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Historical: A javascript library for loading javascript files. Created in 2011. Not Recommended for new projects
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Reload.js 0.1b

(c) 2011 Christopher Woodall, Happy Robot Labs. Reload is freely distributable under the MIT license. For all details and documentation:

About Reload.js

Reload tries to do as little as possible for you. It is a loader, not a versioning system or repository. You are the one responsible for versioning and setting up your file system. The more work that is already done the faster Reload can work, as such I only included a few features for efficiency.

As a general rule of thumb you will want to structure your library directory in a logical and well defined manner. Most plugins do not follow the same standards, as such I don't rely on them. It is up to the maintainer to setup standards.

Support for versioning might be included in a future version of Reload.js


See "example/index.html" for now.

Building Reload.js

Currently I have a Rakefile which will help with building the minified version of Reload.js. You will need ruby and rake to build this minified version and Docco to build the documentation.

The commands are:

 # Build reload-min.js
 rake build
 # Build docco documentation
 rake doc
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