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Synth Template

This is a template for building synthesizers built on the Web Audio API. It is intended to build polyphonic synthesizers (although it can be easily adapted - monophonic is actually a bit easier).

This uses my Web MIDI Polyfill to add MIDI support via the Web MIDI API - in fact, I partly wrote this as a test case for the polyfill and the MIDI API itself, so if you have a MIDI keyboard attached, check it out. The polyfill uses Java to access the MIDI device, so if you're wondering why Java is loading, that's why. It may take a few seconds for MIDI to become active - the library takes a while to load - but when the ring turns gray (instead of blue), it's ready. If you have a native implementation of the Web MIDI API in your browser, the polyfill shouldn't load - but at the time of this writing, there are no such implementations.

This incorporates the PointerEvents polyfill for pointer events, rather than using mouse events directly, in order to work well on touch screens.

Check it out, feel free to fork, submit pull requests, etc.


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