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This python script will convert a subtitles file generated by a Maisi Dashcam with a GPS module installed, into a more useful GPX file. The script is incomplete, so please be patient as I work on it! The current state should work with subtitle files that haven't been modified in any way.

Using the script

Follow the instructions for usage of the script. I will include sample data and sample output in the future.


  • Python 3
  • ffmpeg (installed for system wide access, or binary in same path as script if not installed)


See -h or --help


The script will output a GPX file (or files) with the same name as the video file in the same directory the file came from (or in a directory called gpx if batch processing videos).

Future Development Plans / TODO list

What I hope to add to the script in the future

  • More parameters
    • Specify output location
    • Specify output format (other than GPX)
    • Option to embed speed data (included by default)