I will try to find a way to repay you."),
("prisoner_released_sadistic", "Am I? So refined is your cruelty, that you would rather see me free and humiliated, than in chains. Enjoy your triumph!"),
("prisoner_released_goodnatured", "You are indeed a {man/woman} of honour, {sir/madame}. I shall not forget this!"),
("prisoner_released_upstanding", "You are indeed a {man/woman} of honour, {sir/madame}. I shall not forget this!"),
#Post 0907 changes begin
("enemy_meet_default", "Who are you, that comes in arms against me?"),
("enemy_meet_martial", "What is your name, {sir/madame}? If we come to blows, I would know whom I fight."),
("enemy_meet_quarrelsome", "Who the hell are you?"),
("enemy_meet_pitiless", "Who are you? Speak, so that I may know whom I slay."),
("enemy_meet_cunning", "Tell me your name. It is always good to know your enemy."),
("enemy_meet_sadistic", "Who are you? Speak quick, before I cut your tongue out."),
("enemy_meet_goodnatured", "What is your name, {sir/madame}? If we come to blows, I would know whom I fight."),
("enemy_meet_upstanding", "Who are you, who would come in arms to dispute our righteous cause?"),
("battle_won_default", "You have proven yourself a most valued ally, today."),
("battle_won_martial", "There is no greater fortune than the chance to show one's valor on the field of arms!"),
("battle_won_quarrelsome", "Hah! We showed those bastards a thing or two, there, didn't we?"),
("battle_won_pitiless", "Together, we will make the foe learn to fear our names, and to quail at our coming!"),
("battle_won_cunning", "Now, we must be sure to press our advantage, so that the blood shed today is not wasted."),
("battle_won_sadistic", "Now let us strip their dead and leave them for the crows, so that all will know the fate of those who come against us."),
("battle_won_goodnatured", "That was a good scrap! No joy like the joy of victory, eh?"),
("battle_won_upstanding", "Now, let us give thanks to the heavens for our victory, and mourn the many fine men who have fallen today."),
("battle_won_grudging_default", "You helped turn the tide on the field, today. Whatever I may think of you, I cannot fault you for your valor."),
("battle_won_grudging_martial", "{playername} -- you have shown yourself a worthy {man/woman} today, whatever your misdeeds in the past."),
("battle_won_grudging_quarrelsome", "Hmf. Yours is not a face which I normally like to see, but I suppose today I should thank you for your help."),
("battle_won_grudging_pitiless", "Your help was most valuable today. I would not imagine that you came to help me out of kindness, but I nonetheless thank you."),
("battle_won_grudging_cunning", "It would be unwise of me not to thank you for coming to help me in my hour of need. So... You have my gratitude."),
("battle_won_grudging_sadistic", "Well! How touching! {playername} has come to rescue me."),
("battle_won_grudging_goodnatured", "{playername}! I can't say that we've always gotten along in the past, but you fought well today. My thanks to you!"),
("battle_won_grudging_upstanding", "Perhaps I was wrong about you. Your arrival was most timely. You have my gratitude."),
("battle_won_unfriendly_default", "So you're here. Well, better late than never, I suppose."),
("battle_won_unfriendly_martial", "We have hard harsh words in the past, but for now let us simply enjoy our victory."),
("battle_won_unfriendly_quarrelsome", "If you're standing there waiting for thanks, you can keep waiting. Your help wasn't really needed, but I guess you had nothing better to do, right?"),
("battle_won_unfriendly_pitiless", "You have come here, like a jackal to a lion's kill. Very well then, help yourself to the spoils. I shall not stop you."),
("battle_won_unfriendly_cunning", "{playername}... Well, I suppose your arrival didn't hurt, although I won't pretend that I'm happy to see you."),
("battle_won_unfriendly_sadistic", "Back off, carrion fowl! This was my victory, however hard you try to steal the glory for yourself."),
("battle_won_unfriendly_goodnatured", "Oh, it's you. Well, I suppose I should thank you for your help."),
("battle_won_unfriendly_upstanding", "Thank you for coming to my support. Now I will be off, before I say something that I regret."),
("troop_train_request_default", "I need someone like you to knock them into shape."),
("troop_train_request_martial", "They need someone to show them the meaning of valor."),
("troop_train_request_quarrelsome", "Fat lazy bastards. They make me puke."),
("troop_train_request_pitiless", "They are more afraid of the enemy than they are of me, and this will not do."),
("troop_train_request_cunning", "But men, like swords, are tempered and hardened by fire."),
("troop_train_request_sadistic", "They need someone with steel in his back to flog some courage into them, or kill them trying."),
