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This repository contains the data and scripts mentioned in the ICSM2013 submission. We used Rascal to analyse the systems. This also contains a Rascal (eclipse) project.

The following structure is used:

  • data/facts.csv: the 151 facts extracted from the PMBOK book.
  • src/Reference/: the information extracted from the PMBOK facts
    • Model.rsc: Reference Model (REF).
    • Referecen Model as a Graphviz file.
    • Glossary.rsc: Glossary of project planning.
    • Glossary.html: Glossary as a html table.
    • Process.rsc: Process descriptions
    • Process descriptions as a Graphviz file.
  • src/Meta/: The description of the meta models used.
  • src/systems/{Endeavour,OpenPM}/: models extracted from applications
    • USRModel.rsc: Model extracted by observing UI (USR)
    • USR Model as a Graphviz file.
    • USRModel.rsc: USR mapped onto REF
    • SRCModel.rsc: Model extracted by observing source code (SRC)
    • SRC Model as a Graphviz file.
    • SRCModel.rsc: SRC mapped onto REF
    • INTModel.rsc: SRC mapped onto USR
  • src/rendering/: Rendering a model into a graphviz file / Rascal Figure Library
  • src/analysis/: Scripts used to analyze the applications
  • src/compare/: Scripts to calculate results based on the mapping

Make sure to use the unstable-updates site to install Rascal, since that contains features used in this project.