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An Emacs major mode for Twitter

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Twittering-mode: a Twitter client for Emacs

Twittering-mode enables you to twit on Emacsen.

  • web:
  • github:


  • Activities on Twitter

    • Viewing various timelines
      • Friends' timeline
      • Replies
      • User's timeline
      • Public timeline
    • Posting tweets
      • Direct message
      • ReTweet
      • Hash tag
      • Signiture
    • Following and removing users
    • Marking tweets as favorites
  • HTTP Proxy support
  • Secure connection via HTTPS (cURL is required)

    Supported Emacsen

  • GNU Emacs 21 (some restrictions)

  • GNU Emacs 22, 23

    Authors & Contributors

  • Y. Hayamizu

  • naoya_t
  • Tsuyoshi CHO
  • Alberto Garcia
  • Satoshi Yatagawa
  • 高山智也
  • 松尾(cvmat)
  • 青田(naota)
  • Jaemok Jeong(jmjeong)
  • Thomas Danckaert
  • IMAI Toshiyuki

    See also


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