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Chris White
Chris White committed Mar 25, 2013
1 parent ef652c7 commit 98c96d19272eb2a8caf60ddc7265b456afeecd4b
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@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@
<div id="wrapper">
<div id="header">
<h1>A Talk On Security Process</h1>
+<p class="postinfo">Posted by <a href="mailto:&lt;;">Chris White</a> on Wed Feb 13 18:48:34 PST 2013</p>
<div id="menu">
@@ -25,11 +26,6 @@ <h1>A Talk On Security Process</h1>
<div id="content">
-<div id="preamble">
-<div class="sectionbody">
-<p class="paragraph"><a href="/">Home</a></p>
<h2 id="_disclaimer" class="sect1">Disclaimer</h2>
<p class="paragraph">I work for EngineYard, a company that&#8217;s primary target is Rails hosting. Putting Rails in a good light is in the interest of the company I work for, so there might be understandable suspicion of bias. I hope that you, the reader, will read everything and make a critical judgement based on the facts I will present. The reason why I&#8217;m using Rails as a topic of discussion is how recent it is, and the fact that misconceptions have the chance to give people a false sense of security.</p>
<h2 id="_what_8217_s_up_with_these_rails_vulns" class="sect1">What&#8217;s Up With These Rails Vulns?</h2>
@@ -82,8 +78,7 @@ <h2 id="_so_what_do_i_do" class="sect1">So What Do I Do?</h2>
<div id="footer">
<p id="footer-text">
-Version 1.0<br />
-Last updated 2013-03-21 22:54:43 PDT
+Last updated 2013-03-24 21:12:44 PDT
<div id="footer-badges">
<a href="">
@@ -1,9 +1,8 @@
A Talk On Security Process
-Chris White<>
-v1.0, Wed Feb 13 18:48:34 PST 2013
+:Author: Chris White
+:Email: <>
+:Date: Wed Feb 13 18:48:34 PST 2013
== Disclaimer

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