Reusable bootstrap skeleton to ease the development of Excel 2010 applications
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Excel-App (Excel 2010)

The Excel App aims for speeding up the development of Excel based VBA applications by bootstrapping the most common tasks into a reusable skeleton. A demo of the Excel App is provided in the Excel 2010 workbook excel-app.xlsm. The Excel App provides initialization, wrap-up, main control, error handling, release history, application infos and a own Ribbon (tab) ready to be used for your next Excel 2010 application.

Package overview

  • ThisWorkbook: Basic event handler of the Excel App
  • basApp: VBA bootstrap code of the Excel App
  • basRibbon, customUI14.xml: Implements the App Ribbon interface
  • frmAppInfos: Form to display App infos and release history
  • Control: Control sheet dealing as entry point of your Excel App
  • History: Hidden sheet storing the App release history
  • Settings: Hidden sheet storing the App settings


You can download the latest development branch of the excel-app package using GitHubs ZIP button.


The excel-app package is licensed under the GNU General Public License 3.0.


The excel-app package was tested with Excel 2010 on a Windows 7 operating system. It may work for other platforms as well, but was not tested for.