("troop_train_request_goodnatured", "They're good enough lads, but I am afraid that they are not quite ready for a battle just yet."),
("troop_train_request_upstanding", "It would be tantamount to murder for me to lead them into combat in their current state."),
("unprovoked_attack_default", "What? Why do you attack us? Speak, you rascal!"),
("unprovoked_attack_martial", "I have no objection to a trial of arms, but I would ask you for what reason you attack us?"),
("unprovoked_attack_quarrelsome", "You're making a big mistake, {boy/girl}. What do you think you're doing?"),
("unprovoked_attack_pitiless", "Indeed? If you really want to die today, I'd be more than happy to oblige you, but I am curious as to what you hope to accomplish."),
("unprovoked_attack_cunning", "Really? I think that you are acting most unwisely. What do you hope to gain by this?"),
("unprovoked_attack_sadistic", "What's this? Do you enjoy having your eyes put out?"),
("unprovoked_attack_goodnatured", "Why do you do this? We've got no quarrel, {sir/madame}."),
("unprovoked_attack_upstanding", "I consider this an unprovoked assault, and will protest to your king. Why do you do this?"),
("unnecessary_attack_default", "I will not hesitate to cut you down if pressed, but I will offer you the chance to ride away from this."),
("unnecessary_attack_martial", "I am eager to take you up on your challenge, {sir/madame}, although I will give you a minute to reconsider."),
("unnecessary_attack_quarrelsome", "Bah! I'm in no mood for this nonsense today. Get out of my way."),
("unnecessary_attack_pitiless", "I am in a merciful mood today. I will pretend that I did not hear you."),
("unnecessary_attack_cunning", "I don't see what you have to gain by making an enemy of me. Maybe you should just ride away."),
("unnecessary_attack_sadistic", "I have no time to waste on a worm like you. Get out of my way."),
("unnecessary_attack_goodnatured", "I don't see what you have to gain by picking a fight, {sir/madame}. You can still ride away."),
("unnecessary_attack_upstanding", "If a fight is what you wish, {sir/madame}, then you will have one, but I will yet offer you the chance to back down."),
("lord_challenged_default", "As you wish. Prepare to die!"),
("lord_challenged_martial", "So be it. Defend yourself!"),
("lord_challenged_quarrelsome", "You impudent whelp! I'll crush you!"),
("lord_challenged_pitiless", "If you so badly wish to die, then I have no choice but to oblige you."),
("lord_challenged_cunning", "Well, if you leave me no choice..."),
("lord_challenged_sadistic", "You heap of filth! I'll make you wish you'd never been born."),
("lord_challenged_goodnatured", "Very well. I had hoped that we might avoid coming to blows, but I see that have no choice."),
("lord_challenged_upstanding", "So be it. It saddens me that you cannot be made to see reason."),
("lord_mission_failed_default", "Well, I am disappointed, but I am sure that you will have many chances to redeem yourself."),
("lord_mission_failed_martial", "There is no honour in failing a quest which you endeavoured to take, but I will accept your word on it."),
("lord_mission_failed_quarrelsome", "You failed? Bah. I should have expected as much from the likes of you."),
("lord_mission_failed_pitiless", "You failed? Well. You disappoint me. That is a most unwise thing to do."),
("lord_mission_failed_cunning", "Well, I am disappointed, but no one can guarantee that the winds of fortune will always blow their way."),
("lord_mission_failed_sadistic", "Indeed? Those who fail me do not always live to regret it."),
("lord_mission_failed_goodnatured", "Oh well. It was a long shot, anyway. Thank you for making an effort."),
("lord_mission_failed_upstanding", "Very well. I am sure that you gave it your best effort."),
("lord_follow_refusal_default", "Follow you? You forget your station, {sir/madame}."),
("lord_follow_refusal_martial", "Perhaps if you one day prove yourself a valorous and honourable warrior, then I would follow you. But not today."),
("lord_follow_refusal_quarrelsome", "Follow someone like you? I don't think so."),
("lord_follow_refusal_pitiless", "Lords like me do not follow people like you, {sir/madame}."),
("lord_follow_refusal_cunning", "First show me that you are the type of {man/woman} who will not lead me into disaster, and then perhaps I will follow you."),
("lord_follow_refusal_sadistic", "I think not! Rather, you should follow me, as a whipped cur follows {his/her} master."),
("lord_follow_refusal_goodnatured", "Um, I am a bit pressed with errands right now. Perhaps at a later date."),
("lord_follow_refusal_upstanding", "First show me that you are worthy to lead, and then perhaps I will follow."),
("lord_insult_default", "base varlot"),
