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2.0.3 [HEAD]:
Added XZ/LZMA compression utilities [cvpcs]
This is more of an addition for future use, but I have added
from-source builds for the xz (lzma) program, which can be
used by other parts of the system in the future to provide
lzma (think 7zip) compression.
Updated to market 2.2.11 [cvpcs]
Updated to the latest market in the gapps package.
Added beginnings of a vendor for the mecha (Titanite) [cvpcs]
With an available system dump for the HTC Thunderbolt (mecha),
decided it would be a good idea to get rolling on a basic
vendor for it.
Added swype-to-clear individaul notification [Evan Charlton]
Evan Charlton added this handy feature to CM awhile back and
as I've personally wanted the ability to clear a single
notification more times than I can remember, it's been added!
It's done by swiping left or right over the top of any
cancellable notification.
Removed need for libc-ext [koush]:
Koush made modifications to busybox that meant we no longer
required this external library that was added so many eons
ago when the gems were so young. It will be missed.
Spare parts/Dev Tools moved into GEM Settings [cvpcs/robstemen]
Spare Parts/Dev Tools are great tools but are not generally
used on a day-to-day basis. For this reason they have been
removed from the launcher and put in GEM Settings.
Complete rewrite of GEM Settings [cvpcs/robstemen (rework)]
[drz (graphics)]
GEM Settings have been completely rewritten to be more stable
and better organized. Icons have been added as well in order
to make the screens more plesant and professional. The way
in which settings are handled has changed to stop settings
from not being set on occassion, and organization has changed
to make things easier to find.
Added Galaxy S Power Widget [cvpcs (rework)]
[drz (some graphics)]
[pedlar/mtwebster/nadlabak (base)]
Added a power widget similar in form to that which is present
in the pulldown of the Galaxy S stock phones. This code was
largely rewritten from the CM implementation so thanks to the
CM team for their original work.
Removed Visual Voice Mail from props (Sapphire) [cvpcs]
This is (a) a poorly written app and also (b) available on
market anyway.
Updated market to 2.2.7 [cvpcs]
Updated gapps package to the new market.
Removed more unnecessary items form gapps package [cvpcs]
It was brought to my attention that some of the gapps items
(namely amazon mp3 and car home) are available on market, so
they have been removed from the gapps package.
Updated kernel for evo (Emerald) [cvpcs]
Updated to a more stable kernel.
Updated props for evo (Emerald) [cvpcs]
Updated to the 3.70 props for HTC Evo 4G
Fixed compcache detection in GEMSettings [cvpcs]
Compcache is now detected by the presence of its kernel module
as well as swap support. This ensures that a system with swap
support but no compcache module doesn't falsly get detected
as having support.
Moved boot/recovery update packages (Obsidian/Tanzanite) [cvpcs]
The boot package for obsidian and tanzanite has been moved
to /system and the custom recovery has been removed in favor
of utilizing koush's bootstrap recovery. This will allow users
to make complete nandroid flashes back and forth between
obsidian/tanzanite and other roms.
An ACTUAL fix for battery drain/performance on DX
(Obsidian/Tanzanite) [cvpcs]
Fix a bug related to cwiid starting (Obsidian/Tanzanite) [cvpcs]
Added simple Matroska container support [aosp]
Pulled in support for the Matroska media container from gingerbread.
This is somewhat buggy and will need to be worked on.
Removed all market apps from the build [cvpcs]
All market apps have been removed in favor of downloading them from
the market (ADW, Musicmod, Gmail, GoogleMaps, etc). The reason for
this is to promote stability by reducing issues updating these apps.
