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Docset feeds: https://github.com/cvogt/cvogt.github.io/tree/master/releases/docsets (use Raw view of xml files to add them)

Script to generate Dash docsets for the manuals (not API docs) of many Scala libraries.

Why? Offline support, fast, unified search. API was already available via maven, manuals weren't.

Includes Scala, Slick, Spray, Playframework, Sbt, Ammonite, cats, leaning scalaz, doobie, fastparse, Hand-on Scala.js, PPrint, ScalaTags, Scalatex, uPickle

To run this yourself, you need a recent version of wget that supports the --exclude argument. You also need Dashing installed (https://github.com/technosophos/dashing)

How to contribute?

  • improve existing docsets: Tweak css selectors, add ignores, improve text via regexes
  • add docsets for more libraries