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R-Node is a web front-end to the statistical analysis package R. 

Using this front-end, you can from any web browser connect to an R instance
running on a remote (or local) server, and interact with it, sending commands
and receiving the responses.

In particular, graphing commands such as plot() and hist() will execute in
the browser, drawing the graph as an SVG image.

The R-Node website is at:

Author Contact

Jamie Love can be contacted by:


Major Software Utilised

This software would not be where it is today without a number of key 
technology projects that it uses. These are, in no particular order:

  * Functional Javascript

    Support for functional programming idioms when writing Javascript. -

  * ExtJS 

    ExtJS provides the windowing library widgets used for the interface.

  * Node.JS -

    An events based I/O library and execution environment for V8 Javascript
    (, the Google Chrome javascript engine).
    This provides an exceedingly easy environment to develop the server
    componentry in for R-Node.

  * Protovis -

    Protovis provides an excellent graphing API, allowing the graphical 
    commands of R to be effectively implemented in the browser.

  * Rserve -

    This is a binary server that allows communication over tcp/ip with a
    running R instance. It is used by the R-Node server componentry to
    communicate with R.

  * R - 

  * SHJS

    Syntax highlighting for R code, used in the client application.

Each of these projects has their own licensing, as mentioned below. The
R-Node code itself is covered by a number of licenses due to the use of
these projects as libraries and in some cases as code embedded within

  * Functional Javascript

    Licenced under the MIT license.

  * ExtJS

    ExtJS 3 is licensed under the GNU GPL license v3 license, as mentioned here:

  * Node.JS

    BSD license. R-Node uses the Node.JS software to execute its server
    side component, but does not alter the source at all. All Node.JS
    source can be retreived from

  * Protovis

    BSD license. R-Node uses protovis but (currently) does not alter the 
    source code. The standard minified protovis library is included
    for installation simplicity. All source can be retrieved from

  * Rserve

    R-Node connects to Rserve over TCP/IP, and assumes that Rserver is
    installed and running already on the system. Some Rserve example
    code has been used in creating the server library for connecting 
    to Rserve (see server/src/include), and this is 

    This code is distributed originally under the GNU LGPL, and continues
    to be so here.

  * R-Node

    R-Node itself is covered by the license as described in the LICENSE

  * SHJS

    SHJS uses the GPLv3.