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Personal vim configurations and some plugins which used in my daily job.

I put vim related settings in bundle/config/plugin/config.vim and isolate other plugins' settings in bundle/config/plugin directory.

vimrc, standard version vimrc only config vimruntime with pathogen plugin.


Clone this repo:

git clone git:// ~/.vim

Fetch submodules, in your repos directory:


Update and Add plugins

Upgrade submodules or plugins, in your repos directory:

git submodule init
git submodule update
git submodule foreach "git checkout master && git pull"

Add submodule or plugins, in your repos directory:

git submodule add git:// bundle/pluginname


  1. Some usually used key mappings in normal mode:

    a. nt to toggle NERDTree on and off

    b. bf to toggle bufexplorer on and off

    c. <tab> and <shift><tab> to increase and decrease the syntax identation.

    d. ii to Esc and save

    e. H and L move to first/last letter of line

    f. ,, to enable zencoding plugin

    g. Ctrl + h and Ctrl + l easier navigation between horizontal split windows

    h. Ctrl + j and Ctrl + k easier navigation between vertical split windows

    i. space to clear search highlighting and any message.

    j. tt to toggle Tagbar on and off

    k. M to find related brackets while viewing code

    l. zz to toggle fold on and off

  2. Remove tailing whitespace automatically while saving.

  3. Show tab and whitespace symbols.

  4. Jump to last cursor position when opening a file.

  5. Auto complete brackets.

  6. Auto detect the encodings.

Plugin list

I recommend reading the docs of these plugins to understand them better!


If there's any question or comment, feel free to let me know

email (

weibo sina