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Solarized Dark.xml
Solarized Light.xml


These color schemes are for PHPStorm 2.x. They are (to my knowledge) complete for every language PHPStorm supports. The original documentation about the Solarized color schemes can be found here:

I recommend using the font "Inconsolata" with this color scheme.


Go to Preferences -> Editor -> Colors and Fonts. Create a new color scheme called "Solarized Light" and another called "Solarized Dark".

Click Apply.

Search your hard drive for a file called "Solarized Light.xml"

Replace that file and the one called "Solarized Dark.xml" with the ones in my github repository.

On a Mac, you'll find that file at ~/Library/Preferences/WebIDE10/colors/Solarized Dark.xml

On Linux the file is located at ~/.WebIde10/config/colors/Solarized Dark.xml

On Windows, the files are located in C:\Documents and Settings\<Your username>\.WebIde10\config\colors

Why not package as a .jar?

Because frankly, I think that's a really crappy way of packaging things and I won't support it. Sorry.