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A C++ port of the roguelike game Omega
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A text-based roguelike game

Build Status


Tools for building the game are located in the build directory.

OS X/Linux/Cygwin

The Makefile is located in build/unix. Running make in that directory will build everything.


Visual Studio solution/project files are located in build/win32. Since these files are typically incompatible with older versions of VS, each Visual Studio version has its own subfolder. Either:

Choose the subfolder appropriate to your version and open the OmegaRPG.sln file therein, or run the build_debug.bat file to automatically build the game.

About the Game

David Kinder sums it up pretty well:

Omega is a game written by Laurence Brothers in the late 1980s for Unix workstations. It derives principally from the tradition of earlier games such as Rogue and Hack, where the player explores a labyrinth of dungeons and monsters through the medium of an ASCII map display.

Omega is interesting as it was one of the first such games to show the influence of more story and quest led games, particularly the Ultima series that were released commercially by Origin Systems for various micros during the 1980s. Rather than simply wandering round a dungeon, in Omega the player has various paths open to them to appease the gods of Omega's world.

About this Project

Omega is a unique part of roguelike history, and deserves to be preserved.

The primary goal of this project is to make the codebase more maintainable. To that end, the code will be cleaned up and refactored from pure C to object-oriented C++. This will be no small task, but once accomplished, will greatly ease the barrier of entry for developers who might wish to contribute.

Future goals include extensibility by way of a popular scripting language such as Python or Lua (an apparently dead fork already exists that added a Scheme interpreter for certain components), a tile-based renderer (a la David Kinder's port), and of course an expanded game world with new gameplay elements.

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