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Junio C Hamano gitster

Google Mountain View, CA

Remi Rousselet rrousselGit
Flutter enthusiast. You'll find me on stackoverflow. Or as a speaker in Flutter meetups
Matthew Dews matthew-dews
Computer Scientist and Audio Engineer

Madison WI

Sammy Smallman sammysmallman

@artifice-industries United Kingdom

Toph Tucker tophtucker

@kensho Cambridge, MA

Brett Cannon brettcannon

@microsoft Vancouver, BC, Canada

Lev Eliezer Israel EliezerIsrael
Chief Data Officer at @Sefaria

Sefaria Bronx, NY

Nicholas Ortenzio youbastard
Senior engineer at the National Basketball Association. Working on advanced stats products

National Basketball Association New Jersey

Colm MacCárthaigh colmmacc

Amazon Web Services / Apache Software Foundation Seattle

Philippe Rivière Fil
Vocateur Le Gué du Loir

John Hancock johndhancock
Editor, Data and Interactives, The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News Dallas, Texas

Ben Welsh palewire
Editor, @datadesk. Organizer, @california-civic-data-coalition. Archivist, @pastpages

Los Angeles Times Los Angeles

Mike MacCana mikemaccana
20 years of DevOps, back end, and front end. Now fixing SaaS creation at

CertSimple London

Vladimir Agafonkin mourner
Engineer at @mapbox, building mapping tools of the future. Creator of @Leaflet. Algorithms geek, rock musician, fitness enthusiast, father of twin girls.

Mapbox Kyiv, Ukraine

pstuffa pstuffa
data visualization developer

Boulder, Colorado

Matthew Bloch mbloch

New York Times New York

Grant Sanderson 3b1b
I make videos about math.


Benjamin Tran Dinh benjamintd
Maps, data, products.

@greenbackdev Paris, France

Mike Bostock mbostock
Building a better computational medium. Founder @observablehq. Creator @d3. Former @nytgraphics. Pronounced BOSS-tock.

@observablehq San Francisco, CA

Tom MacWright tmcw

san francisco

Don McCurdy donmccurdy
Working on climate action, data visualization, and graphics.

Google San Francisco

Adam Chura achura

C2FO Kansas City, KS

Paint Your Dragon PaintYourDragon

Paint Your Dragon Fremont, CA

Sam Kearney samkearney
software engineer, network products

ETC Madison, WI

Sarah Drasner sdras
comprehension over configuration

Netlify All over the place

Pomax Pomax

Mozilla Foundation Vancouver Island, Canada

Amanda Ghassaei amandaghassaei
Research Engineer at Adobe SF

Adobe San Francisco

Sophie Alpert sophiebits
I like fixing things. eng at humu! former eng manager of @reactjs at Facebook. ex-@khanacademy. 💎🌸 she/her. kindness, intersectional feminism, music.

Humu California

JBD rakyll or

@google San Francisco, CA

Tim Kindberg timkindberg
UI Dev at Vndly. Egghead contributor.

Vndly Cincinnati, OH

Rachel Thomas racheltho
deep learning research @fastai + USF Data Institute. past: duke math phD, quant, uber engineer, hackbright instructor

@fastai San Francisco

Andrew Clark acdlite
React core at Facebook. Hi!

@facebook Redwood City, CA

Andrew Assarattanakul vizjerai
Senior Developer at @bendyworks

@Bendyworks Madison, WI

Valerie Burzynski vburzynski

Bendyworks Madison, WI

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