("lord_insult_martial", "dishonourable knave"),
("lord_insult_quarrelsome", "filth-swilling bastard"),
("lord_insult_pitiless", "low-born worm"),
("lord_insult_cunning", "careless oaf"),
("lord_insult_sadistic", "sniveling cur"),
("lord_insult_goodnatured", "unpleasant fellow"),
("lord_insult_upstanding", "disgraceful scoundrel"),
("lord_derogatory_default", "base and vile"),
("lord_derogatory_martial", "bullheaded"),
("lord_derogatory_quarrelsome", "quarrelsome and divisive"),
("lord_derogatory_pitiless", "cruel, tyrannical"),
("lord_derogatory_cunning", "unscrupulous and manipulative"),
("lord_derogatory_sadistic", "vile and dishonorable"),
("lord_derogatory_goodnatured", "hopelessly naive"),
("lord_derogatory_upstanding", "stiffnecked and sanctimonious"),
("lord_derogatory_result", "bring us to ruin"),
("lord_derogatory_martial_action", "attack the enemy without thought or plan, and throw away the lives of your men"),
("lord_derogatory_quarrelsome_action", "pick fights with other lords, leaving us divided and weak"),
("lord_derogatory_pitiles_action", "alienate the commons, provoking revolt and mutiny"),
("lord_derogatory_cunning_action", "cut a deal with the enemy behind our back"),
("lord_derogatory_sadistic_action", "bring shame upon our cause and our realm"),
("lord_derogatory_goodnatured_action", "take pity on our enemies, rather than fight them"),
("lord_derogatory_upstanding_action", "place your own exaggerated sense of honor above the needs of the realm"),
("rebellion_dilemma_default", "{!}[liege]"),
("rebellion_dilemma_martial", "{s45} was clearly wronged. Although I gave an oath to {s46}, it does not bind me to support him if he usurped his throne illegally."),
("rebellion_dilemma_quarrelsome", "Hmm. {s46} has never given me my due, so I don't figure I owe him much. However, maybe {s45} will be no better, and {s46} has at least shown himself ."),
("rebellion_dilemma_pitiless", "Hmm. {s45} says {reg3?she:he} is the rightful heir to the throne. That is good -- it absolves me of my oath to {s46}. But still I must weight my decision carefully."),
("rebellion_dilemma_cunning", "Hmm. I gave an oath of homage to {s46}, yet the powerful are not bound by their oaths as our ordinary people. Our duty is to our own ability to rule, to impose order and prevent the war of all against all."),
("rebellion_dilemma_sadistic", "Hmm. In this vile world, a wise man must think of himself, for no one else will. So -- what's in it for me?"),
("rebellion_dilemma_goodnatured", "I do not know what to say. I gave an oath to {s46} as the lawful ruler, but if he is not the lawful ruler, I don't know if I am still bound."),
("rebellion_dilemma_upstanding", "This is troublesome. It is a grave thing to declare my homage to {s46} to be null and void, and dissolve the bonds which keep our land from sinking into anarchy. Yet I am also pledged to support the legitimacy of the succession, and {s45} also has a valid claim to the throne."),
("rebellion_dilemma_2_default", "{!}[liege]"),
("rebellion_dilemma_2_martial", "On the other hand, {s46} has led us in war and peace, and I am loathe to renounce my allegiance."),
("rebellion_dilemma_2_quarrelsome", "So tell me, why should I turn my back on the bastard I know, in favor of {reg3?a woman:the bastard} I don't know?"),
("rebellion_dilemma_2_pitiless", "It is a most perilous position to be in, to be asked whom I would make {reg3?ruler:king} of this land. Yet it is also a time of opportunity, for me to reap the rewards that have always been my due!"),
("rebellion_dilemma_2_cunning", "{s46} has been challenged, and thus he will never be able to rule as strongly as one whose claim has never been questioned. Yet if {s45} takes the throne by force, {reg3?she:he} will not be as strong as one who succeeded peacefully."),
("rebellion_dilemma_2_sadistic", "Perhaps if I join {s45} while {reg3?she:he} is still weak {reg3?she:he} will enrich me, but perhaps if I bring {s46} your head he will give me an even greater reward."),
("rebellion_dilemma_2_goodnatured", "{s46} has always treated me decently, yet it's true that he did wrong to {s45}. I hesitate to renounce my homage to {s46}, yet I also don't think it's right to support injustice."),
("rebellion_dilemma_2_upstanding", "I feel that I must do whatever is best for the realm, to avoid it being laid waste by civil war and ravaged by its enemies."),
("political_philosophy_default", "{!}[liege]"),
("political_philosophy_martial", "My sword is at the disposal of my rightful liege, so long as he upholds his duty to me."),
("political_philosophy_quarrelsome", "Bah. They're all a bunch of bastards. I try to make sure that the ones who wrong me learn to regret it."),
("political_philosophy_pitiless", "Men will always try to cheat others of their rightful due. In this faithless world, each must remain vigilant of his own rights."),
