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TypePal Examples

TypePal if a Rascal-based framework for name and type analysis and is distributed as part of Rascal. You can read the TypePal documentation via the Rascal Tutor.

Here we present some examples how TypePal can be used to type check some simple languages (WORK IN PROGRESS):

  • Pico: the classical minimal language.
  • PCI: a tiny Java derivative that illustrates packages, class and interface. (*)
  • ITFUN: a functional language with inferred types. (tests failing)
  • DTFUN: a functional language with declared types
  • FJ: Featherweight Java, another Java derivative. (*)
  • ModLang: a simple language with modules and inferred types (test failing)
  • Pascal: the Pascal language (*)
  • SmallOO: a tiny OO language

(*) Out of sync with latest TypePal version!