For apps that were once available in scriptybox, they have been removed
from the switchapk script pending a more stable method of replacing
system apps (which will be included later)
Fixed search button issue with google search from market [cvpcs]
Fixed music continuous skip (hopefully?) [cvpcs]
Fixed a problem with longpress back kill dialog [cvpcs]
Working usb for DX/D2 (Obsidian/Tanzanite) [cvpcs]
Fixed battery drain on DX/D2 (Obsidian/Tanzanite) [cvpcs]
Improved performance on the DX/D2 (Obsidian/Tanzanite) [cvpcs]
Longpress BACK kills current process [evan charlton/cvpcs]
If users opt-in, long-pressing BACK will kill the current
foreground process. This setting can be modified in GEM
New AppWidgetPicker [boombuler]
Groups widgets by package when selecting which ones to
place on the home screen.
Added MIUI RIL for Incredible [cvpcs] (Ruby)
The HTC RIL that was hacked by the MIUI group is now baked
into the HTC Droid Incredible Ruby ROM (no more need to patch
Working, simple push notifications [cvpcs]
Push notifications are now working in a usable sense. At
this point, however, they are exteremely simplistic. They
will simply be used to notify users the moment an update
or patch is available, and clicking on the notification
simply opens a page in the browser to more information.
The app will be extended in the future to become more
robust. Push notifications were also moved into GEM Settings
so as not to clutter the launcher.
Fixed some problems with volume mounting [cuviper]
New EVO kernels [cvpcs] (Emerald)
Updated the supersonic (HTC Evo 4G) kernels to work with
the latest 3.30.651.2 props and whatnot.
Updated SuperUser [cvpcs]
Moved to the more up-to-date SuperUser app by ChainsDD
included in CyanogenMod. This should allow installation
of updates from Market to work.
Updated supersonic props to 3.30.651.2 [cvpcs] (Emerald)
Updated the latest proprietaries for the emerald build.
Push notifications [cvpcs]
Users will be able to register to receive the latest GEM
updates as soon as they come out using Google's cloud-to-
device messaging system. (NOTE: this feature is purely
Update sholes props to FRG83D [cvpcs] (Sapphire)
Updated the latest proprietaries for the sapphire build.
Updated shadow props to 2.3.340 [cvpcs] (Obsidian)
Updated the latest proprietaries for the obsidian build.
Bug fixes:
Screen wake reboot [blackdroid/cvpcs] (Obsidian)
Audio from source [cvpcs] (Obsidian)
Added GEM system user [cvpcs]
Instead of running low-level system apps as the uber-powerful,
all-knowing SYSTEM... (que TRON music here) ... I have opted to
create a less powerful (but still equally epic) user named "gem"
which only has access to what is required to run custom system
apps such as GEMSettings and CWiiDConfig
Reverted to 2.1 volume rocker behavior [erasmux]
Reverted to the original 2.1 volume rocker behavior that will
go from sound -> vibrate -> silent when using the volume rocker
to adjust ring volume.
Updated AOSP Froyo [cvpcs]
Once again merged AOSP froyo's recent changes
Added CWiiD WiiMote Connectivity [cvpcs/nehresmann]
CWiiD is a library that enabled wiimotes to connect via
bluetooth to your device. They can then be used as remote
controls or as a virtual keyboard.
Updated to AOSP Froyo 2.2.1 [cvpcs]
AOSP recently pushed a group of updates corresponding to a new
froyo release (2.2.1), which have now been incorporated into
the build.
Moved Obsidian to a chroot environment [cvpcs] (Obsidian)
Obsidian is now inside a jailed root environment (chroot), which
allows it to remain distinct and oblivious to the motorola init
that spawns it. (huzzah!)
Bug fixes:
Battery daemon now starts properly on boot [cvpcs] (Obsidian)
Wifi works! [cvpcs] (Obsidian)
Bluetooth works! [cvpcs] (Obsidian)
First functional build of Obsidian [cvpcs] (Obsidian)
This build marks the first properly booting release of
Obsidian (AOSP for Droid X), however there are still MANY bugs
some of which are critical (i.e. audio doesn't work), which
need to be worked out.
