A Ruby tutorial based on the Koans
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The Journey Begins


Welcome to the Ruby Koans Tutorial. I'm Chris White, the author of this guide to getting started with Ruby. When I recently came back to Ruby after a long trip through many corners of the programming world, the koans were recommended as a starting point to understanding the language. The unique format provided the ability to explore the language in such a fascinating way that it inspired me to create a tutorial around its content.

This tutorial is licensed Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) to allow the community to contribute to it. Unlike a book which can become quickly outdated as the language progresses, my hope is that an open source community driven tutorial will help keep the content fresh. If you would like to help out, you may file issues or submit a pull request to the main repository at GitHub.

Welcome to Ruby, and I hope you enjoy the journey.


The tutorials are written in Asciidoc and are source highlighted handled by the Pygments backend. Pygments' installation instructions contain information about how to obtain it. Once both Pygments and Asciidoc are installed, files can be output to HTML using the following command:

asciidoc -a pygments= -b xhtml11 -o out/file.html file.txt

Table Of Contents

In Progress!