Python package to calculate angular two-point correlation functions. Current status: All basic functionality is in place. Still working on the examples and setting it up for PyPI.
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Py2PAC: Python 2-Point Angular Correlations

This package was developed to calculate the galaxy angular two-point correlation functions on actual data. It's under development and currently only contains the calculation of the angular correlation functions within a region of arbitrary outline with one depth. The correlation functions may be calculated with error estimates via single galaxy bootstrapping, block bootstrapping, or jackknifing.

Current Status

Everything is ready for use at the most basic level of functionality: calculating correlations with error estimates. There are some more things that I want to do with the ImageMask class and a lot of fitting and post-processing that I want to put in, but nothing that is necessary for the basic functionality.

To-do before release

  • Get the setup straightened out (make sure it knows all the requirements, actually sets up properly, etc)
  • Come up with example data sets and add to repository
  • Tutorial ipython notebook that walks you from importing py2pac to plotting each kind of CF. Also make sure it has the different ways to create ImageMasks

To-do eventually

  • Set up an ImageMask classmethod to deal with rotated boxes
  • Incorporate variable completeness into the ImageMasks
  • Fitting things
  • After that, it's multi-bin catalogs.
  • Parallel processing for CF calculation?
  • Fixing the god-forsaken hand-made WCS instances