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ShareKit 2

In order to make it easier for new users to choose a canonical fork of ShareKit, the ShareKit community has decided to band together and take responsibility for collecting useful commits into what we're calling "ShareKit 2". It is now ready for you. It is the first officially stable version of ShareKit since February 2010, with more frequent updates expected.


  • many new sharers
  • new UI (currently used by Facebook, Plurk and LinkedIn, more to follow)
  • iOS native social.framework based sharers
  • optimised for easy updating (subproject library + 3rd party code as git submodules)
  • uses ARC and block callbacks

You can follow the initial planning at https://github.com/ideashower/ShareKit/issues/283.

As ShareKit is now community driven, you are welcome to help, to judge new features, review pull requests etc.. There are many ways you can help, see FAQ


The latest documentation and installation instructions can be found on the ShareKit Wiki.

!!! Updated new service creation guidelines for contributors + updated service templates are here !!!


ShareKit was created by Nate Weiner, is updated by contributors and is maintained by Vilém Kurz.

Personal note by Vilém Kurz

ShareKit is a specific project in way that it must communicate with many services. Their API's are ever-changing and it is time consuming to even review all pull requests to allow only the best quality to go in. I love this project, and I devote a lot of my time to it.

If you feel ShareKit helped you and is on the right way, you can say thank you via Paypal, or pick some nice book from my Amazon wish list.

Many thanks! This will help me to give even more time to the project, to bring alive all the the todo's in the list, and more.