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from copy import deepcopy
import autograd.numpy as np
from autograd import grad, hessian, jacobian
class System:
Dynamic system simulated using Hamiltonian dynamics and automatic differentiation
- m: Cartesian coordinates
- n: generalized coordinates (proportional to number of degrees of freedom)
- f: mapping from generalized to Cartesian coordinates [n -> m]
- M: inertia matrix of the system, expressed in Cartesian coordinates [m * m]
- U: potential energy of the system as function of generalized coordinates [n -> 1]
def __init__(self, f, M, U):
self.f = f
self.M = M
self.U = U
self.J_f = jacobian(f)
self.H_f = hessian(f)
self.grad_U = grad(U)
Reset the position and velocity
def reset(self, q, qdot):
self.q = q
self.p = self.K(q) @ qdot
Inertia matrix expressed in generalized coordinates
def K(self, q):
return self.J_f(q).T @ self.M @ self.J_f(q)
Time-derivative of the generalized coordinates
def q_dot(self, p, q):
return np.linalg.inv(self.K(q)) @ p
Time-derivative of the conjugate momenta
def p_dot(self, p, q):
return p.T @ np.linalg.inv(self.K(q)) @ self.H_f(q).T @ self.M @ self.J_f(q) @ np.linalg.inv(self.K(q)) @ p - self.grad_U(q)
Advance the system through the given time step
Returns the resulting generalized coordinates and conjugate momenta
def step(self, dt):
dq = self.q_dot(self.p, self.q)
self.q += dt * dq
dp = self.p_dot(self.p, self.q)
self.p += dt * dp
Query the current state of the system, returns generalized coordinate q
and conjugate momenta p
def state(self):
return deepcopy(self.p), deepcopy(self.q)
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