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This archive contains a Rascal-MPL Eclipse project used to parse and calculate the metrics for the Java corpus DOI and analyze the metrics from the Java and the C corpus DOI for the JSEP paper.

Next to it is the data of the CC and SLOC values for the Java and C corpora.

It contains the following files:

  • src\\gather\\ASTs.rsc: The rascal script that gathers all ASTs using the m3 framework and stores it into a Rascal data file per project.
  • src\\gather\\SLOCs.rsc: The rascal script that tokenizes all files in the Corpus and stores which lines contain Java statements to count for SLOC.
  • src\\metric\\SLOC.rsc: The Java tokenized as discussed in Section III.B
  • src\\metric\\CC.rsc: The Rascal code (depicted in Figure 1) which calculates CC.
  • src\\calculate\\CCs.rsc: The rascal script that calculates the CC per method.
  • src\\analyse\\JSEP2015.rsc: The calculations to combine the data used in the paper.
  • data-java\\method-cc-sloc.csv.gz : Method level CC and SLOC metric values.
  • data-java\\file-cc-sloc.csv.gz : File level aggregated CC and SLOC metric values.
  • data-c\\method-cc-sloc.csv.gz : Function level CC and SLOC metric values.
  • data-c\\file-cc-sloc.csv.gz : File level aggregated CC and SLOC metric values.