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Mocking framework for Microsoft Visual FoxPro
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Mocking framework for Microsoft Visual FoxPro

foxmock is best used together with unit test tools like foxUnit. With foxmock you can define objects in your test code using a fluent interface without having to define test specific classes in a separate place. To use foxmock, add the following line to your SetUp method:

	Public mock
	mock = NewObject("foxMock", "foxMock.prg")

Adjust the path to foxMock as necessary. In your TearDown method put

	Release mock

Within your test you can then create objects with properties and method like this:

	Local loObj
	loObj = mock.New ;
		.Property("lDebugMode").Is(".T.") ;
	This.AssertTrue (loObj.lDebugMode)
	This.AssertFalse (loObj.IsAdmin ("user"))

There are many more options available. Please refer to the test cases until a better documentation is available.

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