Added rotary lockscreen [cvpcs]
Through gem settings you can now choose to replace the default
tab lockscreen with a rotary one
Better looking reboot icon [pandroid]
Updated obsidian to 2.3.13 props (Obsidian) [cvpcs]
Added better camera/camcorder resolution support [cyanogen]
Provides more support for encoding video, audio, and imagery
within the camera application, based on what is supported by
the hardware
Added more new boot animations [Ludacrosse05] (Emerald, Obsidian)
Added the new boot animations from Luda for the emerald and
obsidian builds
Added Bluetooth MAC settings [koush] (Ruby)
Added some bluetooth MAC settings to support Bluetooth Audio
Moved from libloc to libgps [koush] (Ruby)
Libloc is a deprecated api for GPS, while libgps is newer.
Scan all mounted directories for Media [koush]
Added the ability to scan all of the mounted directories for
media. This allows internal and external storage on some
devices to have their media show up in Gallery/Music/etc.
New boot animations [Ludacrosse05]
Luda has been nice enough to make some truly kick-ass boot
animations for our new release :D
Updated Obsidian to 2.3.9 [cvpcs]
Updated the obisidan build to the latest proprietary leak,
courtesy of P3Droid.
Added Tanzanite (Droid 2) build [cvpcs]
Added a tanzanite build to test if it has similar problems to
the obsidian build.
Bug fixes:
Fix to MMS for Ruby [koush]
Added hijacking to the build [cvpcs (build-related)]
[koush (original source)]
I have incorporated some of koush's source for his hijack script
for devices that don't support an unlocked bootloader.
Added Emerald (HTC Evo/Supersonic) build [cvpcs]
Added a vendor setup for the HTC Evo to begin some work on that
as well, being it has similar hardware to the Incredible.
Added custom kernel for Emerald [cvpcs]
Added some custom kernalage for the evo!
Upgrade Ruby to new 3.21.605.1 proprietaries [cvpcs]
There is a new leak of Froyo for the Droid Incredible, so Ruby
has been upgraded to reflect this new leak.
Added ability for multiple devices to mount [koush]
Ruby can now mount internal storage to /mnt/emmc
Bug fixes:
Volume button music command fixes [cvpcs]
Added new, custom kernels, for RUBY [cvpcs]
Added some new kernels for ruby so that touch events will once
again register. Thanks to koush/cyanogen for the tip on the
touch event config.
Other tweaks:
New (less ugly) boot animation for Ruby [cvpcs]
Upgraded to new leak proprietaries [p3droid]
P3Droid recently released the new proprietaries for the FRG22D
build, which have now been included into the release.
Consolidated build [cvpcs (modifications)]
[cyanogen (base idea)]
In order to better allow for multiple device support, the build
configs are now consolidated across all devices. This means
a more common experience for all systems running a GEM.
New kernels [cvpcs]
Added some new kernels with interactive governor support, which
provides a tradeoff between battery life and performance that
leans more towards performance. Note that ondemand will remain
the default as it promotes better battery life. The stock
125-1000LV kernel has also been replaced by the 250-800SV kernel
for the purpose of providing more stability out-of-the-box.
Various fixes:
Fixed FC with GEM Settings/DSP Manager [cvpcs]
More tweaks to the volume button music controls [cvpcs]
Added rsync [dylex]
As per a request I have added the rsync binary for those who
would use it to sync data between their phones and various other
Removed ChromeToPhone [cvpcs]
As ChromeToPhone is now in market, there is no need to include
it here.
Added VolBtn Music Control Enable option to GEM [cvpcs]
Added an option in GEM Settings to enable/disable the volume
button music controls.
Added Audio DSP settings [alankila]
Alankila did some awesome things with Audio Digital Signal
Processing, which have now been incorporated into GEM Settings.
Re-enabled stagefright player [cvpcs] (thanks google)
A recent check-in to the froyo source tree has fixed the audio
issues some were experiencing in stagefright, specifically with
AAC+ and eAAC streams. Thus I have synced the fix and re-
enabled stagefright for media playback.
