A simple command line interface for building high load cluster jobs.
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 This is the Cascading.Load application.

 It provides a simple command line interface for building high load cluster jobs.

 This application is built with Cascading.

 Cascading is a feature rich API for defining and executing complex,
 scale-free, and fault tolerant data processing workflows on a Hadoop
 cluster. It can be found at the following location:



  This step is not necessary if you wish to run Load directly from the uncompressed distribution folder or
  Load was pre-installed with your Hadoop distribution. Type,

    > which cascading.load

  to see if it is already been added to your PATH.

  Installed for all users into "/usr/local/bin":

    > sudo ./bin/cascading.load install

  or for the current user only into "~/.cascading.load":

    > ./bin/cascading.load install

  For detailed instructions:

    > ./bin/cascading.load help install

  Choose the method that best suites your environment.

  If you are running Load on AWS Elastic MapReduce, you need to follow the Elastic MapReduce instructions
  on the AWS site, which typically expect the cascading.load-<release-date>.jar to be uploaded to AWS S3.


  The environment variable HADOOP_HOME should always be set to use Cascading.Load.

  To run from the command line with the jar, Hadoop should be in the path:

    > hadoop jar cascading.load-<release-date>.jar <args>

  If no args are given, a comprehensive list of commands will be printed.

  Or if Load has been installed from above:

    > cascading.load <args>


 This release requires at least Cascading 1.2.x and will pull all dependencies from
 the relevant maven repos, including conjars.org.

 To build a jar,

 > ant retrieve jar

 To test,

 > ant test


 See LICENSE.txt