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One of the fastest ways to get redis running on any infrastructure is too deploy this bosh release
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Bosh release for redis Build Status

One of the fastest ways to get redis running on any infrastructure is too deploy this bosh release.


To use this bosh release, first upload it to your bosh:

bosh target BOSH_URL
bosh login
git clone
cd redis-boshrelease
bosh upload release releases/redis-1.yml

Now create a deployment file and deploy:

bosh deployment path/to/deployment.yml
bosh deploy

If you deploy more than one instance in a job it assumes that you want replication, and you need to specify the IP address of the master node in your deployment manifest.

Create deployment file from templates

There are helpful base templates for AWS, OpenStack, and Warden (bosh-lite) CPIs.

See the examples/try_me.yml file for complete inline documentation.

For example, to deploy to bosh-lite (warden), modify examples/try_me.yml to look like:

name: redis
director_uuid: CHANGEME
networks: {}
  redis: {}

The properties.redis examples in try_me.yml aren't required for Warden.


bosh deployment examples/try_me.yml
bosh diff templates/warden/single_vm.yml.erb
bosh deploy

To access the running Redis server, that is now running within a warden container within Vagrant, you must ssh into Vagrant:

vagrant ssh
$ redis-cli -h -a p@ssw0rd


Create new final release

To create a new final release you need to get read/write API credentials to the @cloudfoundry-community s3 account.

Please email Dr Nic Williams and he will create unique API credentials for you.

Create a config/private.yml file with the following contents:

    access_key_id:     ACCESS
    secret_access_key: PRIVATE

You can now create final releases for everyone to enjoy!

bosh create release
# test this dev release
git commit -m "updated redis"
bosh create release --final
git commit -m "creating vXYZ release"
git tag vXYZ
git push origin master --tags
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