The Lifecycle of a Frog, presented as an HTML5 game. Start as a tadpole, grab food, don't get eaten, grow up into a frog. Then jump back into the pond!
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The Frog Lifecycle

The Game

Frogs. They know change all their lives. Starting out as tadpoles, they have to eat but not be eaten. They grow legs, lose their tails, and have to live on land for a while. But they return to the pond to start the cycle of life over again.

I wrote this simple HTML5 Canvas game for the GitHub Game-off 2013. The theme was "change," which worked out well because I was able to make a frog-related game. Most of the things I create tend to be frog-related.

How to Play

In this game, you guide your tadpole through its metamorphosis. Use the arrow keys (or the WASD keys) to grab falling food while avoiding other tadpoles and hungry fish. Frog it up in the shortest time possible! Then just when you think you've mastered it, the game completely changes. In the second round, you have 1 minute to send fully-grown frogs back into the pond. Just aim with the arrow keys (or A and D keys), then jump by pressing the up arrow (or W). You get points for landing on lilypads, and can get more time for eating bugs that might fly past.

Browser Compatibility

The game works in modern web browsers

  • Chrome 24+

  • Firefox 23+

  • Internet Explorer 10+

Unfortunately, it can't be played on mobile devices. You'll need a real computer for this one. This is mostly because you move with the keyboard.


The game is written in JavaScript. I kept it simple so I didn't need any game engine package, but I did use some other packages and utilities. I wouldn't have been able to complete this game so quickly without the following open source software. You can find the complete license information here.

Game Assets


I created the images used in the game - all the frogs, fish, plants, etc. I used Inkscape and GIMP. I am making them available here under the [Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license] (


The game music is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

Sound Effects

The game sound effects are also licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.


The font used in all the game displays is "Ribeye" by Brian J. Bonislawsky DBA Astigmatic (AOETI) (


This game was created by Casey Leonard. You can find out everything you will ever want to know about me at