Modified scriptybox [cvpcs]
Changed where scriptybox retrieves its files url for switchapk
Disabled stagefright player [cvpcs]
The stagefright player has been disabled in favor of the opencore
one. This is likely to change in the future and was only done as
some users have reported poor audio quality on some applications
using stagefright.
Updated latest sholes kernels [cvpcs]
Added IPv6 support to the base kernel instead of a module. This
fixes a few FC in applications like Google Goggles which try to
use IPv6.
Modified next/prev volume button controls [cvpcs]
Fixed some logic in the longpress issues where presses were being
sent indefinitely. Also doubled the amount of time for repeated
longpresses for easier track seeking.
Other tweaks:
Added warning to Performance settings if cpu min > max [cvpcs]
Modified next/prev volume button controls [cvpcs]
Now if you longpress and hold the up/down volume buttons, it will
seek through tracks instead of executing once and then raising or
lowering the volume
Added Lockscreen Music [kmobs]
Provides lockscreen music controls (play/pause/next/previous)
based on kmob's original work
Added CPUFreq options to boot [cvpcs]
CPUFreq will now be enabled based on the settings in GEM settings
at boot time
Bug fixes:
Fixed setting of CPUFreq options in GEM settings [cvpcs]
Fixed wifi proprietaries issue [cvpcs]
Updated sapphire kernels [cvpcs]
Made some fixes to the sapphire kernels to fix the omap34xx cpu
temp sensor, as well as a camera issue. This update to the kernel
also fixed the battery use issue where battery usage for non-system
apps would not show up under phone info.
Changes to GEM Settings [cvpcs]
Added options to GEM settings to set cpu frequency scaling options
(i.e. governor, min/max speeds, etc) at boot-time
Bug fixes:
50% signal loss bug [koush]
Updated to custom sapphire kernels [cvpcs]
For various reasons, sapphire kernels will be customized by myself
(cvpcs) from here on out. The new kernels are based on P3Droid's
original work for sapphire, with overclocking info borrowed from
Bekit's work
Reverted to Stock apps by default [cvpcs]
After much consideration, I have reverted the defaults for sapphire
apps to those which are stock (this includes Music, Launcher2, etc).
There are many reasons for this, but all custom apps such as
ADW, EliotStocker, and Cytown, will remain available through the
switchapk script in scriptybox
Other tweaks:
Fixed problem with ##PROGRAM menu [cvpcs]
Updated to latest p3 kernel [p3droid]
Latest kernel includes support for more governors
Moved GEM settings to core settings [cvpcs (rework)]
[cyanogen (base)]
The GEM settings app is now incorporated into the core settings app
so it may be accessed from the main settings screen
GEM settings rework [cvpcs]
GEM settings has been overhauled to allow it to be more manigable as
an app for development.
Updated proprietaries for FRG01B leak [cvpcs]
The leak (courtesy p3droid) has been included in this release
Added ADW Launcher [anderweb]
ADW Launcher is now used by default as the launcher 2 replacement.
Stock launcher can still be accessed using switchapk
Added Cytown Phone overhaul [cytown]
Cytown's phone overhaul can now be included using switchapk
Added ability to lower minimum setting for auto-brightness [cvpcs]
You can now reduce the auto-brightness minimum levels using the GEM
settings app
Added persistable compcache option [cvpcs/cyanogen]
Allows you to enable compcache via the GEM Settings app, and have the
setting persist through reboots
Removed google apps by default [cvpcs]
For legal reasons, google apps have been removed from sapphire by
default and must be installed separately
Switched to EliotStocker Music overhaul [eliotstocker]
Moved to ES music overhaul by default. Can switch back to stock using
Modified scriptybox [cvpcs]
changed switchapk url definition
Changed build.prop overrides to fix Market issues [cyanogen]
Changed the build prop overrides to match that of FRF84B so that market
will believe Sapphire is a standard verizon release
Added ability to see MOD/ROM version in Settings [cvpcs]
This allows for the phone to better mimick verizon's releases, as the
Sapphire version is no longer stored in
Removed native IM app [cvpcs]
The interface that the native IM app uses has been removed from android
causing the app to force-close indefinitely. For this reason, this app
has been removed from sapphire.
