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$n$-Queens Constant

This repo accompanies the paper Computing Tighter Bounds on the n-Queens Constant via Newton's Method.

To get started with the code, clone this repo, and run src/ and src/ to reproduce the results from the paper. The code requires that scipy and numpy are installed.

Both scripts can be called as: <n> [--write_sol] <n> [--write_sol]

Where <n> is a mandatory argument specifying the size of the chessboard used to construct the problem. By default solves n=1024 and solves n=2048. The --write_sol flag will write an .npz file containing the witnesses for the generated solution to the working directory.

To verify the closed-form expressions used for the integrals, see src/problem_formulations/generate_closed_form_xqueenon_integral.sage. You will need Sage Math to generate the expressions.

We also provide witnesses for the bounds given in the paper, at src/witnesses. For the upper bound problem, we provide the x for which f(x) = U_1024. For the lower bound problem, we provide the v for which L(v) = L_2048. To generate bounds from the witnesses run src/ and src/

To test the scripts against your own witnesses they can be called as follows: <path/to/witness.npz> <n> <path/to/witness.npz> <n>

Where <n> is the size of the chessboard used to generate the witness file.


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