UNMAINTAINED AND OUT OF DATE. PHP jabber client library to send and receive chat messages - with easily installable PEAR package
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XMPPHP is an elegant PHP library for XMPP (aka Jabber, Google Talk, etc).

Homepage: http://code.google.com/p/xmpphp
This fork: http://github.com/cweiske/xmpphp/
Chatroom: xmpphp@conference.psi-im.org (XMPP MUC)
PEAR package: http://pearhub.org/projects/cwXMPPHP/

Author: Nathan Fritz, jabber id: fritzy [at] netflint.net
Co-Author: Stephan Wentz, jabber id: stephan [at] wentz.it
Maintainer of this fork: Christian Weiske <cweiske@cweiske.de>

If you have any questions (no matter how dumb), please send me an IM.  I enjoy
helping people with my code.

* PHP 5.x
* SSL Support Compiled

Carlo Zottmann handed me maintenance of Class.Jabber.PHP years and years ago
(2003?).  While I did fix some bugs, I never did much with it.  I promised many
people that it would return as a PHP5 rewrite.  That day has finally come.

This code is based on my experience with Class.Jabber.PHP, but more closely
related to my Python library, SleekXMPP (http://code.google.com/p/sleekxmpp).

For now, look at the examples.  In the near future, I'll have better
documentation on the website.

Either get the code from github, the last release from google code
or install the PEAR package from pearhub.org:
$ pear channel-discover pearhub.org
$ pear install pearhub/cwXMPPHP

The code on google code is not being actively maintained anymore, so
don't expect current releases there.

* Documentation
* MUC Support

License Exception
Please contact Nathan Fritz for library exceptions if you would like to
distribute XMPPHP with a non-GPL compatible license.

Also, if you would like to distribute XMPPHP as part of a commercial package,
I sell commercial licenses.