Modifications to scriptybox [cvpcs]
added warning message to be displayed when users change task killer
added "search" to remove extra google quick search widget
added "speech" to remove speech recorder
Changed default battery % color to white [cvpcs]
White is easier to read as the background color as the battery drains
is black
Other tweaks:
Removed extra quick search app [cvpcs]
Modifications to Scriptybox [cvpcs]
Renamed "original" to "stock" in switchapk music to reduce confusion
Added Notification LED always blinks setting [cvpcs]
There is now a setting in GEM Settings that enables the notification
LED to blink regardless of whether the screen is on or not. (defaults
to standard behavior of blinking only when screen is off)
Moved to new vendor setup to support multiple hardware [cvpcs]
Changed vendor setups to support multiple hardware in the future
Moved FLAC scanning support to libstagefright [cyanogen]
To better conform with froyo, flac scanning was removed from opencore
and placed in libstagefright
Added GEM Settings app [cvpcs]
Removes the need to modify the development portion of AOSP. All
sapphire-specific settings will be held in this app now. All color
settings have been moved from spare parts to this app.
Added battery percentage overlay [cvpcs (minor rework)]
[cyanogen (base)]
Optional text display over the battery icon that notifies of the
percentage of battery life remaining. This display can be turned off
in spare parts. It also does not display if plugged in or at 100%.
Custom-built kernels [p3droid]
P3Droid has custom-built some kernels for sapphire! Thanks goes out
to him for all the hard work. These new kernels now provide several
missing modules such as compcache and cifs and more.
Other tweaks:
Added ability to shut off USB Debugging notification [cvpcs]
Added ability to remove status bar clock [cvpcs]
Added Eliot Stocker's Music App [eliotstocker]
Overhaul of the stock Music app. Now available using switchapk.
Updated build fingerprint to 2.2 [cvpcs]
The latest build uses the fingerprint from verizon's FRF84B leak,
which is for Android 2.2 instead of android 2.1 (as was used before).
New kernel [p3droid]
This build of sapphire sports the LV125-1000-v32 kernel from P3Droid's
website natively
Modified scriptybox [cvpcs]
Modified rmapk:
added ability to remove ChromeToPhone and Tips
Added compcache:
enables and disables compcache support
Switched to FRF84B proprietaries [cvpcs]
Based the hardware/system files off of the latest FRF84B leak from
motorola. Thanks to P3Droid for the leak!
Added compcache userspace [cvpcs]
allows for in-RAM swap space, which essentially slightly increases
the amount of virtual RAM available to the system.
Added control of media based on volume/camera buttons [cvpcs (camera)]
[cyanogen (vol)]
Long-pressing the volume up/down buttons changes tracks
Long-pressing the camera button play/pauses tracks
Re-added compcache executable
NOTE: compcache support is not yet enabled in the kernel, so although
the executable is there, unless you load a new kernel with compcache
support. Expect support in the next kernel.
Fixed a control race condition for bluetooth [cyanogen]
There was a race condition that would cause connections to fail for
certain bluetooth devices. Kudos to cyanogen's team for finding this
error as well as the fix.
Other tweaks:
Reduced ring delay [cvpcs]
Re-added FLAC support [cyanogen]
Re-added the droid notification sound back [cvpcs]
Updated to wpa-supplicant 0.6.x [koush]
Added ChromeToPhone app [cvpcs]
Modified scriptybox [cvpcs]
updated to be relevent to froyo
added Visual VM to rmapk
Switched to bekit's kernel [bekit]
seems to provide more stability for wifi. also includes various other
modules that weren't included before
Fixed a problem with the qwerty touchscreen file not being found [cvpcs]
didn't really seem to cause any problems, but hey, i hate that it was
spitting out errors to the log...
