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Java Rascal
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The project consists of 2 main components:

  • Rascal2XML: Several rascal modules for exporting Rascal grammars and programs to XML
  • XML2MPS: A MPS project for importing these XML files and transforing them into MPS languages or models

For how to set up Rascal:

Setting up Jetbrains MPS:

The version used by the project is 2018.2



  1. Copy the full Rascal2MPS repository
  2. Import the Rascal2XML project into Eclipse set up for Rascal

How to use

Exporting a grammar:

  1. Open a rascal console
  2. Import Rascal2MPS
  3. Import the to be exported Grammar module
  4. Call treeToXML(#StartSyntaxNonTerminal, "filename")

This will create a XML version of the grammar called "filename".xml in src\XML output folder. The #StartSymbolNonTerminal refers to the name of the starting syntax construct in the Rascal Grammar. For example, if our grammar contains "start syntax Program", we call the function using #Program. This makes sure the reified tree is created with the correct root.

Exporting a Program:

  1. Open a rascal console
  2. Import Prog2XML
  3. Import the to be exported Grammar module
  4. Create a valid parse tree for the program using the Rascal parse() function ( and save it.
  5. Call the parseTree2XML(parseTree, "filename") using the previously obtainted parse tree.

This will create a XML file named "filename".xml in the src\XML output folder.


The MPS project consists of three solutions:

  • plugin contains the MPS plugin and provides menu buttons
  • XML2MPS contains most of the MPS functionality for creating the MPS Languages and models.
  • XMLImporterJAR is a stub for a JAR containing the XML parsing logic.


  1. Import the full project into MPS.
  2. Under XMLImporterJAR -> module properties -> Java, add Rascal2MPS/XMLImporter/XMLImporter.jar as a library (select the model roots as java_source_stubs).
  3. Under XMLImporterJAR -> module properties -> common, create a new model root to this same jar. Make sure the jar file is selected as a source (marked blue).
  4. The stub should now be set up, and you should see models under XMLImporterJAR -> stubs. If so, you can build the solution.
  5. Build the XML2MPS module.
  6. Build the plugin module.

How to use

Warning: Some debug pop-ups may appear during both program and grammar importing. These are safe to ignore and click through.

Importing a grammar:

  1. Select Tools -> import XML from the MPS toolbar.
  2. Create a new language using the dialog.
  3. Select the XML file to import.
  4. A new MPS language will be created using the given name using the constructs in the XML.

Importing a program:

  1. Import the program's source grammar as MPS language as described above
  2. (optional) create a new solution using Project -> new -> solution.
  3. Create a new model using solution -> new -> model.
  4. On the model creation menu, add your program's source MPS language as used language.
  5. Select the created model.
  6. Select Tools -> Import Program from the MPS toolbar.
  7. Select the XML file containing the program.
  8. If successful, this will add a new element to the selected model using the concepts of the source MPS language.
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