("political_philosophy_cunning", "Well, it's a harsh world, and it is our lot to face harsh choices. Sometimes one must serve a tyrant to keep the peace, but sometimes a bit of rebellion keeps the kings honest. Circumstance is all."),
("political_philosophy_sadistic", "My philosophy is simple: it is better to be the wolf than the lamb."),
("political_philosophy_goodnatured", "Well, you should keep faith with your promises, and not do injustice to others. Sometimes it's hard to balance those. Stick with people you trust, I think, and it's hard to go far wrong."),
("political_philosophy_upstanding", "Kingship and lordship have been instituted to keep the peace and prevent the war of all against all, yet that must not blind us to the possibility of injustice."),
("political_philosophy_roguish", "Hmm.. I guess I'm thinking that it's good to be a lord."),
("political_philosophy_benefactor", "A good ruler makes sure all are treated justly. Personally, I intend to use my authority to better the lot of those who live in my demesne."),
("political_philosophy_custodian", "A good ruler creates the proper conditions for people to prosper. Personally, I intend to use my wealth to create more wealth, for myself and for the common benefit."),
("rebellion_prior_argument_very_favorable", "I have already heard some arguments for supporting your candidate for the throne, and I tend to agree with them."),
("rebellion_prior_argument_favorable", "I have already heard some arguments for supporting your candidate for the throne, and I tend to agree with them."),
("rebellion_prior_argument_unfavorable", "I have already heard some arguments for supporting your candidate for the throne, but I do not find them convincing."),
("rebellion_prior_argument_very_unfavorable", "I have already heard some arguments for supporting your candidate for the throne, but I disagree with most of them."),
("rebellion_rival_default", "{!}[liege]"),
("rebellion_rival_martial", "{s49} your ally {s44} once questioned my honour and my bravery. It's not often I get the chance to face him in battle, and make him retract his statement."),
("rebellion_rival_quarrelsome", "{s49} you're working with {s44}. He's a crafty weasel, and I don't trust him one bit."),
("rebellion_rival_pitiless", "{s49} you seem to have enlisted the support of {s44} -- who is soft, and weak, and not fit to govern a fief, and whom I have always detested."),
("rebellion_rival_cunning", "{s49} {s44}, who has already joined you, is headstrong and quarrelsome, and a bit of liability."),
("rebellion_rival_sadistic", "{s49} I have no desire to fight alongside your ally {s44}, who puts on such a nauseating display of virtue."),
("rebellion_rival_goodnatured", "{s49} I'd be reluctant to be on the same side as {s44}, who has quite a reputation for cruelty."),
("rebellion_rival_upstanding", "{s49} your ally {s44} is in my opinion a dangerous, unreliable, and highly unprincipled man."),
("rebellion_argument_favorable", "I respect your line of argument"),
("rebellion_argument_neutral", "I find your line of argument only moderately compelling"),
("rebellion_argument_unfavorable", "I do not find your line of argument compelling"),
("rebellion_persuasion_favorable", "you state your case eloquently"),
("rebellion_persuasion_neutral", "you make a reasonable case"),
("rebellion_persuasion_unfavorable", "you make an unconvincing case"),
("rebellion_relation_very_favorable", "I have the greatest respect for you personally."),
("rebellion_relation_favorable", "I know and respect you personally."),
("rebellion_relation_neutral", "I do not know you as well as I might like."),
("rebellion_relation_unfavorable", "I do not trust you."),
("and_comma_3", "Furthermore, "),
("but_comma_3", "However,"),
("and_comma_1", ", and "),
("but_comma_1", ", but "),
("and_comma_2", ". Moreover, "),
("but_comma_2", ". Nonetheless, "),
("rebellion_agree_default", "{!}[liege]"),
("rebellion_agree_martial", "I have decided. I will back {s45} as the rightful heir."),
("rebellion_agree_quarrelsome", "Ahh, I've thought long enough. I never did like {s46} much anyway. Let's go take his throne away from him."),
("rebellion_agree_pitiless", "You are fortunate. I have decided to join you. Pray do not give me cause to regret this decision."),
("rebellion_agree_cunning", "This is a most dangerous decision, but after careful consideration, I have decided that I will join you. Let's hope it is for the best."),
("rebellion_agree_sadistic", "I have decided. I will back your {reg3?woman:man} {s45}. But you'd best make sure that {reg3?she:he} rewards me well!"),
("rebellion_agree_goodnatured", "All right. I think your {reg3?woman:man} will be a good ruler. I'll join you."),