Other tweaks:
Optipng-ed the whole system [cvpcs]
Re-added native IM app [cvpcs]
Updated to AOSP source for Froyo [cvpcs]
this update was hell in and of itself to get going, so lots of thanks to
Sniffle and Koush, as well as support from anyone else! :D
Modified SpareParts [cvpcs]
added ability to customize text colors for download notifications
Fixed MMS [cvpcs]
provided proper carrier file (credit to cyanogen for the file itself) to
properly connect to verizon
Added Color Picker in Spare Parts [cvpcs (modifications)]
[cyanogen (base work and commit)]
provides a method to set the various text colors in the notifcation and
status bars
Modified scriptybox [cvpcs]
added commands:
help (must invoke as "scriptybox help")
provides an easy way to get information about the various commands
included in scriptybox, without actually running those commands
modified commands:
all commands were updated so that if you run them as:
[command] --help
they will be guaranteed to print out their usage information
Added command line knock executable [cvpcs]
provides low-level port knocking functionality without the need for an app
Other tweaks:
optipng'ed the entire system [cvpcs (redone with optipng)]
[cyanogen/koush (base optimizer scripts)]
Modified scriptybox [cvpcs]
modified commands:
added code to ensure that the proper functions actually get called
added code to remove IM
Other tweaks:
added new Sapphire brand bootanimation [cvpcs]
Added native IM app [pete? (found in one of pete's forums)]
app to connect to MSN, Yahoo!, and AOL messenger, originally natively included
with android.
Modified scriptybox [cvpcs]
added commands:
displays information about all of the internal system partitions
Other tweaks:
changed default kernel to STOCK (no overclock) [cvpcs]
added basic support for ROMManager [cvpcs]
Modified scriptybox
fixed sysro syncing issues [pete]
Modified scriptybox [cvpcs]
finished changing scriptybox to be bash-based
fixed a minor typo in the script
fixed a problem with switchapk not getting the system to recognize the change
Other features:
added regular "Reboot" option [cvpcs]
moved "Reboot into Recovery" under "Reboot" option [cvpcs]
Other tweaks:
re-added unknown terminfo file [cvpcs]
Modified scriptybox [cvpcs]
switched over to the new bash shell to make scripts more sleek and managable
Added nano text editor [cvpcs]
provides a simple text editor for use in modifying text files from
the command line
provides basic syntax highlighting to common source files such as:
asm, c, css, html, java, perl, php, sh, xml, and more
Added Bourne Again SHell (bash) [cvpcs]
provides a bash shell with much more feature support than the native
system shell
is dynamically linked to reduce size, as opposed to other roms which
use a statically linked bash shell
provides basic color highlighting features
set as default shell
Modified compcache [cvpcs]
fixed a bug where the ramzswap module would not unload on stop
Modified scriptybox [cvpcs]
fixed a bug where scriptybox wouldn't mount the system read-only on some occassions
Other features:
added native FLAC support [kruton]
added "Reboot into recovery" option to power dialog [cvpcs]
Other tweaks:
moved wminput from /system/bin to /system/xbin [cvpcs]
Modified scriptybox [cvpcs]
fixed several typos
fixed bug in switchapk command
changed internal structure
Switched to default android-omap-2.6.29-bekit_sapphire kernel [cvpcs]
[bekit (base)]
provides overclocking of 250-1000mhz at low-voltage, is patched for
compcache support, and also includes the following modules:
cifs, ext2, ext3, ext4, fuse, isofs, jfs, nfsd, nfs, ntfs,
ramzswap, reiserfs, squashfs, tiwlan_drv, xfs
also supports wired and wireless tether
Replaced stock Launcher2 [sniffle]
provides more columns in the app drawer
based off helix launcher2
Added vixie-cron task scheduler [cvpcs]
ported the vixie-cron (cron) task scheduler to android. this allows for
system-level processes to be run periodically whenever the phone is on.
search google for "cron" to learn more about how this works. system
cron tab should be placed at /data/cron/systab.
