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#Repair Broken MXD from Data Migration POC -

Python Script that requires the arcpy module. Created to walk through a specified directory and its sub-directories. Searches for ESRI ArcGIS MXD map documents and replaces workspace paths from a specified path to another.

Variables: argv[0] = (script name) argv[1] = *searchDir (root directory that the walk will be initiated at) argv[2] = *oldDirSeg (path segment that is to be removed) argv[3] = *newDirSeg (path segment that is to be added) argv[4] = *textLog (path to a text file that will contain run results)

This version of the script has removed the usage of sys.argv arguements and has all arguements hard coded. To run the script simply call it from the command line as:

cd path\to\script\directory python

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