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Static API to keep the OUYA working in 2019. Mirror of
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stouyapi - Static OUYA API

A static API for the OUYA gaming console that still lets you sign in and install games, despite the OUYA server shutdown in 2019.


OUYA config change

  • Mount via USB (Micro USB cable)

  • Create file

  • Add:


The changes should take effect immediately. If they do not, reboot the OUYA once.

OUYA setup

  1. User registration: "Existing account"
  2. Enter any username, leave password empty. Continue.
  3. Skip credit card registration

Apache setup

Virtual host configuration:

Script PUT /empty-json.php

mod_actions need to be enabled for apache 2.4.

The virtual host's document root needs to point to the www folder.

Building API data

Download the OUYA game data repository from and then generate the API files with it:

$ git clone
$ ./bin/import-game-data.php ouya-game-data/folders

See also


  • data/data/tv.ouya/cache/ion/
    • image cache for main menu image
  • Don't put a trailing slash into OUYA_SERVER_URL - it will make double slashes
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