Modified scriptybox [cvpcs]
fixed some typos
added new commands:
adblock [cvpcs (speed increase for blocking)]
[pete (original blocklist)]
turns ad blocking on or off
halt [cvpcs]
replacement for "shutdown" command
switch [cvpcs]
replaces certain apps with replacement versions of them (such as
2.1 music and milestone music)
modified commands:
fixed code to remove the Amazon MP3 app
added code to remove the AlarmClock app
added code to remove the Music app
removed commands:
removed because it is renamed to "halt"
Modified init process [cvpcs]
added script to enable ondemand overclocking upon boot
added script to start cron daemon if a systab exists
Other features:
added animated gif support to webkit [cyanogen]
Added default android-omap-2.6.29-sapphire kernel [cvpcs]
[AdamZ (base)]
provides overclocking of 250-1000mhz at low-voltage, is patched for
unionfs support, is patched for compcache support, and also includes
the following modules:
unionfs, squashfs, cifs, xfs, ext2, ext3, ext4, reiserfs, isofs,
jfs, nfsd, nfs, ntfs, fuse, ramzswap, tiwlan_drv
also supports wired and wireless tether
Added scriptybox [cvpcs]
provides a busybox-like interface to many different command scripts that
implement a barrage of features. these commands are:
camsounds [pete]
turns the camera shutter and video sounds on and off
cpuinfo [cvpcs]
displays information about the cpu
freemem [cvpcs (added default setting)]
[pete (base)]
ensures that stale processes are killed to keep a specific
amount of RAM available
dalvikjit [cvpcs]
enables or disables JIT compiling in the Dalvik Virtual Mahcine
(requires a reboot)
meminfo [cvpcs]
displays information about memory in the system
rmapk [cvpcs (streamlined the script)]
[pete (idea for the scripts)]
removes certain applications from the system if they exist
shutdown [cvpcs]
powers off the system without reboot
sysro [cvpcs]
mounts the system partition read-only and syncs the system
sysrw [cvpcs]
mounts the system partition read-write
swapinfo [cvpcs]
displays information about swap partitions in the system
zipalign_apks [cvpcs (streamlined the process)]
[pete (base)]
zipaligns all APKs on your entire system
Added a custom init system [cvpcs (customizations)]
[cyanogen (base ideas)]
provides a series of scripts that get ran upon boot
added the following scripts:
00 - banner: prints a banner upon boot to the syslog
10 - sysrw: mounts the system partition read-write for the 1*
script block
11 - depmod: sets up the kernel module directory to ensure that
modprobe works
19 - sysro: remounts the system read-only
99 - ready: notifies the system that our init process is finished
Added some tweaks:
increased the wireless scan interval to 90 seconds [cvpcs]
increased the default video record quality [fede]
Other features:
switched to ChainsDD's Superuser [chainsdd]
added a default ringtone [cvpcs]
Added custom init.rc [cvpcs]
provides a way to customize the boot process
Other features:
added HQ YouTube app [pete]
Added Superuser [cyanogen]
provides root access via su
Added busybox [cvpcs (removed need for modified bionic)]
[cyanogen (base)]
provides a large set of command line executables
Added libc-ext [cvpcs]
provides syscalls not included in bionic used by busybox
Created cvpcs vendor [cvpcs (customizations for my custom build)]
[cyanogen (base vendor setup)]
[koush (base device setup)]
removed the need for koush's motorola/sholes-open device or cyanogen's
vendor/cyanogen vendor setup.
Customized build setup [cvpcs]
[cyanogen (used his ideas for build.prop overrides)]
modified the build setup from scratch to support some extra features.
Added CWiid library [cvpcs]
provides support for connecting wiimotes to the phone via bluetooth
Other features:
added custom boot animation [cvpcs]
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