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A rascal library to translate OFG's to Tonella and Potrich's Object Flow Graph language.
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Warning this library is outdated, it has been merged into the rascal project. See analysis::flow::ObjectFlow and lang::java::flow::JavaToObjectFlow

This library translates a Java AST (extracted by m3) to the Object Flow Graph language.

How to install it?

make sure you have installed rascal!

Command line

  1. Navigate to the workspace directory your Eclipse
  • Clone this project
  • In Eclipse: import existing projects, point the wizard to the workspace directory
  • It will find a new project rascal-OFG, add that

Inside Eclipse

  1. Use import project from git and point it to this repository.
  2. Good luck!
  3. In case Eclipse messes it up, see the command-line approach.

How to import it?

New project

  1. Create a new rascal project
  • In the new project wizard, add a reference to the rascal-OFG project
  • Type import lang::ofg::ast::Java2OFG; in the console to see it can find the library.

Existing project

  1. Open the properties of your project
  2. go to Java Build Path
  3. Open the "tab" projects
  4. Click Add... and choose the rascal-OFG project

How to use it?

The module lang::ofg::ast::FlowLanguage contains an ADT modeling Tonella and Potrich Object Flow Graph language.

The lang::ofg::ast::Java2OFG module translates a m3 AST into the OFG ADT.

I found a bug!

If you have found a bug, please provide a short snippet of java code which shows what goes wrong. And file an issue on this github project.

We welcome pull-requests! ;-)

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