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Assignment #7 - Final

Charles Mateer


Live application:

Gfycat Webm showing some of the features in the live application:

The description of this assignment can be found in Canvas at Assignment #7 (Spring 2018)



  • Express application structure as described in Assignment #5 (start scripts, view/route/model directories, mongo/mongoose, a data service class, etc)
    • Complete.
  • A REST API for all four CRUD operations, plus any other APIs your app may need (if any)
    • Complete.
  • You application may use Web/HTML routes as well, if you like.
    • Complete. My angualr application is served via regular web routes.
  • You should serve your Angular application using a static route in Express. In other words, your server code will be delivering both your Angular code and your Express app.
    • Complete.


  • Angular application structure as described in Assignment #6.
    • Complete.
  • A router with at least two views/pages.
    • Complete. Six components with two main views that each break into either two or three sub views using conditional directives.
  • At least two CRUD operations must be supported via Angular using your REST API. You may support all four operations in Angular, or do fewer in Angular and the others through the Express Web/HTML side. Duplication is fine (both Angular and Web/HTML methods), if that makes sense for your application.
    • Using all four CRUD operations.
  • Your REST API access should be contained in a data service class.
    • Complete. smellprofile.service.ts


  • Your application should provide the ability to do all four CRUD operations that lets user(s) manage information stored in the database. The information can be whatever is relevant to your site - information about people, pictures, sports teams, universities, blog posts, or whatever you've chosen as the purpose of your project. Your application should support being able to retrieve a resource(s), create a new resource, update existing ones, and delete them (all four CRUD operations).
    • Smellmap depicts lat/long markers and descriptive information about smells (usually bad) around my hometown.
  • At least two types of CRUD operations must be supported in your Angular application.
    • Using all four.
  • A beautiful visual design is not a requirement for this assignment, but your application should have a clear, easy-to-use interface.
    • Complete.
  • Your application should do something. This doesn't mean it has to be a completed, polished application ready in every detail to deploy to the public. It does mean that it should not simply be a collection of short, trivial, independent examples of each function.
    • Complete.
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