Target-isns is an iSNS client for the Linux LIO iSCSI target
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Signed-off-by: Christophe Vu-Brugier <>


An iSNS client for the Linux LIO iSCSI target

Target-isns is an Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS) client for the Linux LIO iSCSI target. It allows registering LIO iSCSI targets with an iSNS server.

The iSNS protocol is specified in RFC 4171 and its purpose is to make easier to discover, manage, and configure iSCSI devices. With iSNS, iSCSI targets can be registered with a central iSNS server and initiators can be configured to discover the targets by asking the iSNS server.


Target-isns is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 license.

Build instructions

Target-isns is written in the C programming language and uses the CMake build system.

Assuming you are in the project top level directory:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
$ sudo make install

Target-isns can be built with the clang compiler by setting the CC variable:

$ CC=clang cmake ..

Target-isns supports systemd when the SUPPORT_SYSTEMD option is set at build time:



Edit the configuration file located at /etc/target-isns.conf and adjust the isns_server variable to the IP address of your iSNS server:

isns_server =

The iSNS server address can also be passed on the command line with the --isns-server option.


Contributions are welcomed!