MATLAB implementation of our paper (GPL v3)
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Extracting 3D Parametric Curves from 2D Images of Helical Objects

Implementation of our paper "Extracting 3D Parametric Curves from 2D Images of Helical Objects"

  • by Chris G. Willcocks, Philip T. G. Jackson, Carl J. Nelson, and Boguslaw Obara


This repository provides a MATLAB implementation for extracting a 3D parametric curve from a 2D image of a helical object.

Our project is split into 4 parts, as discussed in the paper:

  1. Segmenting the helical object (Algorithm 1)
  2. Straightening the segmented object (Algorithm 2)
  3. Fitting a curve to a straight object (Algorithm 3)
  4. Undoing the coordinate transforms

For general usage:

  • Open MATLAB, right click project directory and add to path.
  • Open main.m
  • Change 'image' url.
  • Adjust the parameters, as discussed in the paper.
  • Run
  • Alternatively, call the relevant parts of code accordingly.


This code is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3.