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A cross-platform client for JabbR
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A cross platform JabbR client for OS X, Windows, and Linux



This project aims to create a great cross platform desktop client for JabbR. This makes liberal use of the following libraries:

  • Eto.Forms - Cross Platform UI toolkit
  • JabbR.Client - .NET API for creating JabbR clients
  • SignalR - Async library for .NET to help build real-time, multi-user interactive web applications
  • Json.NET - Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET
  • MahApps.Metro - For Metro WPF styling
  • CefGlue - Embedded chromium for WPF version


OS X Screenshot OS X

Windows Screenshot WPF

Ubuntu Screenshot WPF

How To Build


This uses submodules, so ensure you do a recursive clone of this project!


  1. Install Xcode from Mac App Store
  2. Install Mono SDK 3.0.6 for OS X
  3. Install Xamarin Studio v4 for OS X
  4. In git clone --recursive git://
  5. Open Source/JabbR.Mac.sln in MonoDevelop
  6. Build & Run!


  1. Install Visual 2012 Express for Windows Desktop
  2. Install git client of choice
  3. In console (or via gui): git clone --recursive git://
  4. Open Source/JabbR.Windows.sln in Visual Studio
  5. Build & Run!


JabbR.Desktop is in a very early state and is missing many features or can be unstable.

Current features:

  • Sign in using username/password
  • Multiple servers
  • Channel listing
  • Private chats with other users
  • Shows all media and links
  • Collapsing notifications and media
  • Autocomplete user names and channel rooms
  • Gravatar icons
  • More!


You can help out by submitting missing features, bugs or requests into github issues, or fork the project and start coding!

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